Another day with the grandchildren!

We had a bit of drama yesterday morning when my granddaughter arrived because one of her teeth was loose and her gum was swollen! So she needed to visit the dentist!

One hour later! The offending tooth was out complete with the little silver cap that she had put on the tooth a year ago.!

That drama over both grandchildren decided to paint. My grandson was in artistic mode.whilst my granddaughter was in chill mode!

For a treat we took them to Starbucks in the afternoon

Now they’re on the plane, so excited because they’re going on holiday to Greece today with mum and dad.

Happy days lovely memories.

Reiki treatment

I went for a reiki treatment a few weeks ago, it is 15 years since I had regular treatments and then  studied reiki myself and went on to complete  stage 1 and 2. The lady who I saw was a lovely lady, a gentle soul who obviously was more into helping rather than making money from her gift.

I lay on a heated couch in a darkened room and she layered blankets on top of me, now anyone who knows me know I’m not a fan of too much heat 😰 and she switched the heat off the couch and I lay there listening to gentle rain forest music.

The smells from the oils filled my senses and I began drifting into a deep relaxation . She like me uses the hands on approach rather than the hovering above which can be described as working on ones aura. She told me that she would go where she was guided to go from a higher force.

It was amazing, she instinctively knew where to find the problems in my body, I was waiting for her to put her hand lightly over the area which was hurting me the most and she did. Even through the blanket I could the warmth of her healing hands.

It was brilliant and I’m definitely going back for more. 😊

Birthday Gift

It’s my eldest daughters 40th birthday today and One of the gifts I gave her was a framed painting .

But then I realised she like sea paintings so I printed out a few others

She was really pleased but doesn’t know which she likes the best! Decision, decisions! She gone away to a hotel with her husband to celebrate her birthday so John and I are sleeping over, looking after our two grandsons and their dog!

They live in a little village close to the city of York a beautiful place to visit. Happy days 😊

Many Thanks.

I have to say I’ve been feeling a lot better in myself over the last week my appetite has returned and my energy levels have increased.

I would like to thank everyone for the many kind wishes which were sent my way, they do actually work.

Seriously, good thoughts produce good energy.

The Grand Entrance digital painting.

I said goodbye to some of my angels today.😇

I said good bye to some of my angels ornaments today, they served me well and gave me lots of pleasure but I felt it was time to let them go. Now they can give some other people joy.  They are currently residing in the local hospice shop and I have a feeling that they won’t be long before they’re rehomed.

Just another way for me to thank the charity who gave so much help to my mum, at a time when it was really needed. I know they will be cherished because people who appreciate  angels are usually kind people 😇

I have, however kept a small selection of angels which I’ve had for many years. I would find it very hard to part with this little gathering . 😊

All about my day😁

Hello my name is Seth and today I am at my grandma’s house because it is my first day in the school holidays. 🏫🥳🤩

I have a pet tortoise who is called Shelly and she is the best pet in the world 🌍🐢.

For my dinner I had a sandwich 🥪 with cheese in it and for my desert was chocolate fudge cake (with ice cream). This afternoon I was drawing ✍🏻 in one of my grandmas drawing book🎨 and I did a dot to dot. Also I did a master piece on my grandmas art 🖼 tablet. Hope you enjoyed my blog 😀😀😀.

What we’ve done today!

Today I spent the day with my grandma 👵. We played a game called the game of life and Seth won! Then we went over to grandmas flat and I tidied the cupboard out, while Seth watched the tv 📺. We also did some drawing ✍🏻 and I had pizza 🍕 for my lunch and Seth had a sandwich 🥪, them some chocolate cake 🍰 and ice cream 🍦. I loved my day!👩‍🎨🐢❤️👵

By Ruby ❤️

Stinking cold!



It must have been 40 years since I had a bad cold, colds are not something that have ever troubled me until this week. I can’t stop sneezing 🤧 I’m constantly cleaning my iPad screen although I have to say spittle can be very artistic 😏

I decided to get up and drink lots, I’ve had about 3 litres so far of unsweetened Juice to dilute. I only drink bottled water now, a minimum 2 litres a day due to a recent diagnosis of liver fibrosis and now suspected polycythemia, I get my results hopefully next Monday when I see my haematologist.😊

I’m not fit to sit at my desk and do any painting today yet not sick enough to do nothing!  I have started following  a blog called Lucid Being-ash and admiring his art and site theme I decided to try changing mine again! ( check out his blog )

I know I’m always changing my site but finally, FINALLY I may have found the best theme to showcase my artwork. I’ve also found blogs that I had written and forgotten about so I’ve added them to my site. I have over 100 five little angels poems now most of which I’ve taken offline to get them ready to be put into a booklet for the local hospice 😇

It has passed a few hours , which is good and hopefully I will be able to get back painting in the next day or so.

Enjoy your day whatever you’re doing 😉

My family know me so well

Well I’m 62 today 😄 and was very lucky to receive the perfect gifts for me. My favourite perfume from my husband John 🌹 and strangely two bracelets from my daughters who did not know that they were buying the same! Luckily they both chose a different charm yet both angel related! They know me well 😉

I’m very blessed. 😇

Had a busy couple of days.

For the last couple of days I’ve been grandchildren and tortoise sitting. 🐢


Here she/he is sunning under the heat lamp! She is still tiny.


Why she needs accommodation this size amazes me!


I think they reconstructed a book case to make the 5* tortoise home.


Did you notice where my bright orange rug went! Hmm, and it’s looks perfect with the fox wallpaper 🦊

They had fun decorating gingerbread pumpkins 🎃 and yes Christmas tree gingerbread because the supermarket ran out of pumpkins 🎃



My sister sent me a photo of Alice her dog who is suffering from the colder weather, apparently when Alice comes back from walkies she stands close to the radiator and puts her tongue on it 🤷🏼‍♀️  My sister has solved the problem. See below  😳


Alice the elf!

Elaine  x

I’ve held a paint brush again!

I decided to take all my acrylic paintings down from my lounge wall, it’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a while now, I have lots of digital paintings so why not! Gone are the days of having one painting on the wall for years.

When I took down all the acrylic paintings the wall was a mess with nail marks and pencil marks ( John the perfectionist) but not that perfect that he doesn’t wipe the pencil marks off 😉

I knew I had to bring out the apple white paint out to touch up the wall. I used one of my long-handled art brushes and as soon as I put it in my hand it felt wonderful. I didn’t realise how much I had missed holding a brush.

Shall I paint some sort of mural up here I asked John who after hammering four new nails in to my exact specification was not impressed. 🤷🏼‍♀️ So I just painted over the marks and let it dry before giving it another coat.

The wall looks so different now, this was it before. A riot of different colours.

This is it now…..

Much less colour…… but it goes well with the new rug, which is very colourful  😎

Whatever you’re doing, have a great day 🦊

New rug 🦊


I’ve done so well sticking with the bright orange rug I bought which gave me headaches and refrained myself from buying a new one until I saw this one.

It was love at first sight. 😍

Not everyone’s cup of tea, but it goes well with my new fox print.


Having some down time.

I’ve decided that I need to step back from blogging and painting for a while. I will be back hopefully refreshed and raring to go.

Until we meet again, keep smiling, keep painting and keep writing.

Elaine x

Monday morning.

Monday morning and it’s raining cats and dogs this morning.  ( It isn’t really that’s just a figure of speech) why that started is beyond me. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I mean how could it rain 🐈 🐈 &🐕🐕 perhaps it was described that way because all the cats and dogs went indoors when it rained. Anyway, answers on a postcard to interesting facts would be welcome.

I was awake very early yesterday morning because I had a painting idea. I actually started the painting at 6.30am.  Well, honest truth that painting must have changed itself a dozen times in the course of eight hours work, spaced out through the day!

It must have had ten coats of paint applied then I scraped it off. The board is ready to collapse but I am not giving up.

It started as abstract, then it went to planets. Just when I felt I was getting somewhere John my biggest critic…. sorry fan, said it looked like a Lego brick. 😳 Suddenly I could see what he meant, I had four planets almost in each corner of the painting 😬

I was so mad 😡 did he really need to say that. 😤 I went to bed thinking 🤔  but managed to sleep very well. This morning the first thing I did was go into the office come art room and take another look at it!  All I could focus on was a Lego brick! Then I turned the painting around on its end to see if it looked better ☺️🤓  Nope it was still a Lego brick.😳

I sat and looked at it for a while then took the painting to John and said…… What if I put another planet in the middle? He looked at me and I read his mind.  🎲 No it will then look like a dice 🎲 😫

I may have to perform a planet removal today which is a delicate operation, you can’t get it on the National Health in England and I can’t afford to go private but it needs to be done! 😏😔More later .

Where is my snow ?



I have a little problem

which may seem meager to you

but for some reason my snow is not falling

And I can’t understand why that would be.


I’ve had a chat with the engineers online

they tell me that they can see

snow falling gently on my site

They say it’s clear to see


They said it could be technical

perhaps I’ve blocked some adds 🤔

but I can’t see the gentle snow falling

and it sure is bothering me


So come on, you tell me

can you see the snow?

don’t just sit there in silence

send me a message and let me know!


Have à loving and peaceful Christmas, Elaine x

Birthday weekend treat.🌹


I have had the most amazing weekend away with my two daughters Catherine and Louise to the Yorkshire Dales, to a place called The Saddle Rooms at Coverdale in Leyburn, England. We arrived at our destination after first stopping in the little village of Middleham for lunch and although it was raining we still had a walk around looking in the craft shops


When we got to where we were staying the first thing we saw coming down the sweeping driveway were hounds and riders as the photographs above and below.


Unfortunately it was still raining which prevented better photo’s but I think you can still get a feel of what it was like to see approx 50 hounds running in front of about 30 horses. We sat in the car watching and got more than a few waves from the riders. Fox hunting is obviously banned now so they basically were going out for a gallop. Then we drove into the driveway to be met by fields of sheep, not your normal everyday sheep but these tall creatures. Who enjoyed looking at us too.



Everything was absolutely perfect, although we had stone floors the cottage was not lukewarm it was lovely and cosy.

We had booked a table for dinner in the restaurant which is a five star and it certainly did not disappoint.I have to say it was just what I needed, a perfect weekend away in the company of my two beautiful daughters who are both beautiful on the inside and outside. Lots of reminiscing and lots of laughter too.


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Being 60 is not that bad actually.🌹


Well its official, at three minutes after midnight I opened my cards and some presents and realised that life begins at 60 or should that be 40!  …. Or get this my eldest daughter Catherine says that 60 is the new 40 !

Confused, hmm me too. Do I feel any different? Nah. I am a little bit miffed that I have to wait another six years to draw my pension now that the pension age in England has changed from 60 to 66, but such is life.

Do you think I am writing different now, more moaning and whining maybe? It’s my age you know ! Just joking, honest.

Anyway I have had a great day, my birthday is going on for days and days 🙂 my youngest daughter Louise came to see me with Ruby and Seth (my grandchildren) and brought me some lovely gifts…. a lot of which are angel related because they know how much I love my angels. Tomorrow I am having lunch with them along with my mum and of course John.

I can’t believe it is the Chinese New year tonight, Chinese is my favourite food but due to my local takeaway being closed I have resorted to buying half a shredded duck with pancakes from the supermarket for this evening. Yummy, hopefully.

My eldest daughter face timed us online as she lives 50 miles away. Charlie had a trampoline party this morning then went out for lunch. I was then presented with an envelope  from Louise which had a card inside which read

To Mum,

On Saturday the 11th of February you are invited to spend an all expenses paid weekend away with your daughters in a 5 star cottage in The Yorkshire Dales So here’s to making many happy memories and to give you lots of new material to write about!

Lots of love,

Catherine and Louise.

My response was thank you very much, that will be lovely. It is sometimes difficult to have good chats with them with children running round, so I am sure we will have a great time. Please can I be 60 every week. ;-

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