The wedding

Sidney and Cynthia decided to bring their wedding forward so as not to clash with Prince Harry and Megan’s big day they did not want to take the limelight from the royals. Plus they wanted to watch the wedding themselves on Saturday 😉

It was a truly beautiful day and all of the sheep had made a big effort apart from the new sheep who they all knew was called Leonard, he just stood on the side lines eating flowers!

Sidney and Cynthia were going on honeymoon up to the top meadow and Cynthia was under strict instructions not to eat any clover!

The homecoming!

At last it was time for Cynthia to return to the meadow and the farmer arrived with a trailer to take her home. Cynthia felt a mixture of emotions, what was she going to find would Sidney even notice she was back! She trotted into the trailer.

When she arrived back to the meadow all the sheep bah the new lady sheep ran to great her and Sidney was overwhelmed with emotion. He gave her the biggest sloppiest kiss and asked if she forgave him. Cynthia took one look into his deep brown and replied …………..

I hope you have enjoyed my sheep story I have certainly enjoyed writing and doing the illustrations . I also learnt something about bloat!  How could you think a well brought up sheep like Cynthia was with lamb 🙄

Elaine x

Cynthia going home

Cynthia was feeling so much better, the vets daughter offered to give her a bath and set about making Cynthia look gorgeous. Bubbles were flying all over the place, Cynthia was washed until she was squeaky clean. Then she would be brushed and have another pink bow in her topknot.

The farmer was coming with his trailer to take her back to the meadow.

Charlie tells all.

Charlie the all seeing and knowing cat escaped from his cage and ran to the meadow to let Sidney know what had happened to Cynthia. He told him that she was now well and would be returning to the meadow. Sidney was overjoyed to hear that Cynthia was coming home. He had thought long and hard about how he had treated her and felt deeply ashamed. Would she forgive him he wondered, did he even deserve her forgiveness!


Cynthia’s journey!

Cynthia was having the most wonderful dream, she was in the meadow frolicking with Sidney the sun was shining and the meadow was full of clover!


Suddenly as if a dark cloud had descended she couldn’t see him anymore. She wanted to see him why was something dragging her backwards.

Then she heard a mans voice saying  thank goodness I thought you were a goner then.  “ Let’s fix you up with a drip and get some fluids into you.  You should recover fairly quickly now. Cynthia opened one eye to see where she was, there were strange smells and bright lights, sighing she fell into a deep sleep.

The vet laid her gently in a large holding bay and fixed the drip up to her leg. He knew she would probably sleep for hours and sleep was the best medicine.

The next morning Cynthia woke up when the vet removed the drip. He knew she was hydrated and she definitely looked better than she had the night before. Bloat was a terrible illness, but if caught in time the procedure he had performed the night before gave quick relief.

“You are a lucky young lady” he said tussling her topknot, “you definitely were caught just in the nick of time. Now can you stand up for me” Giving Cynthia a shove and she stood up shakily on her feet and gave a little bah! She was feeling a little bit hungry considering she had not eaten for a while. The vet laughed and gave her something to chew on.


Mm thought Cynthia it’s not too bad here. I wonder how Sidney is, then she remembered the new sheep who was vying for his attention and instantly gave a loud burp! The vet laughed, there’s nothing wrong with your digestive system, you will be able to go home today.

Cynthia’s surgery.

The vet asked the farmer if Cynthia had been frolicking in the top meadows. The farmer scratched his head and said not to his knowledge. This sheep has got a nasty case of bloat said the vet which can happen from eating too much clover!

I need to act quickly to save her life and puncture her rumen to let out the gas. The farmer agreed and after shaving and cleaning the area he performed the procedure.

Before their eyes Cynthia’s swollen belly reduced dramatically and her breathing was not as shallow. The vet quickly stitched up the wound and gave her a few injections to fight off any infections.

Cynthia opened her eyes to see bright lights above her, she felt as if she was floating, was she on her way to heaven!


Sidney is feeling sad.

Sidney’s interest in the new addition to the herd, she was a vain shallow creature who craved attention from every male sheep in the flock and Sidney felt deeply ashamed for abandoning Cynthia. So what if Cynthia had put a bit of weight on she was still beautiful inside and out.

He decided that he was going to tell her of his feelings for her but could not find her anywhere, then he began to get worried. Where was Cynthia?

He called out her name over and over again but she was nowhere to be found.

Cynthia’s found.

Luckily for Cynthia the farmer was walking back from his local pub after having a well deserved pint of beer 🍺 with his faithful sheep dog by his side. The dog was restless he had heard Cynthia’s cries previously and he could smell a sheep in distress.

The farmer told the dog to find and the dog jumped the stone wall and started barking. The farmer followed and found Cynthia, he immediately called his charge hand on his mobile phone to tell him to ring the vet and let him know that they were bringing a sheep straight to the surgery.

He bent down to Cynthia and said, don’t worry missy we will sort you out soon. The land rover arrived and the two men carried Cynthia’s near lifeless body into the back. They arrived at the vets in no time and the vet quickly led them over to the examination table.

The vet knew instantly what the problem was!