Boot camp continued

Kit-Kat knew that if he wanted some food he would have to jog over with the llama to get it … More

Meeting in the meadow

There was a very important meeting in the meadow, so important that Sidney, Cynthia, Lucy, Leon, Leonard, Leona, Charlie, Sasha … More

Lucy and Leon

It was a hot day in the meadow and all the sheep were grazing happily, it would soon be time … More

The twins are growing

Sidney and Cynthia were worried, although Lucy was the ideal lamb Leon seemed to have trouble knowing that he was … More

Home at last

Sidney and Cynthia arrived home with the twins Lucy and Leon, all the sheep gathered around to look at the … More

The birthing meadow!

The months flew by, Cynthia had a good pregnancy and when the time came for her to give birth they … More

Exciting news

The meadow was restored to a peaceful haven for the sheep who now grazed without fear of the llamas jumping … More

The royal wedding !

All the sheep in the meadow were gathered together to watch the royal wedding on the big screen. Sidney and … More

The wedding

Sidney and Cynthia decided to bring their wedding forward so as not to clash with Prince Harry and Megan’s big … More

Trouble in the meadow.

The sheep were concerned about a new sheep that had joined their flock. What sort of sheep was it? Sidney … More

The homecoming!

At last it was time for Cynthia to return to the meadow and the farmer arrived with a trailer to … More

Cynthia going home

Cynthia was feeling so much better, the vets daughter offered to give her a bath and set about making Cynthia … More

Charlie tells all.

Charlie the all seeing and knowing cat escaped from his cage and ran to the meadow to let Sidney know … More

Cynthia’s journey!

Cynthia was having the most wonderful dream, she was in the meadow frolicking with Sidney the sun was shining and the … More

Cynthia’s surgery.

The vet asked the farmer if Cynthia had been frolicking in the top meadows. The farmer scratched his head and … More

Sidney is feeling sad.

Sidney’s interest in the new addition to the herd, she was a vain shallow creature who craved attention from every … More

Cynthia’s found.

Luckily for Cynthia the farmer was walking back from his local pub after having a well deserved pint of beer … More

Cynthia’s journey

Cynthia had a long way to walk to the meadows where her mother and father lived. She was tired, her … More