Looking for some good advice!

Feeling happy to be alive!

First self portrait In acrylic paint
Feeling so happy to be alive. ❤️

Feeling snug!

Feeling contented!

Feeling Proud!

Feeling spiritual

Painted in acrylics

Feeling reflective!

Feeling strong!

Feeling shy!

Feeling wise!

Looking within!

There’s a storm brewing tonight!

Before and after, It’s surprising how a few added touches make such a difference, thanks Carl.

A few breaking waves makes all the difference.

Peaceful digital painting!

In the dark of the night.

The tree of life!

Underground activities !

Digital array!

In the night the garden sleeps unlike me!

Awake in the night painting 🙄

Full moon tonight 😬

Digital painting, waiting by the seashore.

More framing the landscape photographs

Dark clouds looming

The perfect vista.

it’s looking very green outside the apartment with all the recent rain

The chickens appear to be growing bigger by the day!

They are getting very adventurous, they like to squeeze through the railings. I went to our car the other day they surrounded the car 🚗

I thought they were going to climb in the car at one point. 😳

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