What is love?

Sometimes when I read the posts of others I find it difficult to put into words how I personally feel, … More

Poem’s sent from John

I found these beautiful poems that John wrote for me when we first met, my heart melts reading them again … More

Moon pulling

  Moon shimmering mood bringing casting shadows Trees whispering wolves howling badgers hiding moon searching soul hiding magnet pulling spirit … More

Moon influence 🌕

Twisting, turning somersaulting emotions, soaring spinning, twirling backward rolling  elation, erupting flying, gliding Star gazing Searching, finding MOON ❤️ copyright … More

Life is for learning

  Slipping sliding  close to colliding skimming, skating ever balancing squirming, squashing always juggling sadness, sermons lessons, learning one day … More

Ever searching

Flames Twisting, turning ever searching looking finding never bothering wanting, believing flames igniting finding, comfort never learning trusting to the end. … More


Think of obstacles as blessings and then they will be think of delays as rest periods perhaps meant to be … More

I would not be beat! 🤓

Volunteer Victorious I feel writing this post Offering these simple words for my hosts Living to serve others is always … More

I’m not!

  I’m not old,  I’m not a relic I may be out of date But I’m not yet decrepit I’m … More


Waiting I sit and muse, waiting under my tree My head resting low upon my knee Have I said something … More

Promises, Promises

  Promises made, Promises broken Promises made just as a token Promises given, just to save face Promise broken, such a … More

Flatter me not!

Flattery Your fawning around me, how can that be Whats with the sweet talk, why aimed at me I don’t … More

I know it all!

Argument I’m big,  I’m tough That’s cos I know my stuff I’m right, never wrong That’s because I’m strong You … More

I value

  * I value family, I value friends Especially the ones who I can depend I value honesty, I value … More

Who are you?

  She was so beautiful, possessing so much pose  Giving off the illusion, that she was in control It was … More

Fight, Fight, Fight

  I am loud I am proud So lets unite Start the fight Against the greed That some people feed … More

We made our vow

  I love that twinkle that sits in your eye The smile on your face as you pass me by … More

The Future

When the realization hits you when you have nothing left It’s a horrible feeling which leaves you bereft A fear … More


Seth my grandson is 6 a whizz on the wii His goal in life is to always beat me! We … More