I’ve been thinking!

I’ve been thinking, dangerous I know! Anyone who knows me well knows that it’s a year ago on Christmas Eve that my mum passed away in a local hospice. I will be forever grateful to the loving care they gave to my mum, nothing was too much trouble for them and my mum passed away peacefully and pain free.

This was the view from her window
They had fairy lights in the trees which looked beautiful in the night.

I vowed that I would give something back to the hospice to help them raise money and I thought I would take some of my art prints and a range of cards.

My sister and I would go into the little shop in the hospice reception. and buy things almost every day and it was a great way to raise money for them.

When I was creating some cards today I remembered how I was feeling at that time, trying to keep going and trying not to let the grief overcome me. It suddenly came to me, perhaps motivational cards would be nice. They could be on sale all year round.🙂 Below are a few that I did this afternoon. Any motivational quotes you care to share with me would be appreciated.

My favourite!

My husband has just reminded me that not everyone likes cats 🙀 so tomorrow I will try my hardest not to include cats 😉

Elaine ❤️😇🌹

Angel card idea

I think a selection of angel cards may go down well in the local hospice, I appreciate that not everyone who visits the gift shop will be a believer in angels but I’m working on the fact that it may bring someone some comfort.

I’ve converted my original angel painting into a size which should sit on a card nicely, I had to do some resizing to make it look okay.

This is the sort of thing I would have bought when I was visiting my mum in the hospice before Christmas. I’ve just purchased a printer which will be ideal for cards and the ink bottles lasts approximately two years! Happy days.

Hopefully a selection of my cards may raise some money for the hospice, if they do I will continue to print and create more for them 😇

It’s good to touch someone 😇

I rang the McMillan nurse yesterday who used to come out to visit mum before she found her a place in the hospice. I wanted to thank her for all what she had done for my mum and for my sister and I.

I thought it was Monday morning and she was probably starting another tough week and I wanted her to know just how much she is appreciated. She was touched by my call and said it was very rare that she heard from the relatives after the patient had passed.  Hopefully it gave her a good start to the  week. 😇

Another angel for my book 😉

Goodbye to 2018 🌹

We never know what a new year will bring for us, nor do we realise just what strength we as humans have. I’ve learnt a lot about myself this year and I’ve grown as a person. I’ve experienced more pain than I thought I could handle, I’ve laughed, I’ve cried and at times I’ve almost been on my knees then something good would happen because I never stopped believing in a higher force.

I’ve learnt that I am more spiritual than religious, believing that there is more love following a spiritual path.  In my mind it’s simple, we need to show more human kindness and not only think about ourselves.

What is happening to our world, we all as individuals play a part, it’s easy to say that we can’t make a difference but we can. Show compassion to others, give a little bit of something to charities/ the homeless/ our own families! Trust in the law of average that the more we give out the more we get back.

After seeing how the hospice works during the last week of mum’s life I was totally blown away by the love and compassion shown to her and us as a family and I will forever be grateful to them and the people who work tirelessly to raise money for organisations such as these.

I am fortunate to have been given the ability to write poetry and create paintings some of which I am going to donate to the hospice where mum passed away for them to sell in their shop. I’m also in 2019 going to attempt to get my five little angel poetry published. I’m not sure how to do it but I’m sure a way will make itself known, then all profits will be shared amongst various charities.

Finally, I will leave you with a photo of my mum who has played such a massive part in my life. We may not have always seen eye to eye but came to understand and appreciate each other eventually. Her funeral will be held on the 14 January and a Salvation Army officer will be taking the service. Mum chose her own music and has chosen her final piece to be “Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye “ by Vera Lynn which was so typical of her humour.

So here is a photograph taken a few years ago of my mum.

Betty Rose

28.04.1931 to 24.12.2018

Angels do exist.

Angels are all around us we only have to look for them.

My mum passed away last night peacefully 24/12/2018 in a local hospice with both my sister and I by her side. A male voice choir had been singing only minutes before she passed, It was all very emotional and yet a perfect exit for a very special lady.

We were blessed to have her and I take comfort in the fact that she will always be around and we will meet again one day.

Elaine x

I’ve had the day from hell!

I never thought that I would say that I can understand how the scream 😱 painting came about but now I can.

I swear I had so much anger in me that when I went to pick up a pressure seat cushion for my mum chair, if it had not been there I might have had the mother of all paddies! and started throwing tables around.

After sitting by and listening to a palliative nurse who did not even take the time to get my mothers personality before coming out with the garbage that she was coming out with…

what colour plate do you eat from  🤷🏼‍♀️

You can have some spiritual therapy (which my mum thinks it’s all rubbish anyway!)

Would you like counselling?

You can swear if you feel like it she said!

Honestly I was that near to saying F***  right **f myself,  which trust me is not something I ever do.

I was so sad and angry inside that I  decided to try to paint It out and what did I paint!

This, I can’t even angry paint 😤 I’ve just put myself in a bubble! 😩🥺 God give me strength because I know this is only the beginning.

Awake in the night.



Yes it’s me again awake in the night,  but guess what? I am feeling better, the sadness the panic of mums recent diagnosis is not overwhelming me anymore. I can cope 😇

I want to say thank you to everyone who has sent me healing and good thoughts, it really has worked. My good friend Cheryl, My spiritual friends Raili who lives in Australia so is usually around when I am awake in the night and Sue who lives in England have helped me so much.

I’ve rearranged my site around and brought out my stories about my mum which clearly explains her character 😬 She was talking to my sister yesterday, telling her where she wanted her funeral tea to be held. I know her five grandchildren will really feel her passing and I’ve decided that I am going to make each of them a little book with my mother stories. That will make them smile again .

Now after this update I am going back to bed, to sleep hopefully.

Wishing you peace in your life

Elaine x


It’s nine years today Dad


It’s nine years today Dad since you passed away

I remember that day Dad, like it was yesterday

I prayed for you to go Dad, even though I loved you so

You hung on to life Dad, but it was your time to go.

You took your final breath Dad with your family by your side

And sadness overtook us,  our feelings we did not hide

We all come and go Dad, that is how it goes

But one thing that I’m certain of Dad

We will meet again, I KNOW.

Elaine 🌹

Mum’s cul-de-sac


I think I have told you before that mum lives in a little bungalow in a neat little cul-de-sac. She moved there about 14 years ago with my Dad who has now passed. It’s a local authority bungalow and the cul-de-sac has always been a very desirable spot.

Gradually over the years the older people have passed and the local council have let what my mother calls the riff raff in. The younger end that don’t bother with putting nice curtains at their windows or leave their gardens to go out of control. They usually have a dog or two that barks late at night and all in all they have made the once beautiful cul-de-sac look worse than it used to.

Mum’s next door neighbour is a gay man of around 70, they get on like a house on fire, she likes his boyfriend who comes to stay occasionally too. Mum tells me that gay men like her. She has had a gay hairdresser too.

One lovely old lady across from mum passed away a month ago and a new man has moved in. Mum says he seems like a decent chap and gets on well with her gay next door neighbour. “Perhaps he is gay” I said. “Don’t be stupid” she replied, “the man has just had a heart attack”. “Does that mean he isn’t gay anymore” I said.  “No,” she said, “are you a bit thick! If he has just had a heart attack he won’t be …. You know!”  I could have played thick but I did not press her for an explanation.

She keeps telling me that the new man is very smart and that he must have some money because he has had some vertical blinds put up at his windows like hers. I asked her if she thought he was going to be my new dad. She was horrified, I knew she would be, there was only ever one man for my mother.

I think she thinks she is now the warden of the cul-de-sac, because the eldest living there is 95 and in mum’s opinion is away with the fairies. She tried visiting mum a few times but my mum sent her packing. I am so glad I was not there to witness that, mum does not do tactful.

More tomorrow……..

Phone call to Mum. 🌹


I rang my mother this morning to check that she was still alive, she was and our conversation went like this.


Me:   Hello Mum are you ok today?

Mum:   I was just about to have a nap

Me:   Why, are you tired?

Mum:   Yes, I’m 86 on Friday

Me:    Oh, are you playing that card now, you’re 86 next

Mum:   laughing, yes, I am

Me:  You should be sitting in the garden in the sunshine getting a dose of vitamin D

Mum: I need a nap, not vitamin D

Me: okay

Mum:   Hmm, I rang your uncle last night he was 89 the other day

Me:   Now that is old

Mum:   Yes and the poor beggar is still waiting on his wife hand and foot, she had a word with me too

Me:   What did she have to say

Mum:   She told me she can’t stop weeing

Me:   What!

Mum:   I told her she was lucky I have to take water pills to make me wee,

Me:   Too much information mother

Mum:   She said she has a hospital appointment this week

Me:   Oh dear

Mum:   She says she is going to have bottocks

Me:   What’s bottocks?

Mum:  I don’t really know, but its supposed to stop her weeing all the time

Me: (the penny dropping) Do you mean Botox?

Mum: Yes, that’s what I said, they are going to inject it into her bladder

Me: I’m needing to go to the loo myself because I was laughing that much.

Mum: What are you laughing at?

Me: You don’t know how funny you are, I feel this could be a post for the website.

Mum:  NO, don’t put this on your site she may read it

Me: What!

Mum: No, it should be alright, they won’t even pay for Sky TV so I doubt they have the internet. You can put it on, now I’m going for my afternoon nap.  Bye.


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Mum can still see 🌹

I rang my mum this morning and our conversation went like this.

Me: Hello mum, how’s your eye today?

Mum:  It’s alright, I can still see 👽

Me: You should be able to see, you’ve just had it done.

Mum:   It’s a right performance now on a morning I don’t know what to do first

Me: why, what do you mean? 😒

Mum: Well they gave some eye drops yesterday to take four times a day.  I have my drops for dry eyes, then I have a tablet to take half an hour before food.  I also have four other tablets to take and then that sniffer thing for breathing and my latest sniffer thing for rinotitus

Me: rinotitus do you mean rhinitis

Mum: I don’t know, it stops my nose from running. I thought it was rubbish at first but the doctor said it will take a week or so to start working

Me: I like Dr Smith he is a nice young doctor

Mum:   I think he likes me to go and see him. I think I make his job easier because I always look online before I go to see him, then I can tell him what’s wrong with me,  he always smiles.

Me: I bet he does. 😏

Mum:   I think I cheer him up when I see him, we usually have a laugh.

Me: I bet you do

Mum: well I better get off and make some breakfast although with all the tablets and sniffer things I’ve taken I’m not that hungry. Goodbye 😊


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It’s a miracle mum can see again

I took my mum to a laser eye specialist today, she had previously had two cataracts removed last year but one eye had grown a skin across which I am told is quite common and after a trip to the opticians she was referred to her doctor who then sent her privately to a clinic.

I feel for my mum at times, she is 86 this month and she refuses to be thought of as old. When we got to the clinic, we were led in to a room so she could have an eye test and I sat and watched.

I could not believe how little my mum could see out of one of her eyes, I even told the optician that I thought she needed a white stick, much to my mother’s disgust. (I was only joking)  Then they applied eye drop after eye drop until her pupils were like big black circles, very alien looking, mum told me to stop staring at her but I was mesmerised! My mother the alien 👽

After the test, we went into another room until it was her turn to go in the for the treatment. When she was called in to the room It took about 10 minutes for them to laser her eye and she was ready to go.

When we left the clinic, I suggested that she put her sunglasses on and she agreed that she would,  but they were coming off before she got home. No way was any neighbours going to see my mum in sun glasses! I did not mention she would frighten them if they saw her 👽

When we arrived back at her house I decided to stay and have some lunch with her, then she told me that she had a few jobs for me. The new net curtain I had put up for her a couple of weeks ago in the lounge she wanted moving in to the bedroom and the blinds in the bedroom putting in the lounge.

I had to smile, I am so much like my mother it scares me. She said it was a miracle that she could see now and that she would be able to start reading again at bedtime.

I’ve told her that I am going to take my large box of my paintings to show her because now she can see them properly she should be able to appreciate them. She raised her eyes, I’m not holding my breath! 👽🙊

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Mother knows best. It’s the principle 🌹



Todays telephone conversation with my mother.

You know I ordered that wire scoop thing, for scooping things out of pans

Me:  Yes, from Amazon

Mum:  Yes, I ordered it on the 28 February, it still hasn’t come so I looked online and it says it’s out of stock. Due to be delivered next week.

Me:  That’s strange they usually tell you when you order if it’s in stock or not

Mum:  Hmm well I sent them an email telling them not to bother sending it and do you know what the cheeky beggar replied

Me:   You’re too late to cancel you order!

Mum:   Yes, how do you know that?

Me:   Once it’s gone through the process you can’t cancel it, but you can refuse delivery.

Mum:   That’s what they said and that is what I am going to do.

Me:   How much was it?

Mum:  £1.81

Me:  You’re having a laugh, £1.81

Mum: Yes, and the email said, can’t I give it to someone else as a present !

Me:    Mother for £1.81 you can give it to me

Mum:   I will not it is the principle

ME:   So, you’re going to refuse it and then wait for your £1.81 to show back in your bank account.

Mum:   I am, and the Amazon delivery man tends to put any parcels inside my porch window, so I have shut it. So he will get a shock.

Me: What!

Mum: I have shut the window so he can’t push it through. He shouldn’t do that anyway, last time he damaged some carnations I had in pots.

Me:    Mum, just keep it I will buy it off you.

Mum:  No, It’s the principle

Me: So you’re causing all this controversy over an item costing £1.81

Mum:  It’s the principle. Anyway, I will get off the rugby has started again, I was only passing time ringing you at half time.  Goodbye.


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Happy Birthday Dad. 10th March. 🌹




It’s your birthday today dad

but I promise I won’t be sad

remembering all the good times

and the laughs that we had

Mum is keeping going, dad

but she’s ready to be with you

I do what I can for her dad

although at times she’s blue

we always talk about you

remembering our special times

you will never be forgotten dad

Immortalised in my rhymes.


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OMG I’m turning into my mother



It has been a sad couple of weeks on my mum’s cul de sac. One lovely lady, who went into care over Christmas, has decided she would prefer to stay in the home with 24 hour care rather than stay at home alone; which I can understand but to see the house clearance van arrive to clear her home really upset me.

Then my most favourite lady across from Mum’s house died on Saturday after a short illness. She was such a lovely lady who refused to gossip and always had a smile for me. She had been a widow for years and was 89. Her 90th birthday party had been arranged but obviously when she became ill it was cancelled.

My mum of course has been giving me a running commentary with the ladies daughter and their family in the process of emptying the house. This made me realise that my mum would not last for ever. Me, being me as a way of coping with that sad fact,  have to joke about it. This was my telephone conversation with my mum this morning:

Mum: “Hello”

Me: “Hello, it’s only me are you alright?”

Mum: “Not bad”

Me: “What does not bad mean, do you feel poorly?”

Mum: “No, I am just tidying my kitchen drawers out, they’re in a right mess.”

Me: “That’s a good idea, you’re not getting any younger and we don’t want a lot to do when you go to join my dad.”

Mum: “Oh, you think I am going then?”

Me: “I was thinking, surely when you get to your age you must wonder each day if it is going to be your last.”

Mum: Laughing, she has a good sense of humour, “Oh yes all the time” (being sarcastic).

Me: “I am coming tomorrow to put those new curtains you bought, I hope you’re still with us.”

Mum: “Well if I’m not you can have them.”

Me: “They would not fit my windows.”

Mum:  “Well you could cut them down to fit”.

She then went on to tell me that her next door neighbour, who she dislikes with a passion, had gone across road to see the ladies family who were clearing the house and he had come back with a bag full of stuff.

Mum: “I am telling you now I will turn in my grave if you let him have anything of mine.”

Me: “You would have a job, you are going to be cremated”.

Mum laughed at that comment.  “No I do not want him anywhere near, if he asks where I am tell him to mind his own business. He will be round like a swarm of locust taking plants out of my garden. Promise me you won’t let tell him anything”.

Me: “I would probably turn into you and fly at him telling him to bugger off and mind his own business”.

Mum: “Good”.

Me: “Okay then I will see you tomorrow”

Mum: “Okay”.

Me: “God willing”

Mum: “Will you shut up and beggar off”.

Me: Laughing , “Bye Mum”.


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Mother’s never lie, do they? 🌹

Mum just rang me and this was our conversation.

Mum: I’ve got that email of the photo of that fish you painted

Me: Oh yes, what did you think?

Mum: I think it’s bloody rubbish

Me: It’s on my blog now and some people actually like it.

Mum: I would not have shown myself up putting that online

Me: Laughing, I only put it online because another young blogger and I said we would both do one.

Mum: It’s just a big round ball

Me: That because I had painted other things underneath it and had to cover it up.

Mum: Well I would not have bothered. It’s not even got a mouth

Me: It has got a mouth, you’re not looking properly, look closer

Mum: I’ve drawn it closer up on the screen and there is no mouth on the fish

Me: I’d like to see you have a go at painting something

Mum:  I’ve better things to do with my time than paint a fish that look like a ball

Me: Changing the subject…. Anyway how are you feeling today (she has been having a lot of aches and pains)

Mum: I’m alright

Me: So your still aching then (she does not like to moan about her health)

Mum: There on their way out now

Me:  Oh a bit like you then 😉

Mum: who had to laugh…. Yes, now I’ve things to do! Goodbye.

I often wonder how I would have turned out if I had been encouraged and taught to believe in myself more when I was a child.   I would encourage anyone with young children around them to encourage and praise them in their own individual activities because self belief builds confidence which is very important in later life.


Nothing wrong with my fish and it has got a little smiley mouth !    ❤️

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Mother is so smooth, or maybe not.🌹


Here I was enjoying a day alone after John decided to have a day out to Liverpool on the trains so he can take some photos of the stations. I was unpacking a box from the other house  that I had not yet unpacked when I decided to ring my mother to ask if she was alright.

She has been having a few aches and pains over the last few days. After consulting the internet she decided that she needed to have more fruit in her diet. I noticed when I took her to the supermarket last Friday that she bought some blueberries and raspberries. This was my conversation with her today.

Me:  Hello Mum, how are you feeling today

Mum: I am feeling alright

Me: what no aches and pains today?

Mum: No, not bad at all today

Me: That’s good then.

Mum: I found that blender that I bought in the top of my wardrobe this morning, that one that you borrowed from me.

Me: Oh yeah, when I was going through my making butternut squash soup phase, then you decided you wanted it back and bought me a handheld cheap blender

Mum: Hmm, well I’ve never used it before and I thought this morning I would have a go with it.

Me: Good idea, you can make lovely soup with that blender

Mum: There are lots of pieces to it, different size jug things.

Me: yes they all click together then attach to the base

Mum: There were no instructions in the box I just looked at the pictures on the box.

Me: Oh yes

Mum: I fixed it together using just the little jug thing and put some water in the bottom

Me: thinking I know what’s coming next, I began to tremble with inner laughter

Mum:  Well I switched it on , water flew out all over the kitchen, it was even in the drawer where I keep my tablets, the boxes are all damp now. I even had to get the mop and bucket out, you have never seen such a  mess, I was wet through, my hair has gone frizzy and I had to change my blouse.

Me: openly  shaking with laughter now.

Mum:  There was no bottom in the jug the sharp things flew round and the water sprayed round the kitchen

Me:  They all click together and then attach to the base, lucky for you that you did not put any fruit in

Mum:    Silent for a moment then said,  I did, I put a handful of raspberries in the water, they flew out too. You have never seen such a mess in all your life. Raspberries are hard to wipe up when they are part crushed. I was trying to make one of those drink things.

Me: Laughing hysterically,  you mean a smoothy

Mum: it was not smooth at all.

Me: You can get recipes from the internet to make a smoothy, I don’t think it is just water and fruit though.

Mum: I am not making anything else with this thing, its absolute rubbish.

Me: Well if you want I will give you the hand blender it’s easier to use

Mum: Yes and you can have this thing back if you want it

Me: Yes please, that would be great

Mum: Anyway i need to get on now I’ve spotted a few raspberry bits on the wall that I need to get off before they dry anymore…….. Goodbye.


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Mothers had an email.🌹



I rang my mum last night and we had the following conversation which I thought I would share with you


Me:…..Hi Mum, how are you today

Mum:  ….. I got an email and I’m not happy

Me:….. looking at the clock thinking this could be a long conversation.

Mum:….. I could not believe it when I got this email

Me: ….. yes and what did it say?

Mum:  it said, Hello, I bet you are wondering how I got your email address.

Me:….. ok and…..

Mum: give me a minute I am telling you, you’re so impatient at times.

Me: switching the phone on to loud-speaker so John could hear.

Mum: Like I said before you interrupted me, I got this email

Me: making a gesture to John of winding up the clock.

Mum: are you listening

Me: yes and I’m losing the will to live here.

Mum: Hmm, the email said I bet you are wondering how I got your email , my name is Anne and I wondered if you are looking for a bit of fun

At this point John nearly spat out the tea he was drinking and I started to giggle.

Me: What ! she wondered if you wanted some fun?

Mum:…. yes, fun, she was obviously a lesbian and she wanted me to have fun with her

John had to go out of the room then I could see that he was going to laugh out loud

Me: where had that come from?

Mum: I am wondering if it is anything to do with those trousers I ordered online. Perhaps she works in the office.

Me: I could recognise the danger signals here!  No mother please tell me that you have not rung them.

Mum: well I was thinking about it and just asking if someone called Anne worked their.

Me: MOTHER NO !, it will just be a random email going round. Spam it.

Mum: I am thinking about packing this internet lark in, it was bad enough when I was on Facebook

Me: Oh yeah, when you joined so that you could see some photo’s of the grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Mum:  Yes, and what did I get then, a young man sending me messages saying he found me very attractive. He was thinking I had a bob or two (money in the bank)

Me: well you know what I think of Facebook, I won’t entertain it.

Mum: hmm well I have put the email in my spam box, I hope I don’t get anymore

Me:… You and me both. Promise me mother you won’t ring that catalogue place up and ask if someone called Anne works there.

Mum: I will do what I like, is that it? I have things to do today.

Goodbye and the phone went dead.


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Mother and the mystery of online shopping. 🌹

My mother can’t understand why she is never successful with online clothes shopping this was our conversation.

Me: Hello Mum, how are you today.

Mum: I have just been emailing a company to tell them that the clothes that they sell are rubbish.. I don’t know what has happened to clothes, they are never big enough now.

Me:  You don’t think you need to order a bigger size then?

Mum: WHAT in the body? I am not suddenly longer waisted

Me: No but surely if you order a larger size, the trousers would pull up further

Mum: What are you talking about, they would be too big round my backside then.

Me: (I can’t help myself) Do you think it is maybe because you are a funny shape

Mum: AM I HELL a funny shape, you’re the funny shape

Me: It always comes back to me, do you make any wonder I grew up feeling self-conscious with a parent like you.

Mum:  Hmm did I ever tell you that you were adopted .

Me: Goodbye adopted mother!

I could hear her laughing as I put the phone down, I love my mother she has a brilliant sense of humour. I just hope she never reads these or she would not be happy!


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Mother knows best always!🌹

I’ve just spoken to my mother on the telephone and she was in a fighting mood our conversation went like this:

Me:   Hi Mum, how are you today? Is your back feeling better?

Mum:   No the pain has moved to the other side now, I blame that chair that you made me sit in on Sunday when we had your birthday dinner at Louise’s house

Me:   Well it was either that or you would have had to sit on her low settee and we would have needed a block and tackle to get you up on your feet again!

Mum:   Cheeky *****, I am not as fat as you are!

Me:   Hmm,  thinking don’t bite. So apart from that are you ok?

Mum: No, I have just been on the phone ages talking to Sky, I want to get Sky sports so I can watch the rugby again..

Me: Oh good is it sorted?

Mum:   It is not!I cant believe how much they want to charge me. I told them I have been a customer for over 25 years yet I am paying far more than any new customers and it’s not good enough. The young lad said he would talk to his manager.

Me: I bet he did.

Mum: He came back and said they would reduce the payment by 40% , I said to him so I will nearly be paying half of what I do now? and he said NO, you can have 40% off the sports channel.

Me: I could imagine her reaction to that one.!  “Oh dear, how did you leave it”?

Mum: I told him that my grandsons and daughter had left Sky and then they had been offered better rates so I told him that was it, I am leaving them because they are robbing me.

Me: What did he say?

Mum: He said OK then, I could not believe he said OK, it’s only a week until the rugby starts and I want to watch it.

Me: What you going to do now then.?

Mum: I am going to text Mark (her grandson) at work he doesn’t do much at work so he will sort it out for me, he sorted it out for his father, he pretended to be him on the phone and got it sorted.

Me: Well he can’t do that for you, can he.

Mum: Do you think I am thick I know that, he can send them an email and see if he can get any joy.

Me: Good lets see if he can, otherwise you are going to have to beg to go back.

Mum: I beg nobody, I am 86 this year they should be giving me the sports channel. Anyway I need to text Mark now so I will talk to you later Bye.

Then she hung up.


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My mother


John and I took the old girl to get her trotters sorted out this morning…… okay in English.

John and I took my dear mother to the podiatrist for her delicate little feet looking at this morning, she goes every seven weeks and I usually take her, I’m such a good daughter!

I talked John in to coming along so that we could go down to the big supermarket because apparently every year in the apartments they have a Christmas  get together and after looking at the list in the reception I put our names down to take cheese, pickles, and cocktail sausages.

I am absolutely amazed how friendly everyone is here, everyone says hello and a few people have introduced themselves to us and said what a lovely community it is. We have also received Christmas cards from people on the other floors too.

We parked the car up at the top of town and walked down to the supermarket, I know it takes 30 minutes for mums corns, bunions etc to be sorted so we knew we had time.

We were just going for the items for the get together but John should have known better with me in tow, 20 minutes later the shopping cart was full and after paying £68.76 we walked out with the shopping cart because there was no way we could carry what we had bought back to the car.


John rushing ahead like a madman because he was aware that Mum would not be long and that you should not take supermarket carts away from the car park set off at a fast pace. When he had unloaded and returned the shopping cart mum rounded the corner like a spring chicken saying the following:


Mum: ” she said my feet were very good today”

Me: ” why are they usually naughty”

Mum “NO, you idiot, you know what I mean.

We then proceeded to go to a large wholesale unit so mum could get some food  for her bird table and take a look at the Christmas decorations. John came too, now I don’t know if that was a good thing or a bad thing because every Christmas decoration I picked up he said: “so where are you going to put that then” which when I thought about it, there was nowhere to put it!  “But its sparkly I said and so cute” “Hmm he replied”

Now I have a big admission to make, before I lived on my own I had never trimmed a Christmas tree. My first husband (the control freak) and my daughters would do it every year, anything I attempted was never good enough. Since living alone I have bought a trees, trimmed them up and then instantly taken them down again thinking it was not good enough

One year I bought two trees and both got trimmed and then taken down, last year I was with John I put the tree up I had bought the year before then within the hour I took it down again, boxed it up and took it to the local salvation army shop knowing that there would be someone grateful for a lovely tree and it would give some money to charity too.

So imagine my surprise when John came up to Mum and I and said look at this tree, which we saw was a little glass tree with led glitter changing lights inside. Both mum and I said we liked it and bought one each and do you know it is the most wonderful tree I have ever had. Its approx 9 inches high and it’s so beautiful.

I don’t mean to sound like a martyr here but considering we only moved in last Thursday I don’t think we are doing too bad!


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Countdown to Christmas 1



We had a visit from the three wise men yesterday, well not actually wise men but my youngest daughter and her husband called to see the finished result of the apartment. I was cooking Sunday lunch for the third wise man (aka) my mother and all was under control the Yorkshire puddings were rising up nicely the roast potatoes where crispy the veg prepared, then I suddenly remembered the joint of silverside had not gone in the oven

Panic followed as I quickly jammed it in the oven thinking if I did it on a high heat with the Yorkshire puddings which believe me did not appreciate me opening the over door,  they sunk slightly in disgust at the temperature change when the meat landed beside them in a cold metal dish! So I apologised  and begged them not to fail me because mum was coming. My fear was that they would shrink and vanish before my eyes.


The apartment is so hot, we have not had the heating on since we moved in last Thursday The windows here all open fully or on a tilt so I had them tilted in the kitchen and the lounge windows where open fully, so when daughter Louise and her husband arrived in the car park John and I were stood at our Juliet balcony window like royalty giving them the royal wave. which gave them a laugh.

She had seen the apartment empty and unpainted and she was impressed how nice everything looked. Edward her husband said the usual “how long do you think you will be staying here then” To which I replied “I feel that this will be our last move” which made him laugh even more.

They did not stay too long as they knew mum was coming so they left when John left to go pick her up.  Now mum does not do visits very often, she is now a bit of a home bird so it was important to me that she enjoyed herself and had a good dinner!

When she arrived, I went downstairs and brought her up in the lift,

“You would think I was an old woman” she said. No mum I thought you’re a mere youngster at 85

She loved the apartment and settled down on the settee where she had a good view of the allotments (I am my mother’s daughter), I like watching people potter round. We had a long discussion about if it was rhubarb or carrots that a lady was digging up. I suggested that John got me some binoculars for Christmas but mum thought a telescopic thing would be better!


When I served up lunch the veg was perfect, the mash fluffy, the roast potatoes crispy, the Yorkshire puddings were slightly dipped but I covered them in the gravy that John made.  (John always does the gravy, then it has no lumps in it)

The meat was pink but rare beef is good, isn’t it?   I cut the thinnest slivers from the outside for mum, and we all sat down to eat.

After a while I dared to ask the question

Me:” Is your dinner alright Mum”

Mum: “the meat is a bit tough”

Me: I’m sorry mum, it should have been cooked longer

Mum: “it’s my false teeth I’ve had the same pair since I was 28 (she is now 85) and their not sharp anymore”


Me: “Do you want me to take you for some more”

Mum:” No, it’s probably not worth it now at my age.”

Silence while we ate for 5 minutes

Me: Is everything else alright mum

Mum: “yes, its lovely, although I am still chewing that same piece of meat”

Me: “don’t I will get you a tissue, although you will get some goodness out of it “(I like to remain positive)

She ate everything else and stayed a couple of hours, she really enjoyed her visit and we loved her coming.

You will come again I asked her, “Yes”, she said “ I am coming on Christmas day”.  She is coming for Christmas lunch but it has now been arranged, she is cooking the bird! and bringing it with her. Every cloud and all that!


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Mother knows best and the Christmas spirit

( I found this on my laptop from a couple of years ago so I thought I would share some Christmas joy, Mum style).


I have just been having a conversation with Ebeneezer sorry that should be my mother who is complaining bitterly that she has too many Christmas presents to wrap and she is never buying rolls of wrapping paper again because it’s a bloody nuisance cutting it up. She then went on to say if she is still alive next year they are all getting money.

“This is your family you are talking about” I reminded her.

“My family” she said,” if they did not act like damn rabbits, having more and more children it would be better,” it’s never ending.

She then went on to tell me that  she has received a card from her new next door neighbour, who she had taken an instant dislike to and in her words, she said:

“I was wrapping these stupid presents and I happened to lift my head up to see that big silly beggar from next door going around delivering cards so I got up to see if he had sent me one”.

“And did he” I asked.

“You what” she said,” it’s the frostiest, coldest card I have ever seen”

“At least he has sent you one” I said.

“Well he shouldn’t have bothered” she said, “he wont be getting one from me.”

I started laughing and said “Mum I feel a diary entry coming on here”; she had to laugh and said “oh yes you use me to laugh about. Anyway I might not be here next year and then just remember how happy it will make me that I don’t have to do all this wrapping for you lot”

“Oh, yes” I said “let’s look on the bright side.”

“Oh go away”, she said and hung up!


PS She did send her neighbour a Christmas card in return, (obviously it was the coldest looking card she could find.)