Echocardiogram update!

On Wednesday I got another appointment from the hospital regarding the Echocardiogram I had last Wednesday, they have changed the appointment from next Wednesday to the 8 January so I rang them to ask why? They told me that the surgeon who operated on my heart wants to see me himself and the appointment for next week was with a registrar who would not be able to tell me anything because I need to see the surgeon.

It not really surprising because I knew by the radiographers reaction that something had shown up on the scan, what that is will be revealed in due course ☺️

I haven’t been feeling the best over the last few weeks and how I’ve felt reminded me how I felt before my operation but surely the tumour can’t have returned in just seven months?

Obviously the Christmas holidays are fast approaching and after such a bad one last year I am determined to enjoy this one 🥳. So I’m keeping positive and I will keep painting cats and hearts and enjoying life because life is precious and meant to be enjoyed.

Elaine ❤️

Duvet Day after meltdown.

Obviously it had to be a heart painting ❤️

I’ve come to the conclusion that meltdowns are good for a would be artist although thinking about it I would have preferred a large tin of black paint to throw around and then roll in it. …… Hmm that sounds a bit weird so I better stop there, but you get my gist.

The reason for my meltdown……. On Tuesday I went to hospital for an echocardiogram before my appointment on the 18th December with the surgeon after my heart surgery in May …….

The young lady who performed the procedure told me to get undressed and began to probe me with the ultrasound probe thing …… she probed for 25 minutes then said she was going to check that the images were clear enough. Then she came back in with another lady and they both began to look at some of the images on the screen, WHISPERING 😤

The older lady left and the young one said she just wanted a doctor to take a look at something before I left. Five minutes lady she came back and said I was free to go …… I asked her if there was evidence of another Myxoma, she said those magic words….. “ I’m sorry I’m not allowed to say” and I would hear something from my surgeon.

I came out of the appointment feeling a bit shocked, scared and apprehensive but I managed to pull my positivity back. I know they wouldn’t have let me go if it had been anything bad, after my last echocardiogram they kept me in various hospitals for three weeks.

So the reason for my MELTDOWN……. all the digging and probing has obviously disturbed the last seven months healing and it hurts like hell. I’m wondering if she broke some ribs 😳

Anyway I’m having a duvet day, watching TV, painting and googling broken ribs (joke) ☺️

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a day in bed, I’d forgotten just how nice it is to have a duvet day.

Enjoy your day 😇

5 months today

Five months ago today I had open heart surgery to remove a tumour which I didn’t even know was there, I knew I hadn’t felt well in myself for a couple of years which I put down to liver issues.

I am so grateful to God, The Universe, The Unknown that my life was saved and today just five months on I am feeling amazing.

We never know what is around the next bend in our lives but one thing for sure is that we should treasure every moment, remembering to live in the moment and be grateful for the good and the bad days.

Life is precious, please try to remember and enjoy yours.

It’s raining cats and dogs here in England

It’s raining cats 🐈 and dogs 🐕 here in England and it feels so good after the last few days. It was my uncle’s funeral yesterday he was my mum’s younger brother. The funeral director was surprised to see us so soon after mums funeral in January and I sincerely hope we don’t see her anytime soon even if she is a lovely lady.

As it was with mum it was down to my sister and I to dissemble his happy home 😢 my sister was great because she didn’t want me to do too much after my recent surgery so she and John did the lions share. I did the above floor level light cleaning. I think my uncle must have had a thing for the lady who owned the shop in town which sold cleaning materials because he had so many dusters and bottles of cleaning stuff you wouldn’t believe. ( it’s a shame he didn’t use them more )😉 I expect her shop will have a drop in the takings now he’s gone over to the other side 🙄

This year has been a challenging year for me and I couldn’t help thinking that it could have been me being waved off yesterday and I thank God it wasn’t me. There were only eleven of us at the service because he was a very quiet man who kept himself to himself. He had a good sense of humour and I got on very well with him as did my sister and John. He reminded me so much of mum because he had so many of her mannerisms which I found so lovely because it felt like a part of her was still here.

John reminded me in the night that mum will always be around because she is a part of me. I know without doubt that she sits in my heart along with my dad and now uncle. (It’s a good job they removed that tumour in my heart to make more room) 😬

Life is not always easy , but life is precious and although I do feel sad today I will not allow grief to consume me. I will carry on painting and trying to encourage others to enjoy the time we have here on earth and to believe that eventually we will be with our loved ones again. ❤️

I need to be comfortable

I’m all but pain free now after my operation the only pain I’m left with is at the top section of my chest. It’s not bad during the day but at night when I lie down in bed it hurts, even the duvet hurts. So in my wisdom I decided to buy one of these!

What is it you may ask? Well it a strapless bra top. This was my conversation with John last night.

Me: I am in so much pain I’ve bought this from Amazon

John: looking puzzled, What is it?

Me: It’s a top without straps so it should be comfortable to sleep in and keep me cool.

John: Eyebrows twitching, I hope it stretches, how will you get it on?

Me: it can go over my head but I will probably pull it up from my feet

John: hmm it must be stretchy then 😏

I let that comment go and went to get ready for bed.

Me: look at this I think it’s going to solve the problem and keep me comfortable and cool

John: Good!

Turning the light off we settled down to sleep.

Me: puffing and panting, John I think this might be a bit tight, I can hardly breathe

John switching on the light, I thought it might be, what are you going to do.

Me: please will you get some scissors ✂️ and just snip the top in the middle

John: WHAT! You want me to cut it?

Me: Yes please, if you don’t mind.

John bless him put the light on and got out of bed, then got the scissors and cut a tiny bit at the top

Me: more than that

John: okay, I don’t know why your having me do this! Why didn’t you get a bigger size!

Me: 😤 because they have to be tight to stay up!

John: Okay, is that alright?

Me: Yes but maybe you need to do the same at the bottom because it’s digging into me

John : Is that okay now?

Me: Yes thanks

He got back in to bed and turned off the bedside lamp, I tried to settle down, honestly I did. But!

Me: John

John: WHAT!

Me: it’s still too tight John, I think it needs cutting at the back too

The light switched back on and he got the scissors out again

Me: The top and the bottom, try to make it even with the front.

John: For goodness sake , why don’t you just take it off

Me: No I’ve just bought it, I’ve got to get my monies worth out of it.

John well it’s going to be fit for nothing with all the cuts in it.

Me: Just shut the light off I’m very tired

All was peaceful I could breathe but it wasn’t perfect………..

Me: John, this is the last time I promise

John: WHAT!

Me: I think you need to do the sides and then it will be perfect

John: switching the light back on and shaking his head said, “why I doing this I don’t know 🤷‍♂️

Me: I’ve had heart surgery I can’t turn round and cut the back!

John: hmm and don’t I know it 🙄 He cut it again, not as carefully this time 😟

Me: That’s so much better now, thank you

John: Good, Are you sorted now?

Me: Yes thanks

John: turning the light off said it’s hardly worthwhile wearing the damn thing. 😤Goodnight

Me: Goodnight, God bless x ………. John…… I might just put my nighty on

John: Silence.


Hospital Visit

I’ve been for my six week after operation appointment today ❤️ and I’m happy to say that the consultant was very happy 😃 both the ECG and the X-ray looked good and he told me that the tumour was benign. He also said stop taking the heart tablets and the water tablets 🐴

I asked him why feel as if my heart bounces and he explained that our hearts are surrounded with fluid and then a layer of fat.

When they perform open heart surgery they have to cut through the fat and the fluid drains which in turn leaves scar tissue which is hard so my heart is no longer cushioned. That Is the reason why I feel everything 🙄 Hopefully I will get used to that.

There is no signs of permanent heart failure either 👍 I have to go back in six months for another echocardiogram to to check that nothing is growing again then I will be discharged.

I know just how lucky I have been and I appreciate all your kind wishes, prayers and encouragement. Thank you.

Elaine xx

Awake in the night!

I thought I would be clever and not have a sleep during the day yesterday to see if I would sleep better in the night! Guess what, it doesn’t work. Here I am wide awake. I’m so uncomfortable lying on my back, this scar prickles like crazy and if I lay on my side my heart seems to jump around if that makes sense!

I feel like there is a lot more room in my chest which makes sense I suppose if the tumour in my heart was the size of a cricket ball 🎳 opps sorry that’s a bowling ball but my emoji’s don’t have a cricket ball! Anyway if I cough or sneeze 🤧 I feel like my heart bounces which is not a nice feeling. It’s eight weeks today since it was removed so you would think that I would be used to it by now!

I had an eventful day yesterday 😊 I went to my hairdressers house to have my hair cut, my daughter had put some blonde highlights in my hair on Sunday ( to cover the grey) 😬 which seems to be spreading, I wouldn’t mind if it was that lovely platinum colour, I would be quite happy but no it’s that in between dirty grey colour!

The lift in our apartment block decided to break down on Saturday but there was no way that I was not going for my hair cutting, I see the surgeon on Wednesday and vanity made me go down the two flights of stairs to go to my appointment. I have to admit to being worried about getting back up but not enough to cancel my appointment. ☺️

Getting back up the 30 steps was actually easier than I thought with John behind me coaching me along 😏 I put on foot on the step then brought my other foot up to join it and did four steps then had a rest, then did four more. I felt very proud of myself when we reached our apartment, in fact I might try it again. 😉

I hopefully will feel better when I’ve seen the surgeon on Wednesday and he can tell me if there will be long term effects, it’s a strange one because all my arteries were fine as was my heart, I didn’t have heart disease just a ⚾️ ( found one ) cricket ball inside my heart 💓 which distorted the size of my heart. How could I not have felt that? It amazes me.

My appointment on Wednesday is 9.15 so it will be rush hour traffic all the way. We are thinking of setting off really early to miss some of the rush then having a Costa Coffee breakfast in the hospital 🥐☕️

Anyway it’s light outside now and I need to at least try to sleep again. I’ve done a painting to help me relax and I might listen to a relaxing meditation tape.

One things for sure, I’m going to continue having a sleep during the day!

Elaine x

Having a duvet day 😊

After a restless night I finally rang the British Heart Foundation nurse this morning to ask a few questions. She was absolutely brilliant, I told her that I was worried that I wasn’t doing enough exercise and everyone on the BHF site were talking about cardiac rehab which I’ve been told is not available for me.

She explained that because my heart had been healthy apart from the tumour sat inside it cardiac rehab is more for people who have heart attacks and bypass operations.

She also said that although I should keep moving I shouldn’t be attempting stairs. Apparently there can be a risk of bleeding if you do too much after the operation I’ve had. 😳

I also mentioned that my scar still felt sore but didn’t look infected, she suggested using E45 lotion which I have now applied 😉

I see the surgeon on the 3 July and she gave me some pointers about what questions I could ask.

The British Heart Foundation are a great organisation and definitely a worthy charity to support. Who would have thought that I would have dealings with both a local hospice and the McMillan nurses with mum before Christmas then the BHF a few months later.

We never know what is around the corner, that’s why it’s important to live in the moment and enjoy life to the full.


I have to admit to having a bit of a meltdown this morning, actually not a bit of one, more like a massive one 😔

It was the pain that got to me, I get forgetful about taking pain relief so by the time I take it I’m hurting 🥺 I had a good talk with John and he reminded me that it is only five weeks today since I had my surgery and that I’m really expecting too much.

After my surgery I was kept in intensive care for 8 days, I remember the nights the most and talking to the nurses who kept putting a machine on my face for oxygen which felt so tight and had Velcro fasteners which tangled in my hair. I hated that mask even though it meant I could breathe easier. I hardly slept and used to watch the clock ⏰ Go round because I knew they would take it off after an hour if I asked.

A nurse would always be near and I would put my hand up and signal to her to take it off lol, she would and then would say, okay I will but it will have to go again soon. 😳

I had such good care and although every nurse and ward sister were great I had my favourites. When I first came around the day after my operation a beautiful little Filipino nurse spoke to me telling me that they were going to take out the tube that had kept me breathing. She gave me my first sip of water and made me what they call a teddy in England which was folded up material to hold against your chest for when you were moved around.

John and my daughters came to see me that day and obviously my voice was squeaky and they were shocked by how I looked even though they knew I wouldn’t look my best 😉

When the physio nurses came the day after to stand me up, I did what I was told I knew to get well I had to! But once stood my legs gave way and I slid to the floor. I remember them getting a hoist to put me back into bed and apologising, I just said it’s okay I’m fine, I didn’t hurt myself. I think I had so much medication going in through the numerous points that went into a tube via my neck that I was not totally with it.

Apparently when they had removed the tumour from my heart and done the repairs it took three attempts to restart my heart because it was going too fast they had to stop it! It’s so bizarre to think that my heart was stopped!

Which brings me round to this mornings meltdown. I think that it’s only just hitting me the seriousness of what I’ve actually had done. I’m so frustrated that I can’t do more and I can’t even climb more than a few stairs.

John and I go out now every morning for a ride in the car and I have a walk, I also walk up and down the corridor in the apartment block and do some climbing up one step and down again building it up every day. I thought yesterday that perhaps I could walk up a flight of stairs then take the lift down but after four stairs I knew I couldn’t do it!

I see the surgeon on the 3 July and I have to have a ECG and chest X-ray just before I see him.I’ve got lots of questions to ask him and although I’m dreading walking around such a big hospital I’ve got another two weeks to go before then So hopefully I will be fitter by then.

I’ve read that people can get ptsd after surgery and feel very up and down emotionally which is how I’ve felt for the last few days. Now I’m taking more pain relief, not running 🏃🏻‍♀️ before I can walk! I should hopefully settle back down and continue what seems like this never ending journey to being well again.

Just sharing my thoughts and I AM HAPPY TO BE ALIVE ❤️

Elaine x

Follow up from blood tests

It’s just typical! The story of my life really, the hospital wanted me to have follow up blood tests to make sure my kidneys and other bits and bobs were functioning properly and what happens! I get this letter……

Dear Elaine,

Please contact the surgery and book an appointment to see the nurse regarding your recent cholesterol blood results.

Many thanks

Yours sincerely

If you remember the nurse tricked me into having my cholesterol and blood sugars done at the same time 😤 I looked on my online medical site and noted that the tests the hospital had requested had the comments abnormal but expected at the side of them 🤔 hmm so why have them done then!

I think my cholesterol is higher because before I went in hospital I was hardly eating anything and post surgery I ate very little until they threatened me with a tube 😳 then I managed to eat a little ☺️

On the way home from the hospital a miracle happened, my appetite came rushing back, my requests to stop at Mc Donald’s, Pizza Hut and the local Chinese were all rebuffed by John and Louise. They thought I was joking 🙃 but trust me I was deadly serious.

Since been home I took the advice of the hospital, “eat anything you fancy “they told me so I have 😁 in great quantities too. My body was telling me to, so I could get stronger, I needed the fuel ⛽️

So now reality has hit home and I need to reign in my shire horse 🐴 munching and reduce the butter, cheese, pies, cakes 🧁 and eat sensibly .

There is no way I’m going to go and sit listening to a nurse for a seven minute appointment tell me what I need to eat. I’ve got google to tell me that. I’m seeing my own doctor in a few weeks, that’s soon enough!

I’m sleeping better now and apart from feeling like I’m wearing a steel plated vest and feeling tired suddenly I don’t feel too bad.

I’ve got a donut 🍩 coming today NOT the sweet variety obviously 🙄 this one is to sit on to make me more comfortable 😄

Have a great day whatever you’re doing.

Elaine x

After darkness always comes light.

Last night was the best night sleep I’ve had for weeks and that’s because I allowed John to share my nest 😊 he had been sleeping on on a blow up bed in the next room for fear of disturbing me in the night! The only problem was all the all the moaning that came from him every morning after, I honestly thought at one point it was him that had the surgery not me because he was obviously in so much pain 😉

Today my daughter has invited us for lunch with the instructions that we can eat and leave if we like. It suddenly occurred to me this morning that she doesn’t have a downstairs loo anymore because it’s in the process of being converted into a shower, utility and toilet.

This was our conversation this morning.

Me. Hello Louise

Louise: hello mum how are you feeling

Me: I feel good I slept really well last night

Louise: That’s good, so your coming for lunch at 12.30

Me: Yes, but I’ve remembered that you have no downstairs loo and there is no way I can climb your stairs

Louise: I thought that this morning, so what will you do?

Me: I bought a bed pan when your grandma was ill, I will take that into the utility room

Louise: But it’s completely empty, how will you manage?

Me: I will manage somehow!

Louise: I thought you might be able to wait until you get home.

Me: What! I’m on a water tablet, when I need to go I need to go, There’s no carpet in the utility room is there

Louise: No, it’s completely empty, why?

Me: Good, I’m like a shire horse now, once I start there’s no stopping me.

Louise: OMG 😲 are you sure you can’t hold it until you get home.

We had a laugh, well she did, I still can’t laugh properly ☺️ I’m restricting my water intake this morning just to see if that helps.

Excuse me while I canter off to the loo, have a great day

Elaine x

Trip to the doctors

The nurse was very sympathetic to the fact that I had recently had open heart surgery but still decided that she would check my cholesterol and blood sugar levels while I was there 😡

I was sat clutching my cushion to my chest for fear of coughing, sneezing and other things which ladies like me obviously never do 🥴

We finally got out and on the way home passed mums house which had me in floods of tears, I really miss my mum, it’s times like this when she would have given me a talking to telling me to get on with it and stop moaning, mum was never the sympathetic type 😇

We finally got home and I was extremely tired I had some pain relief which was probably something I should have done before we went to the surgery. 😉

Onwards and upwards, a day nearer feeling human again and a day nearer painting but one things for sure It’s good to be alive.

Enjoy your weekend, whatever you’re doing.

Elaine x

Slept in a perfect nest!

I took the great advice of making a nest in my bed and guess what ! I had the best nights sleep for weeks. 😀

I’ve woke up like a new woman and went out for my first proper walk to the car I even saw one of my neighbours who didn’t even know I’ve been in hospital so I can’t look that bad 😳 I had a little sleep 😴 after the exercise because I needed it and now I’m looking forward to my lunch.

Remembering to take it a day at a time and yesterday’s Pity party is over, onwards and upwards 😉

3 weeks and one day

It has now been three weeks and one day since my heart surgery and now I’m definitely feeling the pain

My rib cage is obviously knitting back together and the slightest burp, sneeze or cough is agony. I think I would feel better if I could sleep but for some reason every time I fall asleep laid down I feel like I’m being kicked which instantly wakes me up

I’m walking around more everyday and yesterday I ventured outside our apartment for a short walk which was exhausting. As usual I expect far too much too soon !

I’ve been sat on the settee and on my office chair like a nodding dog because I can’t keep my eyes open during the day. No doubt I won’t be able to shut them in the night 😬

All in all I’m a bit miserable ☹️ I’ve joined the. British Heart Foundation website but very few people know anything about Myxoma’s because they are so rare. Having said that I have had some encouraging replies, apparently ribs only take six to eight weeks to heal! I can’t wait 😊

Awake, asleep 😴 Awake, asleep

nature animal zoo bear
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I’ve been home 8 days now and I’m happy to say that the 28lbs of fluid that came home in my body as now gone. My legs are my own again and I no longer look like a rugby prop forward. The downside of losing the fluid is that I can now feel some pain mainly in my rib cage which was wired back together after the surgery.

A lot of the stitches have now dissolved 😊 so they no longer itch like they did which is a bonus. I also have bouts of extreme tiredness which come over me all of a sudden and I either have to take myself off to bed for an hour or sit like a nodding dog on the settee.

My concentration seems to come in bursts of clarity ( wow that impressed me 😏) or I find it hard to focus, I miss painting so much and I’ve been trying to do a finger painting on my iPad for several days.

All of this I’m told is quite normal and I just need to rest, eat and keep moving. I’m moving often, they have put me on a water tablet to get rid of any excess fluid 🤭 I just wish that wasn’t happening every hour on the hour all day and all night!

I’m enjoying reading all your posts unless they’re too funny because it hurts to laugh 😂

The strange thing is that I actually feel better now than I did previously to the surgery, I can breathe so much easier and I know it’s only a matter of time before I get up to speed and start painting again .😊


Home at last.

Finally they let me go home from hospital on Friday evening.. 😊 It felt so good to see our apartment again. All the tree are opened and the view is lovely.

I took it very steady yesterday and after probably the best on and off sleep last night for aI decided that I need to get a shower.

I have to smile because post op I’m 12 kilos heavier 😳which they say is normal because of the fluids they put in you. 😳 One question I like to know is how the hell are you expected to march on the spot when your like a dough boy.

Just kidding I’m on a water tablet which I’m told will eventually clear the fluid out. 😉

Eleven days after heart surgery.

They are really pleased with me after such major heart surgery, I’ve just had my first shower, the nurse said I would be completely shattered after it and she was not wrong.

Apparently it is our bodies way with coping with major surgery. I’m hoping to go home this weekend 😊

You, my lovely friends on WordPress have been a massive help to me and I kept my positivity 98% of the time and did what all this fantastic team of cardiac experts told me to do. We are so lucky to have a fantastic NHS in England which is badly let down by our government. Hopefully things will change in the future.

Meanwhile they have saved my life and I thank them and obviously my Lovely angels 😇😇😇😇😇

Elaine x

Well I’m still alive!

What a journey I’ve been on, I can hardly see to write this. The surgeon went to my heart on Tuesday and removed a tumour the side of a cricket ball.. I’m told I have permanent heart failure and it’s going to take months to recover.. John, Catherine and Louise have been coming Everyday.

I am to be kept in intensive care for a few more days before I can go back to the other ward. They need to steady my heart and blood pressure. I’m. Getting Exercises everyday and the staff are angels .

Someone has definitely being looking over me, I am so lucky to be alive.

Moved to yet another ward!

I’m so happy 🙂🙃🙂 I’ve been moved to another ward because they needed my side room for a gentleman so I’m back of a four bedded room with a lovely smiley lady across from me. The room is so much brighter and I can watch people coming and going 🤥 I was turning into a mushroom 🍄 in the dark, all I was doing was falling asleep.

I had to smile today when a specialist came to see me and said “ Are you the lady that went to A&E with stomach troubles then found out that you had an atrial Myxoma?” Yes that’s me I replied,  “ And it’s on the right hand side he continued which makes it even more rare you are so lucky that it has been found.”

From now on when I have a shower and wash my hair I have to use a product called hiberscrub  to make sure that my skin is germ free, my hair feels different, I doubt it will shine. I also have to rub a gel into my nostrils to prevent mrsa .

It’s so lovely being next to a massive window and I still have my dyson donut fan. Just one more day to go now, I can’t wait for it to be over. 😇



Hospital room with a view!


Had my first official pity party last night, why? Because I have nobody in the same room needing help to take my mind off things.

It probably did me good, I probably needed a good cry, I get so tired of going over and over my medical history. I was taken down for a chest X-ray last night in a wheelchair obviously 🙄 which I do not like! I was there ages waiting for a porter to take me back to the ward, I was cold and fed up lol. The porter told me I looked far too well to be in hospital 😏 

This is the 6th bed in the last 9 nights. It was very quiet in the night….. would you believe too quiet lol. I had to ask for some pain relief about 4am and then managed a few hours sleep before being woken up to take my BP and other bits.

It’s just a matter of getting used to a new hospital, new staff and keeping my anxiety levels in control. I downloaded a Louise Hay audio book in the early hours , I usually listen to her on you tube but the hospital Wi-Fi doesn’t allow you tube.

I’m very lucky to have a free TV with sky movies, not that I’m a film lover but it will pass time on. This was donated by a charity to the hospital which I think was very kind.

I’ve got a large window in my room which looks out on to other buildings so I can see people in their beds 😳 not a great outlook, but I’m not complaining. The best feature in this room is a large donut type fan which is excellent for keeping the room cool 😎 

l have got the radio on this morning and I’m sat with my back to the window, I wonder what time they serve breakfast 😉

Have a great day whatever you’re doing.

Elaine x

New Hospital 😊

I’ve been transferred to the hospital where I will have my open heart surgery on Tuesday and guess what! IVE GOT A SINGLE ROOM 🤲🏻💃🏼🕺🏼💃🏼👍 with my own TV and a fan WOO HOO finally I might get some decent sleep.

My old roommates were nearly crying when I left them today 🙄 who else would entertain them and talk over their worries 🤓 seriously though they were lovely and I will miss them but I won’t miss the noise in the night!

New menu 🤭



My new room. 👍

I might even get chance to write some poetry now 😇


My work in this hospital is done.

After another restless night assisting the lady in the next bed, picking up her bedside buzzer which fell on the floor and woke the other three of us on the ward she started complaining she was cold but not tall enough to reach up to close the window,  so obviously 🙄 me being tall got up again to close it. She then shuffled off to the toilet saying it’s only 3 o’clock, I thought about telling her it was actually 12.15 but couldn’t be bothered. 🤭

This is a four bed ward and every hour one or other of us gets up to go to the loo. I’ve noticed that everybody pops their heads up like meerkats to see who is going. I was giggling to myself, I just couldn’t make this stuff up.

The specialist came with the surgeon to meet me this lunchtime, I had apologised to the specialist earlier regarding my outburst yesterday which made his entourage smile. Then I told the surgeon that the specialist had looked after me very well 🤭 and he said he was a good doctor , so I’ve redeemed myself 😇

The surgeon said it was amazing that this mass had even been spotted, he thought that I must have had it for years because it was beginning to spread into a second chamber and had to be removed ASAP.   He said I was unique and I told him that I had been told that before. 🙄

Both my daughters need to get checked out too because it can run in families.

I’m to be moved over to another hospital tomorrow and and I will be having the operation on Tuesday. I will be in a week then he said it would probably take another good month to recover. Most of these sort of masses are benign only very few are cancerous. I told him that I had looked up his success rate which made him laugh when I said I felt reassured. 😉

I’m ready for a rest now and Ive decided to try my best not to be offering counselling services at the next hospital 🤐 After all I’m very special and unique 😉

Hope your all well

Elaine x

Awake in the night and the day meltdown ! Day 7

I have to admit to having a moment this morning when a lady came to my hospital bed to take a ECG. When she had done it she stuck some other sticky things on me and said I was ready for a procedure that I had the other day 😳 I’ve had it I said, well your down for it again she replied then walked away.

I felt a rush of emotion which I knew would go two ways, either I would get angry or I would cry . My specialist was doing his rounds and came to see me and I’m afraid to say I gave him all guns blazing 🤭 Saying I was fed up of hearing one thing one day then another the day after.

He was so lovely, he said he was the boss, he had ordered no further tests and it was he who had spoken to the surgeon who was coming to see me tomorrow. He told me to rest and I was probably looking at going over to the other hospital Monday or Tuesday next week. He said that I had probably had this tumour in my heart for a long time so a few days more wouldn’t matter.

I thanked him and stood up saying I was going for a shower ripping the stickers off me as I went.

I can laugh now, my daughter thought it was hilarious and said she wished I was there. I will apologise to him tomorrow although I’m sure he understood, it’s not much fun when the wrong information is given.

I seem to be the ward councillor 😏 reassuring everyone that they will be okay, even the nurses are coming up to me and telling me their life stories and issues 🤓 I appear to have gone from an introvert to an extrovert in one week.

Sorry, I’ve got to go now, a new lady has just arrived onto the ward and is wanting to tell me her life story ……….. 😹🙄😩

Asleep in the day!

I am never having anymore antihistamine tablets again! I was given some because I kept itching and they do take away the itching ☺️ but they turn me into a zombie. I was dead to the world this afternoon when the nurse came to take my blood pressure, after trying to wake me calling my name he tapped me gently on the shoulder.

I kid you not I must have jumped three feet into the air, I frightened him. “It’s a good job I haven’t got a bad heart I said. Then smiled at the irony of the situation. I could hear my heart beating. He took my blood pressure and it was a perfect reading. I’m wondering if he actually jump started me, I need to ask somebody if they heard him say stand clear 🤔

Apparently I am not having the MRI scan tomorrow instead the surgeon who will be performing my operation is coming here to see me here on Friday !

How important am I 🙄

They are talking about getting me over to the next hospital by next Monday if there is an available bed or they may even transfer me to a private hospital 😳

👍❤️🥰 now that would be good. 😁

I have been showing a couple of ladies on the ward some of my digital paintings and they love my cat paintings , I haven’t done any painting in here yet because I’m too sleepy 🤤 hopefully not taking the antihistamines will sort that out.

Hope you are all well and happy, catch you later

Elaine x