Flood update

By 12.30 am the car park had dried up due to the strong winds. This morning the view out of … More

It’s raining again

Isn’t that a song? It’s raining ☔️ again! Well it flood alert time yet again here. Will we have to … More

Framed and ready to go!

After my granddaughter expressed her love for my recent angel painting I purchased a little silver coloured A5 frame. She … More

Flood alert 😱

We were woken up this morning with a phone call alerting us of a flood warning. That’s the only downside … More

The view from my window

It’s been pouring with rain in England today then came a perfect blue sky with fluffy clouds ⛅️

This is Dolly

Latest family member, no not mine she belongs to my nephew and family. So cute!

Drab views today.

Usually I can see beauty in all seasons but I’m struggling today. The only thing I can appreciate is that … More