Cynthia’s found.

Luckily for Cynthia the farmer was walking back from his local pub after having a well deserved pint of beer 🍺 with his faithful sheep dog by his side. The dog was restless he had heard Cynthia’s cries previously and he could smell a sheep in distress. The farmer told the dog to find and […]

Cynthia’s journey

Cynthia had a long way to walk to the meadows where her mother and father lived. She was tired, her body ached all over. Stumbling along she realised that she could not make it to her mother’s, she laid down by the side of a wall crying pitifully. She tried to think about happier times […]

Trouble in the meadow!

Cynthia was in tears, it would seem that Sidney has had his head turned by a new addition to the herd. How could he be so cruel to her just because she had put on some weight! She had stopped eating to try to get thinner but it hadn’t worked. She was going to see […]

Sidney and Cynthia

Sidney and Cynthia have escaped from their meadow and were running free, frolicking in a nearby field. Only the black cat knows where they are! I fear what will happen next 😳