Working on angel paintings

As suggested I have begun working on an angel painting for the local hospice. When mum was in the hospice I noticed that there was a notice board in her room so that things could be pinned on to it. Obviously nobody is going to send a get well card to someone in a hospice 😬 but maybe some people may like to put an alternative card on the board.

My mum although a believer would not have appreciated an angel card 😳 it would have probably frightened her which is strange as she knew about my beliefs, I tried my best to reassure her that death isn’t the end because I believe it’s the beginning.

Hopefully now she’s living the dream 😉

Obviously all the same angel different colours and wording. 😉

I’ve been thinking!

I’ve been thinking, dangerous I know! Anyone who knows me well knows that it’s a year ago on Christmas Eve that my mum passed away in a local hospice. I will be forever grateful to the loving care they gave to my mum, nothing was too much trouble for them and my mum passed away peacefully and pain free.

This was the view from her window
They had fairy lights in the trees which looked beautiful in the night.

I vowed that I would give something back to the hospice to help them raise money and I thought I would take some of my art prints and a range of cards.

My sister and I would go into the little shop in the hospice reception. and buy things almost every day and it was a great way to raise money for them.

When I was creating some cards today I remembered how I was feeling at that time, trying to keep going and trying not to let the grief overcome me. It suddenly came to me, perhaps motivational cards would be nice. They could be on sale all year round.🙂 Below are a few that I did this afternoon. Any motivational quotes you care to share with me would be appreciated.

My favourite!

My husband has just reminded me that not everyone likes cats 🙀 so tomorrow I will try my hardest not to include cats 😉

Elaine ❤️😇🌹


We have had Mia one week and a day now and she has settled in so well. She tends to follow me all round the apartment occasionally making little gurgling noises to make sure I know she’s there. I was asked if I was going to paint her, well this is my first attempt.

The sleeping cat.

Artrage finger paintings

Would you believe that I’m cat sitting for my daughter looking after her kitten Wesley. I kid you not when I opened the kitchen door this morning he shot out like a rocket. Up and down the stairs, everywhere 😳 I wish I had his energy. Thank goodness we have an older cat.

Wesley has wound down now thank goodness and is having a rest by my side.

So I thought I would do some finger painting because my Apple Pencil is at home.

Meanwhile Mia is chilling at home.

The journey of a painting 4

I’m learning a lot by using the video option of my art studio pro program, it surprises me how I paint. At times it looks like a painting by numbers 😳 which amuses me because I can’t do one of those to save my life because I can’t keep within the lines 😬.

During the process everything looks like such a mess then suddenly it all comes together and it feels like magic. This puss made me work to achieve his eyes, eyes can make or destroy a painting.

The eyes are the window to the soul. ❤️
This is how I did it. Have a great day 🌹

The journey of a painting 3

I am learning so much from watching the journey of my painting, I can now work through the stage when I used to think that it was rubbish and then delete it! It is almost as if a painting has to go downhill before it looks good!

Remember never give, keep trying. Be proud of everything you do because it shows that you’re trying and you can’t do anymore than that.

18 months ago I produced this!

Today I created this! ( I hope my mum can see this ) 😇

This is how I did it.

Never give up on your dream. ❤️

The journey of a painting 2

Sticking with animals which i do find difficult to digitally paint , yet very rewarding when they’re finished 😬 I have videoed the whole journey. In my defence I have had one eye on the TV watching the Brexit deal vote 😉 so I made several mistakes which I had to correct several times!

I am feeling confused regarding my paintings most artists chose one style of subject, be it landscapes, animals, flowers or another subject. I would ideally like to move forward and perfect my paintings. So I would welcome your opinion as to which direction you think I should follow.

Here is the finished result.

Below is the video journey.