Countdown to moving.


Now back from a few days away visiting family in Cornwall we are back to it getting the apartment ready for our forthcoming move.  I took a few photographs today. Its hard not to stand and look out of the window and do nothing because the views are really good.

We want to paint and freshen up everywhere before we begin to move our furniture over and I have been sat this afternoon using these photographs on the Dulux website using the magic of the vision maker, basically changing the colour on the walls. Great fun but a little frustrating because I want to get it right!

It’s so bright in the room with it being South facing and it is currently  magnolia but personally I think it is so old-fashioned nowadays. We are leaning towards apple white which is a very pale green which, hopefully will bring the outside in especially in Spring.

I cant wait to begin tomorrow, I hope it looks good, the anticipation is so great!

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Hear Me.



Hear my voice whispering

I am calling your name

Hear my heart beat

let it not be in vain

Hear my soul singing

When you glance my way


Hear my heart breaking

when you trample over mine

Hear my spirit sobbing

when you turn your back on me

Hear my footsteps fading

As I walk away.


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Our Love




Your eyes enticed me to look your way

Drawing me closer with the words that you’d say

Never failing to induce a smile to my face

Bringing forth excitement to step up the pace

Evoking a spark to trigger excitement in me

Elicit passion for each other, which was meant to be.


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You …..

You touched my heart, you touched my soul

My spirit soars you make me whole

A greater feeling I’ve never known

Because you make me feel alive


You held my hand, you stroked my hair

I opened up, I laid my soul bare

A greater feeling I’ve never known

Because you light up my life


You changed my life, you held my hand

We made a commitment, I wear a band

A greater feeling I’ve never known

Because we now are one


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Unwelcome visitor


It is no secret that I have a major fear of spiders, many years ago when I lived on my own in my flat with a view I had a really bad experience. I was in my bedroom getting ready to go out when as I walked towards the bedroom door I saw the biggest spider I had ever seen in my life, we are talking tarantula sized. I jumped back liked I had been electrocuted and started shaking.

This was not a normal house spider this one had obviously traveled over on a banana boat and landed in the big supermarket I visited weekly. I was in a state, I had to go past it to get out it was still but what if it jumped on me as I got nearer. I lived on my own what if it wrapped me in its web and ate a bit of me everyday, it would take him years and it would be a slow painful death for me. I considered ringing the fire brigade and saying it was a cat, then denying all knowledge of saying a cat when they arrived, but I remembered reading somewhere that if it was not a fire you could be charged a call out fee and I was not in a position to be able to pay.

I contemplated ringing my mother, but at that time she lived ten miles away and she does not drive and I know what she would have said!

My next thought was maybe climbing out of the window but because I was in a first floor flat and I had Mr Grumpy living below me I don’t think he would have appreciated seeing me assailing past his window tied to a bed sheet, knowing my luck he would have had a heart attack and I would be then up for manslaughter!

No the only thing I could do was risk getting past it and running out of my front door and asking the old lady who lived next door if she would get rid of it for me. I was breathing that heavily I am amazed I did not blow it off the wall as I walked slowly towards the door trying not to make any sudden movements that would maybe wake it up if it was asleep.

Looking up at the spider all the time I held the door handle and slowly turned it to open the door, it made a little squeak the spider moved a leg, I screamed like a banshee and legged it up my hallway. Nearly pulling the door off its hinges in my rush to get outside.

I rushed up to my neighbor’s door and rang her door bell leaning against the wall I waited and waited and waited. Good grief did she need to go shopping every Saturday for food! how inconsiderate can a woman be.

I knew it was pointless asking Mr Grumpy, he would probably tie me to the door so the spider could eat me. No I had to face my fear and the tarantula. I picked up the sweeping brush which I kept outside by the door and walked back in like a member of the SAS I had my back to the wall looking up down all around in case it had left the bedroom. I could not see anything so I burst through the bedroom and almost fell flat on my face over a slipper on the floor.

I did a spin that a ballet dancer would have been proud of and yes the spider was still in the same position. I sat on my bed with the sweeping brush held high in case he decided to jump towards me, he didn’t he just stayed there, as did I, trying to work out my next move.

Now although I don’t like spiders I find it difficult to kill one, so I came up with the idea that I would brush him off the wall and then gently sweep him along the carpet and out of the front door. (stupid thought I know, they were thick carpets, he liked living in my flat) I slowly raised the brush and very slowly pulled it down near him to coax him to the ground.

Did that happen, did it hell as like, he launched off the wall, I hit the wall with the brush which was filthy after being outside, he started running like a lunatic, I started screaming like a banshee, Mr Grumpy downstairs put his classical music on full volume (his code to tell  me he was not happy with the noise I was making) Never mind that I might have been in danger!

I banged the brush on the floor a dozen times trying to hit the spider and it still kept running, I started crying NO, NO, NO and finally managed to hit it and it stayed still.  I stood watching to see if there was any heartbeat! no I had killed the spider, my wall was filthy and the spider was still laid there and then I heard a knock on the door and the little old lady from next door popped her head round the door and said is everything alright.

I pointed to the floor at the spider, she shook her head and laughed then bent down and picked it up and threw it outside.  I thanked her and saw her out, then went and laid on the settee in the lounge until I recovered enough to try to wipe the marks of the wall from the filthy brush.


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Poem’s sent from John

I found these beautiful poems that John wrote for me when we first met, my heart melts reading them again



Two lonely people meet at last

both trying to leave behind their past.

Their meeting is strange in many ways

but they both look forward to happier days.

What they seek is the most wondrous of all

and into true love they eventually fall.


Half past Four (Uncertain)

My neighbours think the doctor calls

they listen hard through thin walls.

The man here has no medical degree

but in his heart he has the cure for me.

He brings his love and holds me dear;

his good intentions are very clear.

He carries his heart open and true.

Is he for me, I wish I knew.


From a distance

Knowing little more than her name

from afar he came.

The woman of his dreams he came to meet;

Was she real, how did she feel, was she sweet?

An evening meal, a chance to stare

into pools of blue under golden hair.

Slowly, slowly the dice were cast

building a love they hoped would last.



Copyright©2016 John, all rights reserved

Hiding from the moon.


Tonight finds me hiding in my bed

with thoughts a plenty in my head

will I get any sleep tonight

or will the moon cast its light

never before have I been this way

Feeling the moons tug and sway

perhaps it is the magnetic force

which has duly pulled me off my course

I feel compelled to write in prose

until it wanes and its power goes.


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Moon pulling


Moon shimmering

mood bringing

casting shadows

Trees whispering

wolves howling

badgers hiding

moon searching

soul hiding

magnet pulling

spirit running

moon laughing

spirit flying

moon dimming

spirit soaring


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Don’t judge me



I’ve been accused of being a flirt

Because I favour my short skirt

Don’t you look me up and down

Or you’ll really make me frown

I’m definitely not a tease

I simply aim to please

I really have the biggest heart ❤️

So don’t  YOU accuse me of being a tart


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Is it the moon? My life.



After tossing and turning in bed for the last two hours, dreaming weird dreams, writing weird poetry (no change there then) I have got up to make myself a cup of tea to see if I can relax to enable me to sleep.

Could it be the full moon causing me to go hot then cold? I decided that I would look at my angel cards to see if they could shed any light! I chose three cards which were

Cherishing self, which basically suggested I treat myself, tick… I ordered a new angel necklace the other day which is arriving today. Love cherishing myself 😇

Second card, expecting miracles, great card which means expect miracles and they will appear, life is all about timing ( my most favourite saying) because one thing I have learnt is that things can’t be rushed. They only happen when the time is right… I told you last week that an apartment had become available after being on the waiting list for two years! We viewed it yesterday loved it but we were not at the top of the list! Get this the person who was at the top of the list either did not turn up or decided that to sign up within a week was not for them!

we got the apartment 🙂🙃😊😀🙃🙂😊 we sign up Thursday because we go away on holiday on Friday!

My final card was Giving birth😬 now I know I’ve put some weight on recently but unless it is the second coming I doubt very much that I will be having a visit from the three wise men, not unless their wearing white coats!

Seriously now, giving birth means  that maybe there is a quality, project, or talent within me that wants to be born, now is the time.

Honestly is it any wonder I can’t sleep with all this spinning round my head.

Moon influence 🌕

Twisting, turning


emotions, soaring

spinning, twirling

backward rolling

 elation, erupting

flying, gliding

Star gazing

Searching, finding



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Life is for learning


Slipping sliding

 close to colliding

skimming, skating

ever balancing

squirming, squashing

always juggling

sadness, sermons

lessons, learning

one day


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Ever searching



Twisting, turning

ever searching

looking finding

never bothering

wanting, believing

flames igniting

finding, comfort

never learning


to the



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Mother knows best and the Christmas spirit

( I found this on my laptop from a couple of years ago so I thought I would share some Christmas joy, Mum style).


I have just been having a conversation with Ebeneezer sorry that should be my mother who is complaining bitterly that she has too many Christmas presents to wrap and she is never buying rolls of wrapping paper again because it’s a bloody nuisance cutting it up. She then went on to say if she is still alive next year they are all getting money.

“This is your family you are talking about” I reminded her.

“My family” she said,” if they did not act like damn rabbits, having more and more children it would be better,” it’s never ending.

She then went on to tell me that  she has received a card from her new next door neighbour, who she had taken an instant dislike to and in her words, she said:

“I was wrapping these stupid presents and I happened to lift my head up to see that big silly beggar from next door going around delivering cards so I got up to see if he had sent me one”.

“And did he” I asked.

“You what” she said,” it’s the frostiest, coldest card I have ever seen”

“At least he has sent you one” I said.

“Well he shouldn’t have bothered” she said, “he wont be getting one from me.”

I started laughing and said “Mum I feel a diary entry coming on here”; she had to laugh and said “oh yes you use me to laugh about. Anyway I might not be here next year and then just remember how happy it will make me that I don’t have to do all this wrapping for you lot”

“Oh, yes” I said “let’s look on the bright side.”

“Oh go away”, she said and hung up!


PS She did send her neighbour a Christmas card in return, (obviously it was the coldest looking card she could find.)


Online dating is not only for the young.


Alice flicked half halfheartedly through the TV guide another night with nothing interesting to watch on  TV. She looked across at the vacant chair in the corner. “Well Dennis she said it’s been five years now since you left this earth to go to a much better place but I still miss you and our chats”.

Puss, her black and white cat, walked up to her, perhaps instinctively knowing that she was feeling lonely, and proceeded to wrap his silky body around her legs. “Ah Puss, she said I know you love me and I love you too but I do miss having Dennis to talk to”.

Her mind wandered to the conversation she’d had with her best friend Edna who had been telling her about another friend  who had joined an internet dating site and was singing its praises saying that it had given her a complete new lease of life. “What do you think Puss, Alice said, should I look for a companion online?”


Puss purred loudly and standing on his hind legs pushed his nose into her outstretched hand to be petted.  “Ah so you think I should do it then laughed Alice, there is no harm taking a look”.

She walked into the dining room where she had her computer and switching it on she reflected on the days when she thought she would never be able to work a computer but with perseverance she had become a bit of an expert;  doing home banking and even online shopping.

Puss jumped up on the table snapping her out of her malaise and she laughed at him, “Now Puss she said I am busy doing a bit of research why don’t you settle down and have a little nap”. Realising that there was no more love to receive he jumped from the table into a cosy armchair and viewed her through slanted sleepy eyes.

Alice put in a search for online dating. My, my, she said to herself, all these dating sites, it’s unbelievable there must be a big market out there for people to find companionship.

She scrolled down the lists of different dating sites and then one caught her eye Mature Free and Single for the over 50’s hmm well I am 75 she thought I am a bit old for this one. Then she noticed that the site was from 50 upwards and upon further investigation she saw that she could join for free to take a look to see what this online dating was all about.

She laughed out loud.”Oh Dennis what would you say about this.then,” me looking at online dating. She knew without doubt and could almost hear him in her head saying. “Do it Alice I am all for you having a companion, why not, you don’t get out enough.”

She found it very easy and in no time she had registered her details and was confronted with lots of photographs of men seeking ladies, from all over the country. My goodness she said to herself so many people who are looking to meet other people.


The site was very easy to work and she found she could put filters in place so she could view people within a 20 miles radius and for the gentlemen around her age. A batch of around thirty men came up and Alice smiled to herself. Puss stretched out in the chair and gave a big yawn. “Your not much help are you Puss” Alice said no help indeed.

She looked at the photographs then over at the dresser where she had several photos of Dennis. “Not a patch on you dear she said out loud but then there was never ever anyone to match you”. One gentleman called John caught her eye; he looked very smart in his photograph so she read his profile which was very well written and all grammatically correct too. Hmm she said,” John 76, five foot 11, blue eyes and silver-gray hair” (at least he has some she thought) He had written that he had become a widower 7 years ago but missed a ladies company and although his late wife had been the love of his life he would like to meet someone to go out for the occasional lunch and perhaps the cinema.

Alice really liked the look and sound of John but would John like her. She decided that perhaps she should create her own profile and put a photograph of herself online. She knew she had a nice photo of herself which was only a few months old from her Granddaughters wedding. She followed the instructions and downloaded the photograph which went off for approval. Meanwhile she began writing about herself.

What should I write here she thought looking towards the ceiling for inspiration and noticing that there was a cobweb in the corner she walked into the kitchen and got out the feather duster because no way could she concentrate with that up their. Tut, tut, she thought that would never do.

Once the cobweb had been disposed of she sat down again and began to write a little bit about herself. Hello my name is Alice she wrote, and to be honest I can’t believe that I am actually doing this. I have been so lucky to have been married for 56 years but five years ago I lost the love of my life. I am not looking for a replacement, just someone who would like to meet for the odd lunch and who would like to accompany me to the cinema or the theater. Could that be you? She smiled and sent it off to the site.

Puss had woken up from his cat nap and jumped down circling her legs mewing for attention,” Ok Puss she said I know its your tea time I will close the computer down and check later to see if I am officially on the site”..


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I am here waiting for you my love

lost deep within my soul

my eyes are eager to see your face

My arms want to hold you near

My spirit longs to entwine with yours

my hearts breaking piece by piece

tears fall freely from my eyes

Why are you not here

The darkness is descending now

I have pledged my love to you

Our love forever to be entwined

until the end of time

My light is dimming now

My spirit will not last long

I’m feeling cold and desperate now

I know my end is near

Soon I will leave you far behind

Our time together lost

maybe we will meet in another world

till then my love goodbye



Think of obstacles as blessings

and then they will be

think of delays as rest periods

perhaps meant to be

think of a broken heart

as a step nearer to the one

think of the wisdom you gained

Has made you the person you have become.


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Soul mates perhaps?

When I look in to your eyes I can see my soul

I’ve seen those eyes before somewhere

I feel your tender heart beating softly next to mine

We are one.


When I see your smile, you make me smile

I’ve seen that smile before somewhere

I watch your eyes sparkle with joy

 We are one


When I touch your hands, I feel strength

I’ve seen those hands somewhere before

I feel the warmth of your touch

We are one


When I kiss your lips, I feel the softness

I tasted your their sweetness somewhere before

My lips relish the thought of yours

We are one

Happiness is









R is for the relish, I feel when I see the word set

E is for the enjoyment from other posts that I vet

L is for loving the selection available to view

I is for the intense pleasure I feel when I do

S is for the savoring what my comments may say

H is for the happiness it brings to my day.


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I will get it right, I will…😬



I appear to have a problem which is plain to see

 It my desire to re position things, I just can’t let things be

I change my site around weekly, sometimes even more

I get satisfaction from reshuffling, it’s something I adore


I seem to have this problem; I don’t know where to start

But until everything balances, I can’t control my heart

This may seem a simple problem to lots of you out there

But let me tell you something, it’s very hard to bear


I change the colours daily, then add a menu or two

The widgets keep on spinning; they make me dizzy too

I like to rewrite my tagline, depending how I feel that day

Then I swap it back again, because I preferred it the other way


Perhaps I need counselling to stop this addiction of mine

This may seem a simple problem to you, I’m sorry if I whine

I desire to be different, to have an original site

I am aware I have a problem which I’m trying to right


Just when I think it’s perfect, I change it again

Then spend two or three hours alter it back again

I just want the perfect website, without paying a single dime

I know I have a problem, I can see it in my rhyme


 No doubt I will keep doing it, until perfection can be found

I seem to have this problem, jigging things around

Perhaps it’s procrastination from doing other things

But I do get satisfaction from what my rearranging brings.


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Dont even think about it! 😡


Don’t think about forbidding me

Restrained or disallowed I will not be

You can’t just banish me

Because what you get, is what you see


I’ve been vetoed many times

Expelled often for writing rhymes!

Blocked, suppressed I’ve had it all

But nothing will exclude me, or make me fall


Permit me to say my piece

For only then will I find release

Never say stop and raise your hand

Because this strong lady will not be banned.


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I would not be beat! 🤓


tearing hair out

Victorious I feel writing this post

Offering these simple words for my hosts

Living to serve others is always my goal

Understanding given freely, is good for the soul

Nourishment I receive, for every new cause

Task of doing this post, deserves some applause

Energy I give for each word post prompt task

Exposing myself to criticism, I often bask

Relief that I feel now because it is complete

V O L U N T E E R ,  Phew, I would not be beat.


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I’m not!



I’m not old,

 I’m not a relic

I may be out of date

But I’m not yet decrepit

I’m neither prehistoric or a fossil 

But overtime I may become antediluvian

I’ve just aged gracefully in a time-worn fashion

  I’m definitely not  ANCIENT and I say that with passion .



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Dont fall for her charms!



Why does she think you will fall for her beauty

Giving her gifts is not your duty

Can’t you see that your feeding her greed

Is that really what you want or need


Are you so insecure that you need boosting up

 Are you so thirsty you drink from her cup

She will make you feel such a man

Doing what only a woman can


Are you caught now in her web of deceit

Sat begging like a dog wanting a treat

Is that who you really want to be

Feeding her greed for all to see.




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