It’s yours to keep.

I give you my heart

Please hold it gently

Please keep it safe

Because it’s yours to keep


I give you my heart

May it bring you happiness

May it bring you joy

Because it’s yours to keep


I give you my heart

It’s been damaged in the past

It’s had it’s share of sadness

But in your hands it will be safe

Because it’s yours to keep


Do you?



Do you look at the stars

and think of me

waiting here for you

can you see me

from where you are

are your days

never ending

do you dream about me?

are your nights agony

like they are for me

do you call out my name

in your sleep

I know I call out for you

then I  wake up

with tears

In my eyes.




I sit and muse, waiting under my tree

My head resting low upon my knee

Have I said something wrong to you?

Have I somehow made you blue?

The leaves do fall, yet still I’m here

Waiting for you to appear

My head still resting on my knee

Come on my love, come back to me

The snow falls now, yet I’m still here

Filled with dread, filled with fear

You cannot love me anymore

Now I know you’ve closed the door

Weary now I climb to my feet

My head hung low in defeat

Oh to see you again, if only I could

But now I know your gone for good.


The Frosty winter poem by my granddaughter. 🌹


My granddaughter came to see us today along with her mum, dad and little brother holding a piece of folded paper saying “Grandma I’ve written another poem” She then stood in the middle of the room to read it to us:


The Frosty Winter.

Cold winds burns your little face

Blustery breezes sway back and forth

A Robbin with a burning breast

Fields as white as a snow leopard

Snowy air as cold as an ice cube

But a blood red orange sun sparkles in my eye.

By Ruby aged 9


I thought it was very descriptive, with a good choice of words. She wanted me to put it on my site to see if she gets any likes 😉

Calling out your name.🌹



Do you hear me calling you

do you even care

knowing that you’re not around

is proving hard to bear

my tears fall so freely

calling out your name

but you’re not listening

to you it’s just a game

I opened up my heart to you

I gave my heart and soul

I vowed my everlasting love

but I doubt you even heard.


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Will you.🌹


Will peace ever find you

will your mind ever  rest

will your memories fade

with the time you invest

will your heart stop racing

will your eyes shine again

will you ever start smiling

With the confidence you gain

Will your soul start rejoicing

will your spirit fly free

will contentment ever find you

when you are set free.

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The graceful girl. 🌹


John and I went to watch our granddaughter who is nine perform in the pantomime Aladdin,  she was one of the dancers and we could not believe how good she was.

She is a tall girl for her age, her mum is 5ft 10 and she is obviously going to take after her mum. Yet her movements were so measured and graceful, she glided around the stage. We could see such a difference from last year when she danced in the Robin Hood pantomime.

She had the biggest beam on her face, we could see it from the balcony up above. Her face radiated happiness and confidence it was a pleasure to see I remember this poem that I wrote previously when she was 4 years old.


We all went to watch you dance

But sadly did not get the chance

Because you did not want to perform

You just sat and cried all forlorn

baby Ballet was not your thing

many talents you do bring

But today was not meant to be

as we all could plainly see

you had practiced for many a week

But stage and stardom you did not seek

Instead you sat all forlorn

Because you did not want to perform.


Well Ruby your now a star ⭐️ From a duckling to a swan. We are so proud.


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When ✨✨🌟✨💫



When the day is over and the night draws in

My spirit and soul begin to sing

Then the moon comes out to say goodnight

I close my eyes and then sleep tight


When the stars shine brightly in the midnight sky

My spirit and soul begin to fly

My body accepts a welcomed rest

Knowing that it’s done its best


When the dawn breaks and the sun appears

My spirit and soul then reappears

Rejoining my body in its unique way

Ready to face a brand-new day


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Endings. 🌹


When I search your eyes

its clear to see

that you no longer feel

any love for me

when I listen to you speak

its plain to hear

you don’t really want

to have me near

when I feel your touch

it doesn’t feel right

it doesn’t feel gentle

it doesn’t feel light

when you kiss my lips

which is very rare

my heart feel lost

my soul feels bare.


Copyright©2017 Elaine’s Bloggers Paradise, all rights reserved

You and I 💔



You broke my heart

you saw it bleed

you sat and laughed

you fed on my need

I needed love

I sought your care

I trusted what you told me

I lay my soul bare

you played the game

I was tempted to join in

you played with my head

I could never win


Copyright©2017 Elaine’s Bloggers Paradise, all rights reserved..

Heartbreaker 💔




How could you break her heart that way

Well, what have you got to say

she did not deserve that pain

Her love for you was not a game

you really are a horrible man

I think you know I’m not a fan

Karma is a bitch so they say

mark my words one day you’ll pay

be careful when you’re crossing the street

for you never know who you will meet.


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Tell me.



Tell me what your thinking

tell me what to say

tell me why you’re hurting

tell me, now, today

tell me of your hopes and dreams

tell me of your fears

tell me why you been so silent

tell me, why the tears

tell me now your opening

tell me, I can see

tell me, then I can help you

tell me, please, tell me.


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My Grandma

We are looking after our Granddaughter and Grandson today while their mum is working. My granddaughter loves doing power point presentations (she is only 9) and she wrote the following poem and personally I think it is very good. I’ve put it on my site so she can see it online and I have it forever ……


My Grandma

My Grandma is very creative she is kind and loving too

but my favourite thing about her

is that she rhymes her words too

so let’s go on a great adventure

to poem land we fly

and read some poems

until we reach the sky.


Living the dream!



The turkeys to cook

The sprouts are to peel

I’m feeling light-headed

It feels quite surreal

Family are coming shortly

And nothing is cooking

Pass me that wine

Is it too late

To make a dinner booking

The children are screaming

And fighting each other

What happened to goodwill

And loving each other

My head is now aching

Maybe too much wine

Why did I suggest cooking?

Felt a good idea at the time

Now the ovens not working

Can this get any worse?

My panic is rising

And so is my voice

Screaming at my husband

Cancel the dinner

Just ring up your mother

then tell your brother

Your mother will gloat

She’ll be the winner

Not only the best cook

She is also far thinner

I jump up to start running

Then, I begin praying

My husband starts shouting

Then I start crying

I can’t cook the bloody dinner

I yell at the top of my voice

Wake up you’re dreaming

Was his reply


It’s all been a dream

I haven’t spoilt the dinner

My mother-in laws coming

And she’s not thinner

Oh, the relief that I feel

You would not believe

Thank you, dear God,

For giving me my reprieve.

I suddenly feel festive

And all serene

I haven’t spoilt Christmas dinner

It was just a bad dream

Feeling quite calm I snuggle down in my bed

Then niggling thoughts start in my head


(now what time should I put the turkey in, hope the oven does work, perhaps I should just go and check)


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Release the pain


I wonder what it was that hurt you

I wonder what cut you so deep

Why do you hold so much resentment

Your anger makes me want to weep


I understand that you’re hurting

That you’re still holding on to pain

But I am hoping that you will realise

To hold on will drive you insane


Believe me I am not judging,

I’m trying to help you, just being me

It hurts to see the pain in your writing

Realise that hurt inside you, set your spirit free.


Copyright©2016 Elaine’s Bloggers Paradise, all rights reserved.

Climbing up the ladder



Climbing up the ladder

Shed yourself of strife

Step by step start climbing

To find a better life


Success for you is waiting

Just put your trust in me

Stop your procrastinating

Lets see what you can be


Look up towards your future

leave this maddening crowd

No longer will you feel defeated

Lift up your head, be proud.


Copyright©2016 Elaine’s Bloggers Paradise, all rights reserved.




I have a little secret which I’m going to share

It’s something of a confession, I don’t know if I dare

It’s not something that I’m proud off, I hang my head in shame

I don’t think that this is funny, to me it’s not a game

It’s a longing for some liquorice or a marshmallow treat

For me it is an addiction, stopping now would be a feat

Before I type in a single word the craving takes a hold

Then I see myself trotting to the cupboard, I really am quite bold

I can’t abide gluttony to me it is such a sin

Something I need to work on, but I doubt I’ll ever win


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Christmas blessings

Christmas is a time for sharing and giving

Christmas is all about loving and living

Christmas for me is a spiritual time

Christmas is not just about food and good wine


Christmas is a celebration of the birth

Christmas is the time for happiness and mirth

Christmas is a time to remember the needy

Christmas is not an excuse to be greedy


Christmas is not the time to protest at our lot

Christmas is when we should give thanks for what we’ve got

Christmas is a time for remembering the homeless too

Christmas blessings to them and also to you too


Christmas should be a lovely time of the year

Christmas is when our loved ones draw near

Christmas is a time for us to kneel and say

Thanks for our blessings in our own special way


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Fairy wishes

  I found this in my file today that I wrote back in 2003 so here it is with a few tweaks

Fairy on the Christmas tree please grant a special wish for me

May I have a drum, a red car and a big lolly pop tree

I have been good this year doing lots of reading and writing

I’ve been a martyr at school, hardly done any fighting 

My sister is easy she wants a pram and a dolly that cries

She deserves it, she’s been so good, not telling many lies

My mummy would like a maid to wash up after dinner

Or perhaps a special mirror that makes her look thinner

My daddy would like a calendar of Holly Valance

Because when she’s on telly he goes in to a trance

My grandma would love a nice potted plant for her coffee table

Granddad is easy he likes jumpers that have designer labels

Fairy on the Christmas tree please grant my wishes for me

If you do then a good boy next year, I promise I’ll be.

Yours truly

Jonny aged 6 x


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