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Waiting I sit and muse, waiting under my tree My head resting low upon my knee Have I said something wrong to you? Have I somehow made you blue? The leaves do fall, yet still I’m here Waiting for you to appear My head still resting on my knee Come on my love, come back to me The snow falls now, yet I’m still here Filled with dread, filled with fear You cannot love me anymore Now I know you’ve closed the door Weary now I climb to my feet… Read more Waiting

Mother knows all

  Obviously a lot of people who live on my mum’s cul-de-sac are shall we say of a certain age! My mum might be 85 and older than quite a few of them but she does not see herself as being an old lady. Mum noticed that the old lady across road was beginning to lose it a bit (mum’s words) apparently she was wandering around outside without a coat and walking to the local shop in her slippers. One day mum saw her going down the road to the bus… Read more Mother knows all

Mother’s Neighbour.

Now my mum lives in a lovely little one bed bungalow, owned by the local authority in a quiet little cul-de-sac,  which has around 18 houses all with nice sized gardens. This may surprise you to know but mum is well-known on the cul-de-sac and respected as a woman who keeps to herself but is always up for a laugh, She has had several neighbours adjoining her and there has always been some sort of drama, here is one such story. * After the house next door to mum had… Read more Mother’s Neighbour.

What is trust!

* Do you trust me Do you trust in our love Will you trust me forever  You trust me to hold your heart Can you  trust me not tear it apart Will you trust me, see love in my eyes Can  you trust that I will not tell you lies Will you trust me to love you for ever more What makes you trust I wont head for the door Can you trust me my darling to always be there. Will you trust me to share our love which is… Read more What is trust!

Mother Knows best 6

  I have just given my mum a call to see how she is faring today and she sounded quite down in the dumps. Our conversation went like this: Me: Hello, did you sleep well Mum: Not so bad Me: You sound fed up are you alright, how is your mate doing. (meaning the fly) Mum:  I saw a little black speck on my kitchen floor and on closer inspection it was the fly, it’s dead.   Me: Well you did not want it flying round did you? Mum: I did not… Read more Mother Knows best 6

Mother knows best 5

Mum was a little bit subdued this morning when I spoke to her on the phone. “Are you okay” I asked. “NO I am fed up she said” Whats wrong I asked her, it is unlike Mum to get fed up, she is one of the most positive people I know. This is how our conversation went: Mum:    I’ve got a fly in the house that I can’t get rid of, I’ve had it for two weeks now and I’ve trietd everything but the thing won’t go. Me:  Have you… Read more Mother knows best 5

Promises, Promises

  Promises made, Promises broken Promises made just as a token Promises given, just to save face Promise broken, such a disgrace Promises giving pleasure, such a delight Promises made, hoping to make everything right Promises whispered, to you and to me Promises honoured, is what we want to see. * Copyright©2016 Elaine’s Bloggers Paradise all rights reserved

I am not predictable am I ?

  O…… is for the, Oddity, that one finds on this site! R…… is for the, Range, of topics covered, which are such a delight I.….. is for the,  Ingeniuity, shown in the posts G….. is for the, Genuine, feelings expressed by the hosts I..… is for the,Inspiration, I find from reading other blogs N….. is for.the,  Novels exerts, that keep turning the cogs A.…. is for the, Authenticity, shown on the site L.… is for the, Love of writing in which I try with all my might To eventually… Read more I am not predictable am I ?

Flatter me not!

Flattery Your fawning around me, how can that be Whats with the sweet talk, why aimed at me I don’t need admiration to make me feel good Stop all this flanneling, I think you should Do you think I can’t see through all your lies It’s easy to see insincerity, it shows in your eyes It’s all blarney, soft soaping too   I don’t need false flattery coming from you!  * Copyright ©2016 Elaine’s Bloggers Paradise all rights reserved.

Mother knows best 4

  Now before I write this latest post can I say that my mum has given me permission to write this, I have told her that people will think she is a raving lunatic but, obviously she does not agree…………………. My mother does not like unknown phone calls, indeed she refuses to answer the phone if she does not know who it is (i.e. logged in her handset) Its bad enough when I ring her on my mobile wondering if she is going to pick up. The other day after receiving… Read more Mother knows best 4

I know it all!

Argument I’m big,  I’m tough That’s cos I know my stuff I’m right, never wrong That’s because I’m strong You need to know, I’m always right Take me on, you’ll have a fight Rest assured, I get my  way Start an argument, with me and you’ll pay. * Copyright©2016 all rights reserved.

Mother knows best 3

  During my search on the online dating site for the perfect man, Mum would want a report on what was happening, she liked to look at their photos (to see if they looked clean) and I would read their profiles to her whilst she sat knitting in her chair. She would look over her glasses at me and tut, tut, at some of the things that I was reading. So many men did not write particually good profiles, some did not do themselves any favours at all describing themselves.… Read more Mother knows best 3

Thank you.

  I have to say that since I joined WordPress a few months ago I have connected with so many people from all over the world. I have enjoyed learning about their different cultures and lifestyles. I feel that I have connected both spiritually and mentally with people and it has enriched my life no end. I have read great stories, poetry, seen fantastic photographs. Been touched by real life stories, felt the pain and rejoiced in the determination of some to heal themselves both psychically and mentally. The positive… Read more Thank you.

I value

  * I value family, I value friends Especially the ones who I can depend I value honesty, I value moral codes I admire people who carry heavy loads I value standards, I value the truth It’s not what you earn or the size of your roof I value goodness, I value spirituality I value those who struggle with disability Because without values We have nothing. * Copyright © 2016 Elaine’s Bloggers Paradise all rights reserved

Mother knows best 2

  It was actually my mother who encouraged me to join an online dating site. I had been let go from my work and as such I was at home 24/7. I used to go to her house if ever I felt a bit sorry for myself, because believe me she would set me straight! One day I went to see her and she said “Now I have been watching a program on TV where this man and woman met online and I think it would be good for you”… Read more Mother knows best 2

Who are you?

  She was so beautiful, possessing so much pose  Giving off the illusion, that she was in control It was all an act, fake, just a masquerade A guise, a front, that she would display Whenever the need arose Yet she was so proficient at playing the game of  pretense Not wanting to display her real front Because it was all simply a facade Copyright©2016 all rights reserved.

Fight, Fight, Fight

  I am loud I am proud So lets unite Start the fight Against the greed That some people feed The false compassion to  other souls Who need our care to make them whole For some it seems to be just a numbers game on this site To show their the winner and always right Stop trying to show that you’re the best Thinking you’re above the rest This is not just a numbers game Or just a platform for YOUR fame This site is for true talent to shine through… Read more Fight, Fight, Fight

Mother knows best 1

    My mum who is 85 is a law unto herself, she believes it is her right to say just what she thinks, she does not have a think before you speak button, which can be amusing if it not directed at you. The other weekend I went to her house and it was a nice sunny morning, I was wearing a dress that I had not worn for quite a while, but due to losing so much weight I put it on and thought it looked nice. When… Read more Mother knows best 1

Age realisation

  It has suddenly struck me that I am getting older! maybe it is because my health has not been the greatest this year or maybe it is because in the last couple of years I have stepped off the treadmill and given up work. I feel so different now, much more at peace, enjoying my days doing just what I want to do. I don’t feel the need to rush out anymore. Been there done that with my previous husband, travelled, meals out and weekends away and it certainly… Read more Age realisation

Five little angels part 1

  Five little angels came to me Trying to save my soul you see Four little angels said “Oh No” What can we do to make her glow Three little angels shook their wings Lets see what tomorrow brings Two little angels would not give in So they decided they must sing One little angel said, “We must believe in God forever” “Its Simple really we must all stick TOGETHER” Copyright ©2016 Elaine’s Blogger Paradise.. all rights reserved.  

We made our vow

  I love that twinkle that sits in your eye The smile on your face as you pass me by The kindness that’s in your soul The discussions we have that make me whole  Always prepared to talk deeply to me Making me realise what I need to see  I could not imagine life without you here With you beside me I’ve lost my fear When we married we made our vow To always live in the here and now. Copyright ©2016 all rights reserved

The Future

When the realization hits you when you have nothing left It’s a horrible feeling which leaves you bereft A fear of the future, a desire to hang on to the past A panic in your heart, you hope wont last Who knows what the future for me will hold I have to be strong, I have to be bold All I can say, without any doubt I’m going to start living and see what life’s all about. (2004) Copyright ©2016 all rights reserved


Seth my grandson is 6 a whizz on the wii His goal in life is to always beat me! We sit and play together and the time flies by He’s really very good and has a good eye Mario is his favourite game to play I spend most of my time in a bubble floating by He laughs at my attempts to work my way through the maze Usually it’s because I’m in a bit of a daze Oh what it is to be young and quick to react But… Read more Seth

Human sandwich

  When I read the daily word, I tend not to look at any of the other entries for fear of it influencing my post, I also try my hardest to think outside the box. I love to write a poem and try to save the key word until the very end and today I almost wrote a poem but then a memory came back to me from almost 30 years ago. When my two daughters were approx 5 and 7 years old they used to climb into bed with… Read more Human sandwich