Category: Ruby’s poems

The Frosty winter poem by my granddaughter. 🌹

My granddaughter came to see us today along with her mum, dad and little brother holding a piece of folded paper saying “Grandma I’ve written another poem” She then stood in the middle of the room to read it to us: ❄️❄️❄️ The Frosty Winter….

The graceful girl. 🌹

Graceful John and I went to watch our granddaughter who is nine perform in the pantomime Aladdin,  she was one of the dancers and we could not believe how good she was. She is a tall girl for her age, her mum is 5ft…

My Grandma

We are looking after our Granddaughter and Grandson today while their mum is working. My granddaughter loves doing power point presentations (she is only 9) and she wrote the following poem and personally I think it is very good. I’ve put it on my…

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