The scent of a woman. 🌹

  Subtle Comforting Exciting Noticeable Tempting. ❤️ Copyright©Elaine’s Bloggers Paradise, all rights reserved.

Honestly ! 🌹

Oversight I didn’t forget to write the daily post, it was just an oversight !  * Copyright….. its yours if … More

Have you seen it? 🌹

  Unseen Unoticed by anyone, lies unobserved Non existent, masked or maybe veiled Spotted by no one, hidden well, concealed … More


Relax© Recline and do nothing is my mantra today Elevate your mind and do what I say Levitate your body … More

Hear Me.

  Hear my voice whispering I am calling your name Hear my heart beat let it not be in vain … More

Our Love

Elicit ❤️ Your eyes enticed me to look your way Drawing me closer with the words that you’d say Never … More

Don’t judge me

Tart I’ve been accused of being a flirt Because I favour my short skirt Don’t you look me up and … More


I am here waiting for you my love lost deep within my soul my eyes are eager to see your … More

Soul mates perhaps?

When I look in to your eyes I can see my soul I’ve seen those eyes before somewhere I feel … More

Happiness is

              R is for the relish, I feel when I see the word set E … More

What is trust!

* Do you trust me Do you trust in our love Will you trust me forever  You trust me to … More