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Category: My mother

Awake in the night.

    Yes it’s me again awake in the night,  but guess what? I am feeling better, the sadness the panic of mums recent diagnosis is not overwhelming me anymore. I can cope 😇 I want to say thank you to everyone who has sent me healing and good thoughts, it really has worked. My good friend Cheryl, My spiritual friends Raili who lives in Australia so is usually around when I am awake in the night and Sue who lives in England have helped me so much. I’ve rearranged… Read more Awake in the night.

Mum’s cul-de-sac

  I think I have told you before that mum lives in a little bungalow in a neat little cul-de-sac. She moved there about 14 years ago with my Dad who has now passed. It’s a local authority bungalow and the cul-de-sac has always been a very desirable spot. Gradually over the years the older people have passed and the local council have let what my mother calls the riff raff in. The younger end that don’t bother with putting nice curtains at their windows or leave their gardens to… Read more Mum’s cul-de-sac

Phone call to Mum. 🌹

  I rang my mother this morning to check that she was still alive, she was and our conversation went like this.   Me:   Hello Mum are you ok today? Mum:   I was just about to have a nap Me:   Why, are you tired? Mum:   Yes, I’m 86 on Friday Me:    Oh, are you playing that card now, you’re 86 next Mum:   laughing, yes, I am Me:  You should be sitting in the garden in the sunshine getting a dose of vitamin D Mum:… Read more Phone call to Mum. 🌹

Mum can still see 🌹

I rang my mum this morning and our conversation went like this. Me: Hello mum, how’s your eye today? Mum:  It’s alright, I can still see 👽 Me: You should be able to see, you’ve just had it done. Mum:   It’s a right performance now on a morning I don’t know what to do first Me: why, what do you mean? 😒 Mum: Well they gave some eye drops yesterday to take four times a day.  I have my drops for dry eyes, then I have a tablet to take… Read more Mum can still see 🌹

It’s a miracle mum can see again

I took my mum to a laser eye specialist today, she had previously had two cataracts removed last year but one eye had grown a skin across which I am told is quite common and after a trip to the opticians she was referred to her doctor who then sent her privately to a clinic. I feel for my mum at times, she is 86 this month and she refuses to be thought of as old. When we got to the clinic, we were led in to a room so… Read more It’s a miracle mum can see again

Mother knows best. It’s the principle 🌹

    Todays telephone conversation with my mother. You know I ordered that wire scoop thing, for scooping things out of pans Me:  Yes, from Amazon Mum:  Yes, I ordered it on the 28 February, it still hasn’t come so I looked online and it says it’s out of stock. Due to be delivered next week. Me:  That’s strange they usually tell you when you order if it’s in stock or not Mum:  Hmm well I sent them an email telling them not to bother sending it and do you… Read more Mother knows best. It’s the principle 🌹

Happy Birthday Dad. 10th March. 🌹

    🌹 It’s your birthday today dad but I promise I won’t be sad remembering all the good times and the laughs that we had Mum is keeping going, dad but she’s ready to be with you I do what I can for her dad although at times she’s blue we always talk about you remembering our special times you will never be forgotten dad Immortalised in my rhymes. 🌹 Copyright©2017 Elaine’s Bloggers Paradise, all rights reserved.

OMG I’m turning into my mother

    It has been a sad couple of weeks on my mum’s cul de sac. One lovely lady, who went into care over Christmas, has decided she would prefer to stay in the home with 24 hour care rather than stay at home alone; which I can understand but to see the house clearance van arrive to clear her home really upset me. Then my most favourite lady across from Mum’s house died on Saturday after a short illness. She was such a lovely lady who refused to gossip and… Read more OMG I’m turning into my mother

Mother’s never lie, do they? 🌹

Mum just rang me and this was our conversation. Mum: I’ve got that email of the photo of that fish you painted Me: Oh yes, what did you think? Mum: I think it’s bloody rubbish Me: It’s on my blog now and some people actually like it. Mum: I would not have shown myself up putting that online Me: Laughing, I only put it online because another young blogger and I said we would both do one. Mum: It’s just a big round ball Me: That because I had painted… Read more Mother’s never lie, do they? 🌹

Mother is so smooth, or maybe not.🌹

  Here I was enjoying a day alone after John decided to have a day out to Liverpool on the trains so he can take some photos of the stations. I was unpacking a box from the other house  that I had not yet unpacked when I decided to ring my mother to ask if she was alright. She has been having a few aches and pains over the last few days. After consulting the internet she decided that she needed to have more fruit in her diet. I noticed… Read more Mother is so smooth, or maybe not.🌹

Mothers had an email.🌹

    I rang my mum last night and we had the following conversation which I thought I would share with you : Me:…..Hi Mum, how are you today Mum:  ….. I got an email and I’m not happy Me:….. looking at the clock thinking this could be a long conversation. Mum:….. I could not believe it when I got this email Me: ….. yes and what did it say? Mum:  it said, Hello, I bet you are wondering how I got your email address. Me:….. ok and….. Mum: give… Read more Mothers had an email.🌹

Mother and the mystery of online shopping. 🌹

My mother can’t understand why she is never successful with online clothes shopping this was our conversation. Me: Hello Mum, how are you today. Mum: I have just been emailing a company to tell them that the clothes that they sell are rubbish.. I don’t know what has happened to clothes, they are never big enough now. Me:  You don’t think you need to order a bigger size then? Mum: WHAT in the body? I am not suddenly longer waisted Me: No but surely if you order a larger size,… Read more Mother and the mystery of online shopping. 🌹

Mother knows best always!🌹

I’ve just spoken to my mother on the telephone and she was in a fighting mood our conversation went like this: Me:   Hi Mum, how are you today? Is your back feeling better? Mum:   No the pain has moved to the other side now, I blame that chair that you made me sit in on Sunday when we had your birthday dinner at Louise’s house Me:   Well it was either that or you would have had to sit on her low settee and we would have needed… Read more Mother knows best always!🌹

My mother

  John and I took the old girl to get her trotters sorted out this morning…… okay in English. John and I took my dear mother to the podiatrist for her delicate little feet looking at this morning, she goes every seven weeks and I usually take her, I’m such a good daughter! I talked John in to coming along so that we could go down to the big supermarket because apparently every year in the apartments they have a Christmas  get together and after looking at the list in… Read more My mother

Countdown to Christmas 1

    We had a visit from the three wise men yesterday, well not actually wise men but my youngest daughter and her husband called to see the finished result of the apartment. I was cooking Sunday lunch for the third wise man (aka) my mother and all was under control the Yorkshire puddings were rising up nicely the roast potatoes where crispy the veg prepared, then I suddenly remembered the joint of silverside had not gone in the oven Panic followed as I quickly jammed it in the oven thinking… Read more Countdown to Christmas 1

Mother knows best and the Christmas spirit

( I found this on my laptop from a couple of years ago so I thought I would share some Christmas joy, Mum style).   I have just been having a conversation with Ebeneezer sorry that should be my mother who is complaining bitterly that she has too many Christmas presents to wrap and she is never buying rolls of wrapping paper again because it’s a bloody nuisance cutting it up. She then went on to say if she is still alive next year they are all getting money. “This… Read more Mother knows best and the Christmas spirit

Mother needs her sleep!

Mum has had a few neighbours next door in the many years that she has lived in her little bungalow. One was a lovely couple, they were very friendly, they liked their weekends away, unfortunately when they went away one weekend their granddaughter came to stay over with her boyfriend the following day this was a phone conversation that I had with my mum   Me: Good morning mum, did you sleep well Mum: Sleep well you must be joking, I have been awake nearly all night. They are away… Read more Mother needs her sleep!