Moon pulling

  Moon shimmering mood bringing casting shadows Trees whispering wolves howling badgers hiding moon searching soul hiding magnet pulling spirit running moon laughing spirit flying

Moon influence 🌕

Twisting, turning somersaulting emotions, soaring spinning, twirling backward rolling  elation, erupting flying, gliding Star gazing Searching, finding MOON ❤️ copyright ©2016 Elaine’s Bloggers Paradise, all

Life is for learning

  Slipping sliding  close to colliding skimming, skating ever balancing squirming, squashing always juggling sadness, sermons lessons, learning one day ❤️ Copyright©2016 Elaine’s Bloggers Paradise,

Ever searching

Flames Twisting, turning ever searching looking finding never bothering wanting, believing flames igniting finding, comfort never learning trusting to the end. * Copyright ©2016 Elaine’s Bloggers Paradise,

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