Do you?

    Do you look at the stars and think of me waiting here for you can you see me … More


    I sit and muse, waiting under my tree My head resting low upon my knee Have I said … More

Will you.🌹

  Will peace ever find you will your mind ever  rest will your memories fade with the time you invest … More

The graceful girl. 🌹

  John and I went to watch our granddaughter who is nine perform in the pantomime Aladdin,  she was one … More

Wise beyond words

Infinite   Infinite wisdom I do share Number of times I do declare Fathomless words that are very deep Immense … More

Endings. 🌹

  When I search your eyes its clear to see that you no longer feel any love for me when … More

You and I 💔

    You broke my heart you saw it bleed you sat and laughed you fed on my need I … More

Heartbreaker 💔

Crossing   💔 How could you break her heart that way Well, what have you got to say she did … More

Tell me.

  Tell me what your thinking tell me what to say tell me why you’re hurting tell me, now, today … More

My Grandma

We are looking after our Granddaughter and Grandson today while their mum is working. My granddaughter loves doing power point … More

Didn’t I do well!

    Ho ho ho and let’s be merry I’ll have champagne you can have sherry I’ve cooked the turkey … More

Living the dream!

    The turkeys to cook The sprouts are to peel I’m feeling light-headed It feels quite surreal Family are … More

Release the pain

  I wonder what it was that hurt you I wonder what cut you so deep Why do you hold so … More

Climbing up the ladder

    Climbing up the ladder Shed yourself of strife Step by step start climbing To find a better life … More


    I have a little secret which I’m going to share It’s something of a confession, I don’t know … More

Christmas blessings

Christmas is a time for sharing and giving Christmas is all about loving and living Christmas for me is a … More

Fairy wishes

  I found this in my file today that I wrote back in 2003 so here it is with a few … More

Don’t leave me.

❤️️ When I look into your eyes I feel your pain when I hold your hand I feel no love … More