Inner Sanctuary.

How many of us realise that our own Sanctuary sits within us, that inner place of peace and contentment that so many of us fail to get in touch with because we are so busy running away from situations and everyday life.

I’ve heard people say “If only we could go back and visit somewhere, it was so peaceful and idyllic”

But what is stopping them from sitting in silence and reliving their experiences. Could it be the TV or radio or other time pressing commitments? There’s not enough hours in a day. My time is not my own. I have to think of everybody else all the time.

Does that make you feel like a special person, do you feel appreciated, important even? Does it make you feel worthwhile.????

REALLY: Is your life that full that you don’t get the time to relax at some point throughout the day to get in touch with your inner sanctuary.

If the answer to that question is yes, then you have my sympathy. I found out from experience that the only person that makes you do that to yourself is you. Find some time just for you. Your memory is a powerful tool. Transport yourself back to a happy time. Feel the emotions, taste, smells and visions it’s all there waiting for you.

Life is too short, enjoy. ❤️

I feel you close



I may not see you every day

but I know you’re close

We don’t talk on the phone

that’s what I miss the most

A void now lives within me

never to be filled

without you in my life

I miss your love the most

I don’t laugh as much

Like I did with you

My life feels so different now

duller now and blue

I know I was so lucky

to have you for so long

but not having you around

somehow feels so wrong

You were my inspiration

you were always so strong

I’m was blessed to have you

in my life so long

I watched you leave this world

A blessing now I know

away from all the pain

it was your time to go

A pain now sits within me

A yearning that will never leave

Until we meet each other again

 I know I will always grieve.


The dark of night



Sometimes in the dark of night

I release my soul,  my mind takes flight

my spirit soars, I lose all my fear

knowing that your near

Together again for a brief time


I try my hardest not to cry

for mine is not to wonder why

why we have to experience such pain

until we are together again.

I bask in the memory of your love


©2019 Rose Elaine, all rights reserved.


The Rebirth….

I wrote this years ago and never really understood where it came from. I was awake in the night and it suddenly occurred to me that this piece could be related to death.  I’m sat here and mum is sleeping peacefully in her bed, I’m determined not to start crying because it also came to me in the night that our loved ones never leave us. Their physical bodies wear out but their spirits live on.

A part of you sits deep within me never to leave

I feel the comfort of your soul

My old life has gone for ever

At last I will be free

The emotions inside me are like never before

I physically feel as if the real me is bursting out of my body

And I feel a joy so strong it makes me weep

For my soul that has sat within me crying for freedom

The chains that encased my heart are snapping open

I will be whole and free to soar above the earth

And all that has gone before me will be forgotten

Life and death will be as one

No beginnings and no endings

Just a constant flow of emotions

Far greater than any thoughts

Better and greater than any joy ever experienced

Calmness inside I can see the new beginning

The energy of the universe

Dancing around me with beautiful colours

Soft touches like a soft breeze move around me

But I have just realised I am not in the human form

I have stepped outside the shell in which I was living

I am light I am the light of a thousand different shades

I have no fear no expectations

I just am.

Copyright©2014 RoseElaineblog, all rights reserved.


Awake in the night.



I take your hand and walk with you

towards the brightest light

I feel your emotions as if they’re mine

And the pain of letting go

I keep telling myself, believe, believe

Then the crying starts

Knowing that your time is near

Fills my heart with fear

Accept, accept that this is life

that this is meant to be

Knowing we will meet again

I have to let you go.


Death is not the end.


I’ve felt the fear.


I’ve felt the fear you feel within

The darkness that your thoughts do bring

The pain of life slipping away

The thought of this being your final day

I’ve heard the sounds within your head

The clanging thoughts of dread

The knowledge that your time is near

The thought of loved ones standing near

I’ve heard my voice saying there’s nothing to fear

Our loved ones are coming near

But now I think I understand

The fear of death

The pain of letting go is hard

The placement of that final card

It’s easy for me to say let go

When until it happens to me

How do I really know

the fear of letting go.

If only I could take your place.


I can see the fear on your face

It makes me want to take your place

But this is your life to live

Support is all that I can give

Trust and believe that loved ones are near

Feel their love, release your fear

I promise you will feel such a release

A beautiful place to find your peace

It’s not easy, that I know

To accept the end and let go.

A gathering of beautiful souls.



I know you’re here

I feel you near

you bring me comfort

and quell my fear.


A gathering of beautiful souls


The time is close

I feel your breath

I lean back into your arms

no longer afraid of death.


A gathering of beautiful souls


I see the light

its shining bright

I hold your hand

and give up the fight


A gathering of beautiful souls


I feel such joy

our souls entwine

My spirits at peace

we join the line.


A gathering of beautiful souls




The  bright light in the distance

Is drawing near

I know my host

I have no fear

Peace surrounds me

My spirit sighs

I relax my body

Then close my eyes

The time has come

To say goodbye

It is not for me

to question why

My spirit leaves

my body behind

memories then begin to rewind

the highs and lows

the bridges burned

the sorrows and joys

My lessons learned

I am home at last.

Elaine 🌹


That extra mile.


At the end of the day

I hope I can say

I’ve helped someone

In need

along the way

Be it with words

or a helping hand

if I’ve touched someone’s life

then I’ve had a great day

It doesn’t take much

to make someone smile

and then I will know

that I’ve gone that extra mile.

Copyright©2018 Rose Elaine, all rights reserved.

Tied together by an invisible thread.



Never doubt that I am beside you

For I  reside in your head

I will forever be beside you

tied together by an invisible thread


Never doubt that I guide you

because by me, you will be led

I am always around you

tied together by an invisible thread


Never fear that I will forsake you

because I never will

never doubt my commitment to you

tied together by an invisible thread


Never doubt that I love you

my soul is now yours

I reside inside your heart

tied together by an invisible thread


Never doubt that I will leave you

my spirit dances alongside yours

offering you my love always

Tied together by an invisible thread.


Copyright©2018 Elaine’s Bloggers Paradise, all rights reserved.


Sat upon a star.


The stars seem brighter

Along with my soul

The colours are so vibrant

It makes me feel whole

My spirit is singing

I feel successful and free

My soul now feels happy

Because now I can see

My heart-felt a connection

You opened a door

Not in this lifetime

Maybe a lifetime before

Perhaps we knew each other

In a previous life

I feel your goodness

And it feels real nice

I’m happy to watch you

Sat here upon my star

Forever in my heart

Knowing you’ll never be far.

Elaine 🌹.

We should all try!



I try to understand this world that we live in

I try to comprehend what I’m feeling so deeply within

I try to understand why negativity is breeding

I try to understand why greed for the material is feeding.


I try to be positive when the rest of the world is crying

I try to understand why people are ill and why they are dying

I try to bring peace to others in their time of need

I try to not let those dark feelings inside me succeed.


I try to find forgiveness to my fellow human beings

I try to make them feel compassion and be all-seeing

I try to show them the beauty of the world that we live in

I try to point out that they should be dancing and singing.


I try to bring happiness and joy to those of us who need it

I try to dispel their sadness by helping them not to feed it

I try to bring joy and laughter in the small things I do

I try hard to explain things, then it is all down to you


It is down to every individual person in the world to make changes within themselves to make our world a better place to live in. We can’t change everyone else but we can change ourselves.




Last night!



Last night when I was in my bed,

An angel appeared above my head

Such a dignified exquisite sight to see

floating effortlessly, she seemed to be

A tall graceful form that had me spellbound

A blessing to behold, I had found

So elegant and agile, was she

This vision of purity sent to me

In one fluid movement, tastefully disappeared

Gone forever is what I feared

And I was left with only the memory

Of such a graceful angel



I pray.



My soul cries out for peace in the world

my eyes fill with unshed  tears

where has all of our love gone

why is the world full of fears


Within our hearts we must find love

and project it towards the world

stopping this me, I mentality

the hate must be unfurled


I pray for depth and understanding

I pray for peace and love

I strive to do my part in this world

I pray to God above


I may be but a small speck  in time

Yet, I surely play a part

Let’s cast aside all of our fears

And rekindle the love within our hearts


Elaine 🌹

Here I am.




I am here waiting for you my love

lost deep within my soul

my eyes are eager to see your face

My arms want to hold you near

My spirit longs to entwine with yours

my heart is breaking piece by piece

tears fall freely from my eyes

Why are you not here

The darkness is descending now

I have pledged my love to you

Our love forever to be entwined

until the end of time

My light is dimming now

My spirit will not last long

I need you by my side

back where you belong.


The magic of Christmas!

I’ve shared with you recently my journey of spiritual development through reading “The Monk who sold his Ferrari” which basically tells us the benefits of eating sensibly, meditation 🧘‍♀️ and getting up earlier and seizing the day.

I found that I was getting up earlier and earlier ( like two hours after going to bed earlier) I was wide awake painting, writing and 😏 eating!

The former activities I think would be acceptable but I realised after **** tins of Quality Streets I just had to behave. I felt ashamed 😔 John never missed an opportunity to point out that he had not had one chocolate out of the **** tins that I had purchased. 😇

When my daughter called I told her to help herself to my tin ( I had eaten all my favourites anyway 😋 ) I begged her to take some in her pockets for my grandchildren after school but she refused, saying they eat enough rubbish without me adding to it 😳

I faithfully told John that I would not purchase anymore quality Streets, I emptied what was left and put them in a plastic bag in the fridge! …… Did you know that they taste far better when they’re cold 😃

One Christmas I had so many chocolates bought that I put them in batches of three in the freezer, this may surprise you but I then mastered the way to hold a frozen chocolate in my mouth until it defrosted. 😍😋🙃 Oh Yes, I am a woman of many talents and a master of none 🙄

Imagine my and John’s surprise this morning when our online grocery delivery arrived at our door and the delivery man told us we had rather a lot of substitutions to our order.   The supermarket had not had their delivery of fresh carrots 🥕 did we want tinned carrots instead.  Here is me trying to live a more spiritual existence, eating live food from the ground! ( okay I know tinned carrots were once alive) but nevertheless people would recognise that it wasn’t a fresh carrot 🥕

I had ordered a large bag of salted peanuts 🧐 half way to healthy eating, they had substituted them with 6 small bags, I let that one go because peanuts are moreish so that maybe was a spiritual gift to stop me over eating ☺️

Then I heard John say ” A tin of Quality Streets”. ” Oh yes,” said the driver, “that is a gift to compensate for the changes to your order” Personally I think the Universe is having a bit of fun with me or just testing my commitment!  Either way the tin will be given away to a good home! Honestly 😇