Finished four new paintings.

Here is my completed set of four paintings which was a challenge that was somehow set by Tom of Beyond the Sphere and myself.  (Check out his blog ) The rules were that the same colours would be used for all four paintings.  Thanks, for the challenge Tom, I’ve enjoyed seeing your paintings in […]

2nd of four paintings

  Using the same colours as painting number one I came up with this painting. It always surprises me how different my paintings look when they’re framed. I chose to have plain wood frames which can be used over and over again. Number one painting. I chose my colours to go with my bedding 😬 […]

First of next set of four paintings 😉

  After taking up the challenge from Tom of the blog “Beyond the Sphere” somehow! I’m not sure how but we agreed to challenge each other to creating a set of four paintings 🤷🏼‍♀️ All paintings must have the same colours, just to make it harder 🤦🏼‍♀️ Please feel free to join in our challenge […]

The dark of night

  Sometimes in the dark of night I release my soul,  my mind takes flight my spirit soars, I lose all my fear knowing that your near Together again for a brief time 🌹 I try my hardest not to cry for mine is not to wonder why why we have to experience such pain until we […]

Completed 4 paintings, Creatively 🌹

So I’ve completed 4 paintings this weekend using the same colours. Maybe I should have painted all 4 on one day, who knows 🤔 Anyway here are the final 2 unframed and framed. So all 4 now on the wall! What a weekend! Maybe I will do 4 more next weekend 😬🥵😳🙄 Thank you Raili, […]

Why did I ever start! 4 matching paintings 😤

First of all I have to blame my good friend Raili for posting a meditation showing me the way to unlock my creativity. I listened carefully, oh yes I sucked it all up and it definitely unlocked something in me ☺️ I was like a woman possessed sat at my tablet painting digitally like there […]

Awake in the night.

It’s been a while since I wrote an awake in the night post, well it must be a week or so now 😉 Several things are keeping me awake, the main thing is thinking about the remaining two paintings to complete the set of four. I’ve always found abstract painting easy because in my mind […]

Painting number two.

It’s amazing how paintings can change a wall. I’ve just finished the second one 🙂 They look so different framed! I may do the other two tomorrow 😉