Awake in the night.

I went to bed early much to Mia’s disgust, so she decided to keep jumping on and off my feet until I got up. She wanted some fuss then laid on the sofa beside me and instantly fell asleep! Not only am I ruled by the moon, I’m ruled by the cat as well! ❤️

Flooding update!

The nearby river level peaked in the night and thankfully didn’t spread into our car park. Lots of leaves have fallen overnight which is a shame because I was enjoying looking at the vibrant colours.

Meanwhile Mia couldn’t care less as long as she has a full belly and the occasional stroke she’s happy. She has two cat beds yet she seems to prefer the floor. We’ve noticed that she sleeps in the hallway on a night. Possibly so she can keep one eye on us at all times 🙄

Mia’s home

We went to pick up Mia from the rehoming centre and she has definitely got a good voice especially when she was put in the pet carrier!

Once home she had a good look around and was fine until a neighbour called and then she ran behind the settee until she had gone, then she came out again,

She had a play with a laser.

Then played with her squirrel 🐿

She’s hugging it, not eating it.

She met Pricilla

But they didn’t give each other eye contact.
She watched the chickens for a while.
Checked out the kitchen window
Before having a bite to eat and drink.

She seems to like resting on the floor than on the settee. She is so tired now, I wish she would have a good sleep.

All in all it’s been a very successful homecoming, she keeps coming to me for a bit of reassurance and a tickle but in the main I think she’s very happy in her new home.

Breaking news, Imminent arrival

You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting as much or even picking up my paint brush! I knew there was a reason I had been putting on weight, I knew I was nesting, yes it’s official, I’m with cat 😳 or rather I will be when it’s delivered on Thursday.

I think you all had probably gathered that I am a big fan of cats through my numerous paintings! Charlie was obviously trying to tell me something 😊 and after sending one of my paintings to my eldest daughter with the message “I want a cat 😩” and she replied “ Here is your cat” along with a link for a local rehoming cat shelter.

I opened the link and the first cat I saw featured was a big ginger boy called George and I burst into tears because he was just like the cat I had previously owned and had to give away years ago called Percy when I got divorced from my first husband. It seriously broke my heart when we parted ways. He had been a rescue cat with issues just like this cat George.

My husband John said “look why don’t we look into seeing if we can have a house cat here!”To be honest I didn’t know house cats existed apart from the pedigree variety and I didn’t want to feel that I was depriving a cat of being in the great outdoors.

I live and learn! Apparently cats can be very happy living indoors as long as they have the stimulation to satisfy their hunting instincts. I contacted the housing association who owns the building where we live and two days later I had the signed form. We can have a house cat but it mustn’t roam in the communal areas.

I then spoke to someone at the rescue centre about George the ginger cat and was told that George had been moved into a foster home because of his difficulties of being in a confined space. The following two nights I hardly slept thinking about George aka Percy and came to the decision that a two bedroomed apartment was not going to be the right home for him because all three of us would be in a two confined space.

So yesterday John and I went up to the cat rescue centre to have a chat with them, they understood then said they had one little lady who they thought would suit us purrfectly !

Meet Mia

❤️😳😍🙏🙄 it was love at first sight, even John melted when he looked into her saucer sized eyes. They told us that her owners had to bring her plus another cat into the centre due to their new landlord forbidding cats and that her brother had gone to a new home the day before.

She then told me wait for it ………. that Mia had been found to have a heart condition ❤️ which although wasn’t life threatening she needed a nice peaceful indoor home! How weird is that, first me with my heart issues then I come across a cat with heart issues. Mia snuggled up to me looking at me with those big eyes and we instantly fell in love.

So now we are constructing the nursery, Pricilla is a bit confused!

I hope there is no sibling rivalry 😉

😬 Maybe I spoke too soon ❤️ I will keep you posted 😊