A place in my heart

You sit deep within my heart Which now comforts me Knowing we’re not far apart Has now set me free … More


In the silence of the night I feel you near In the silence of the night I feel no fear … More

I feel you close

    I may not see you every day but I know you’re close We don’t talk on the phone … More

The dark of night

    Sometimes in the dark of night I release my soul,  my mind takes flight my spirit soars, I lose … More

The Rebirth….

I wrote this years ago and never really understood where it came from. I was awake in the night and … More

Awake in the night.

    I take your hand and walk with you towards the brightest light I feel your emotions as if … More

I’ve felt the fear.

  I’ve felt the fear you feel within The darkness that your thoughts do bring The pain of life slipping … More

Awake in the night!

  In our darkest hour we call out your name Knowing you’re always there We share our fears and worries … More


  The  bright light in the distance Is drawing near I know my host I have no fear Peace surrounds … More

I hold out my hand

  I hold out my hand It’s yours to take You hear the crack As my heart breaks I have … More

That extra mile.

  At the end of the day I hope I can say I’ve helped someone In need along the way … More

Sat upon a star.

  The stars seem brighter Along with my soul The colours are so vibrant It makes me feel whole  … More

We should all try!

    I try to understand this world that we live in I try to comprehend what I’m feeling so … More

Last night!

    Last night when I was in my bed, An angel appeared above my head Such a dignified exquisite … More

I pray.

    My soul cries out for peace in the world my eyes fill with unshed  tears where has all … More

Here I am.

      I am here waiting for you my love lost deep within my soul my eyes are eager … More

The magic of Christmas!

I’ve shared with you recently my journey of spiritual development through reading “The Monk who sold his Ferrari” which basically … More