The chickens are not happy bunnies 😉

The chickens have had a shock today, well what did they expect wandering all over, they were even trying to get into our apartment building 😳

The great eggscape!

The children couldn’t use the play equipment because the chickens got there first. This one wouldn’t get off the go cart even when asked politely

Now there behind bars, well chicken wire!
It’s been far too hot for me today! 🥵
The trees are beginning to change colour 😊
I’m not a fan of the heat and I’ve been longing for Autumn to arrive, never mind it will soon be here! 😊

Chicken games!

The day started off quietly

Let’s the fun begin!
The chickens decided to have a game of football, this chicken was goalie

When they got bored with football they went for a swing

This one wanted to bounce!

Whilst this one wanted to be king of the castle 🙄
They decided on yet another game

Was one left out 😳
No they were playing hide and seek!

Hopefully one won’t get squashed by a car up the street 😬 rest assured I won’t take a photograph of that. 😉