Rest Now.

Rest now, I know your weary Rest now, your time is near Rest now, I am with you Rest now, you have nothing to fear. 🌹


  The  bright light in the distance Is drawing near I know my host I have no fear Peace surrounds me My spirit sighs I relax my body Then close my eyes The time has come To say goodbye It is not for me to question why My spirit leaves my body behind memories then […]

I hold out my hand

  I hold out my hand It’s yours to take You hear the crack As my heart breaks I have no words What can I say I look up at the stars and begin to pray I need to bask In your heavenly glow I yearn for peace Once again to flow.   Elaine 🌹

That extra mile.

At the end of the day I hope I can say I’ve helped someone In need along the way Be it with words or a helping hand if I’ve touched someone’s life then I’ve had a great day It doesn’t take much to make someone smile and then I will know that I’ve gone that […]

Tied together by an invisible thread.

    Never doubt that I am beside you For I  reside in your head I will forever be beside you tied together by an invisible thread * Never doubt that I guide you because by me, you will be led I am always around you tied together by an invisible thread * Never fear […]

Sat upon a star digital painting.

The stars seem brighter Along with my soul The colours are so vibrant It makes me feel whole  My spirit is singing I feel successful and free My soul now feels happy Because now I can see  My heart-felt a connection You opened a door Not in this lifetime Maybe a lifetime before […]

We should all try!

    I try to understand this world that we live in I try to comprehend what I’m feeling so deeply within I try to understand why negativity is breeding I try to understand why greed for the material is feeding. 🌹 I try to be positive when the rest of the world is crying […]

Last night!

  Last night when I was in my bed, An angel appeared above my head Such a dignified exquisite sight to see floating effortlessly, she seemed to be A tall graceful form that had me spellbound A blessing to behold, I had found So elegant and agile, was she This vision of purity sent to […]

I pray.

  My soul cries out for peace in the world my eyes fill with unshed  tears where has all of our love gone why is the world full of fears 🌏 Within our hearts we must find love and project it towards the world stopping this me, I mentality the hate must be unfurled 🌍 […]