Butterfly visit.

I was sat talking to my husband John who is researching our family tree just how happy it would have made my mum to see a photograph of her grandmother . I have mum’s photograph in the lounge and often talk to her. I said “ you would have loved to see what John is bringing up in our family tree Mum” when a butterfly flew on to our patio door.

It sat there for ages even when I walked up close to take a photograph.❤️

This is the photograph of my great grandmother ❤️

I’ve been for a walk!

After getting up this morning I decided enough was enough. It’s four and a half months ago tomorrow since I had my surgery and I’ve never felt better, the only problem is I now enjoy eating again and I’ve piled on sixteen pounds 😬

So after a hearty breakfast 🙄 ( I have to eat ) I set off to do a walk . We are very lucky where we live because nearby we have a river, a canal, a train station, the countryside and a small town with a large new Lidl supermarket. So basically we have everything on our doorstep.

I took some photographs with my phone to show you what is nearby.

Notice the stone walls Yorkshire is famous for its stone walls.

The allotments, we live in the apartment block shown at the top right hand corner, I usually take my photographs from there!

Loving the sunflowers 🌻

Then I came to the river which runs behind our apartment block.
It was a bit breezy here! 🙄
I walked along the back street following the river.
Heading towards the bridge.
Across from one bridge to another
To yet another bridge with a weir, now you can see why we sometimes have floods, lots of water around.

Once home I took a photograph from my window. Tomorrow weather permitting, or should that be body permitting I will take a walk up to the canal and take some more photographs from there. 😉

Now I’m ready for a nice cup of tea , 🤔 I wonder if there’s any cake left 🌝

Chicken games!

The day started off quietly

Let’s the fun begin!
The chickens decided to have a game of football, this chicken was goalie

When they got bored with football they went for a swing

This one wanted to bounce!

Whilst this one wanted to be king of the castle 🙄
They decided on yet another game

Was one left out 😳
No they were playing hide and seek!

Hopefully one won’t get squashed by a car up the street 😬 rest assured I won’t take a photograph of that. 😉

The perfect vista.

it’s looking very green outside the apartment with all the recent rain

The chickens appear to be growing bigger by the day!

They are getting very adventurous, they like to squeeze through the railings. I went to our car the other day they surrounded the car 🚗

I thought they were going to climb in the car at one point. 😳

Trampolining chicken 😳

I had to smile when I looked out of the window this morning when I saw one of the free range hens had somehow got into the children’s trampoline!

When it had finished bouncing all the chickens decided to walk towards the fence where the cat was sat watching! there was no casualties because the cat just likes to observe 🤭

It’s been raining most of the day today ☔️☔️ which has cooled the apartment down a little thank goodness. Hopefully I will get a good nights sleep 😴

The grandchildren have broken up from school.

My grandson was soon on my iPad painting 😇

A chip off the old block for flower paintings 😊

My granddaughter was busy writing lists in preparation for going on holiday.

and then …………..

Wait for it …………………..

she then decided to do a bit of photography.

Here is a beautiful photograph of me and her brother!!!

we look so alike 😉

Only six weeks left to go!

Flood update

By 12.30 am the car park had dried up due to the strong winds. This morning the view out of my window looks almost back to normal

Unfortunately the allotments/ market gardens which are just to the side of our building took a hit with the overflow. I feel so sorry for the individuals who tend their small holdings.