Monday morning. 🌹

    I woke up this morning full of the joys of Spring, even though it’s really frosty and foggy … More

John’s happy 😂🤣

      John has forgiven me for everything I’ve put him through this week. It’s amazing what baking a … More

Healthy Eating 🤐

So many things have changed now, I never thought I would be a person who would say that I could … More

Retreat to normality

        Let’s retreat from this madness the belief that everything’s fun the falseness of enjoying of what … More

It’s okay.

Moody   It’s okay to be moody It’s okay to be blue but just you remember whatever you say or … More

The innocence of youth

    My eldest daughter and my two grandsons came to see our new apartment today. Again like my other … More

Christmas countdown

    I had to laugh when my daughter told me that my granddaughter would really like some cereal flavoured … More

Count your blessings

    At lunch time today I drove up to the nearby supermarket. When I walking towards the main entrance a … More

Countdown to moving 4

. I don’t think I mentioned but on Saturday the agent booked four viewing on the current property that John … More

Unwelcome visitor

  It is no secret that I have a major fear of spiders, many years ago when I lived on … More

Is it the moon? My life.

    After tossing and turning in bed for the last two hours, dreaming weird dreams, writing weird poetry (no … More

Thank you.

  I have to say that since I joined WordPress a few months ago I have connected with so many … More

Age realisation

  It has suddenly struck me that I am getting older! maybe it is because my health has not been … More

Human sandwich

  When I read the daily word, I tend not to look at any of the other entries for fear … More

Ruby’s show

We all went to watch you dance But sadly did not get the chance Because you did not want to … More