I just couldn’t resist this morning!

I woke with an incredible urge this morning that I couldn’t shake off and no it wasn’t for chocolate 🍫. I had a very healthy breakfast of porridge 🥣 ☺️ I am now definitely trotting  towards healthy eating after being told that I need to completely change my lifestyle to improve my health.     The […]

Lottery win!

John and I were having an in-depth conversation last night about winning the lottery. We have just started buying a ticket each week and I was telling John the importance of asking the universe to help us to win. Now in case you don’t know if you are wanting material gain the universe will not […]

Alice has teeth!

Give us a smile Alice, go on, show us your pearly whites, please………   Go on, you know you want to ……… Beautiful  😃

Another year older!

Was it really a year ago today that I hit the big 6 0. So much seems to have changed in the last year. I’ve changed too, probably through my new-found hobby, painting.  I had not picked up a paint brush since junior school and although I had tried doing a painting by numbers I […]

Sad News!

    Sad news yesterday, the chap who invented predictive text has pissed away. His Funfair is next Monkey.   Sorry, I had this sent to me and I know a few people on here that will relate and find this amusing! P.S.  It’s not true, well at least I don’t think it is. 😬😳

Remember little Alice

Remember little Alice the Boston Terrier who weighed a mere 2 lbs when she went to live with my sister? Well she has settled down well and loves her new big brother Robbie,  a Clumber spaniel who weighs around 98lbs and keeps her warm. He keeps her warm and when he is not around her […]