She had it all……………

When she walked in to a room people stopped to stare

They never approached her, they wouldn’t dare

Dressed from head to toe in designer clothes

She was elegant, indeed an epitome, a woman everyone knows

Her perfume bespoke, lingered for hours on end

She had beauty, wealth but she had no friends

How people envied all that she had

They desired what she had ever so bad

Little did they know she would have swapped it in a heartbeat

For her soul mate, she had yet to meet.

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You and you and you…….


Personally I think all of us possess a Superhero within, let’s be honest here, life is not always easy.  We all experience the ups and downs of living at some time through our lives.

Be it through hardship, lost love, illness, bereavement, divorce, house loss the list goes on and on and I can say I have experienced all the above. Years ago I took to my bed for weeks after splitting up from my husband, I virtually became a recluse. I had to resign from my job, I stopped eating and just wanted to sleep forever.

I described how I felt like being down a well.!  Then slowly I began my ascent, I realised that I was stronger than I thought I was, I was still breathing, I had a loving family and I began to realise that life would get better, but I had to make the effort.

The ability that we humans have to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves down is amazing. Granted some superheros are stronger than others, they don’t bemoan their fate, they try to remain positive and do not become bitter or resentful. They just accept that this is life and life is not always easy. Life is a challenge, but I can say that my life experiences have made me a better person, more understanding and tolerant,more spiritual and definitely a stronger person. A Superhero, that’s me and it’s also you too.


Ruby’s show

We all went to watch you dance

But sadly did not get the chance

Because you did not want to perform

You just sat and cried all forlorn

Baby ballet was not your thing

Many talents you do bring

But today it was not meant to be

As we all could plainly see

You had practiced for many a week

But the stage and stardom you did not seek

Instead you sat and cried all forlorn

Because you did not want to perform

Never mind Ruby to us you’re still a star

To be worshiped just as you are

We will have a private show in your front room

Until your confidence allows you to bloom.


Copyright ©2016 all rights reserved


Silver surfer.



Guess what mums got a laptop and she’s only 77

She’s surfing like a good un and thinks she’s gone to heaven

She has discovered Google  and thinks it’s such a hoot

She’s even online banking to keep an eye on her loot

Emails were causing a problem; she has trouble sending a reply

But my old mums a good un and she’s really on a high

She doesn’t give up easily, she will master it in the end

I hope she does it soon though cos its sending me around the bend

All in all, it is a blessing, I really am quite proud

It will save on the phone bills, when emails are allowed

I love my mum so dearly; she really is so bright

To see her master, the World Wide Web is really quite a sight.

This poem was first written in 2009  she is actually 85 now and is a pro online !

Copyright© 2016 All rights reserved.

Dramatic is my middle name

I don’t want to sound too dramatic, but I really have to say

Finding my way around WordPress gets easier every day

I admit it’s not been easy, I know that I’m partly to blame

But (NOT following instructions) is my middle name

I’ve changed my themes around daily, then tied myself in knots

Then I’ve tried to change it back again, which didn’t achieve a lot

The blogs I find quite easy, they don’t cause me any pain

I know I may sound dramatic, but hey, no pain, no gain

I’ve only been on the site one week, when all  is said and done

And I  love reading all the other blogs; I find it so much fun

So I will stop being so dramatic and resist throwing the laptop in the bin

Then I will continue to the finish line, where hopefully I’ll win.

Copyright © 2016  All rights reserved.



Let me tell you something about my mother, she is 85 and they broke the mould when she was born, although she is not as mobile now which  is the reason she asked me if I would mind taking her to the local market because in her words she had been waiting to get a coat or two for the summer, plus she needed some nightgowns

Now my mum seems to collect nighties she is forever buying them, most of them she never even wears and then they go in to the charity bag that are regularly dropped round her cul-de-sac.  I think that they see my mum as their number one contributor.

She had recently bought a pink nightie  which she raved on and about saying how soft it was and how much she liked it along with yet another dressing gown. ( she has two of those too.)

When we got to the market  we went straight  to the coat stall which had a large array of  summer coats and she started trying them on, she decided quite easily on a turquoise and pale blue jacket, poo poohing the market stall seller when he said they suited her.

“You will tell me owt, you will” she said,

“Your only after me brass, you are”  (yes she is a Yorkshire women)

Used to older Yorkshire women the stall holder smiled and said nothing.

“I’ll have em both” she said

Please God I thought, don’t start trying to barter with him, luckily for me she didn’t and he stuffed them into small blue plastic bags.

“Is he creasing em up she said loudly” so he could hear

“No I said, he isn’t, do you want bags or not? ”

“Hmm she said”

Then we walked the short distance over to the stall that sold nighties.”

I am surprised you need any more nighties” I said .

“Are you after another one like that pink one you like so much”

“Oh no” she said “I’m saving that one for if I ever have to go into hospital”

“What,” I replied, “so your saving the most favourite nightie you have ever had for if you have to go into hospital? and your 85 now”

“You might not get your wear out of it.”

Having a good sense of humour she laughed and said

“I, well if I am not here it can always go in to the charity bag”

I shook my head whilst she proceeded to buy two more.

I never did ask her if they fitted her OK.


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