Speed dating 2

Charlie had spoken to several of the cats and he was not impressed at all, in fact he was thinking about asking for his admission fee back! Then suddenly Charlie’s head was turned by a cute little grey cat wearing a slim lemon ribbon.

Immediately his ears pricked up and he felt slightly dizzy, he knew he wasn’t hungry because of all the kippers he had eaten before the event. Charlie knew that this was that thing he had heard about called love at first sight but would she be interested in him? Would she even be interested in a older tomcat like him. Charlie said a silent prayer to the universe asking for her to like him too.

Charlie walked up to her and looked deeply in to her beautiful amber eyes he could hardly mew, he could see that this puss was a natural beauty without the aid of any makeup or fancy bows. He asked her what her name was and she replied in a husky purr that her name was Cheryl and she lived at the vets house.

Now Charlie knew the vet and knew that he was a kind man but wondered how he would feel about Charlie taking up with his sweet innocent little puss. Would the vet be against their coupling.

Charlie spent the rest of the evening sat on the wall chatting about everything he could think of and then finally put his paw around her and she didn’t seem to mind. Did this mean that Cheryl felt the same way about Charlie 🙀😻

Charlie’s speed dating 😺 1

Charlie had been working out nonstop at the gym and he had dropped 2 lbs and he looked amazing 😽 now he was ready to continue looking for a third wife. Charlie had decided to try his paw at speed dating. He was so excited .

He’d had a long conversation with Sidney in the meadow and between them they had compiled a long list of topics to talk about.

Charlie had a good feeling about speed dating, he was sure that there would be a the purrfect feline waiting just for him 😺 He had a bit of a nervous tummy which he didn’t know if it was down to the kippers he had for his tea or just nerves.

He said his goodbyes to Sidney who told him to enjoy himself and said that he would wait up for him to hear how it went.

The event was to be held in a nearby field, it was a ticket only event so Charlie hoped that there would be a good standard of kitties for him to chose from. It didn’t enter his head that any of them wouldn’t be attracted to him 🙀

He could hear the music before he reached the field and the loud meows , he was so excited.

Charlie sat on a wall and observed what was happening, there appeared to be a good turnout. He did a double take when he saw Ginger flirting with a much younger black Tom cat, he almost felt sorry for him, but not sorry enough to warn him just what Ginger was like.

Charlie began to ask himself what he was doing there! It wasn’t that bad being single, he could come and go as he liked and had nobody to answer to. BUT he missed snuggling up with a kitty watching Netflix 😻 So Charlie pulled up his big boy pants and made his way into the field.

But will he find what he’s looking for ?

The date!

The date started very well they both could tell that each other had made an effort, Ginger liked that because so many other cats just turned up looking like they had just rolled out of bed and not even brushed their fur 🙀

The meeting place.

However Charlie looked a little uncomfortable which then made Ginger feel uncomfortable, why was he sat so straight! Charlie was doing his best to make a good impression, he was having a fat day and he didn’t think that he looked his best. Charlie was getting older and beginning to lose his confidence.

They sat together in silence. Was this date going to be a complete disaster? Suddenly Charlie heard his name being whispered “ Charlie, Charlie, you can do this Charlie “ it was Sidney the sheep 🐑 he could see just how uncomfortable Charlie looked, could Sidney save the day 😳

Will Sidney be able to help Charlie!

Ginger saw the sheep and gave a shudder, turning to Charlie she said “ what is that dirty sheep doing here,” “please tell me you don’t associate with sheep Charlie” Charlie for one minute thought about telling Ginger he didn’t know Sidney but then remembered just what a good friend Sidney had been to him over the years, they were like brothers, even their sons were best friends.

Charlie turned to Ginger and noticed that she actually looked far older than her profile photograph, her bow was very tight and she actually looked less than the perfect pussy he thought she was.

Ginger suddenly hissed and Charlie almost fell off the wall in shock as she started shouting obscenities at Sidney telling him to go away. Instantly the spell Ginger had over him vanished and Charlie told Ginger to go, he wanted nothing more to do with her.

Ginger actually spat at Charlie telling him that she wasn’t even interested in him because he was too old and too fat for her anyway. Then she stormed off leaving Charlie and Sidney in shock.

Charlie was in tears.

Charlie started to cry , he had such high hopes and now they were dashed. Sidney told Charlie that he’d had a lucky escape at least he had found out early just what Ginger was like. He didn’t tell Charlie that he had done some checks on Ginger with the local vet and found out that she was not the sweetest pussy nor the youngest.

It was back to the drawing board for Charlie, would he ever find a new love interest. 😾 Now he needed to get some weight off , never again would he try to hold his gut in when meeting anyone, it was far too uncomfortable. 😿

Charlie’s date in the meadow 3

Finally it was Charlie’s first date with Ginger the kitty who he had found on kitty cat for you.com. Charlie had been up since the crack of dawn, he had to look his best! Ginger was a lot younger than he was and a great catch. Charlie had been trying to lose a few kilos before their date (because let’s face it we all know how hard it can be trying to hold our stomachs in when we first meet someone new )😉

Charlie had been down at the gym every day but had struggled to keep motivated because he was easily distracted looking at all the other felines strolling seductively around and after almost losing the last of his nine lives under a lift bar he gave it all up as a bad job!

Meanwhile Ginger was sitting surrounded by a mountain of bows , she clearly could not decide which one to wear, she didn’t want to appear like a slutty cat by wearing her red bow 🙀 that would never do, she needed that for when she went in for the kill, (I mean when they knew each other better) and she had that rock on her paw. 😸

Ginger was definitely switched on regarding the dating game. She stroked her whiskers and smiled to herself, Charlie didn’t realise that she was actually older than he was, clever makeup and how she held herself did wonders. Finally she decided she would wear her blush pink bow, yes that would do nicely even if it did clash with her ginger coat. She wasn’t silly she knew Charlie would be looking at her other assets! Ginger was early so she lay sunning herself in the meadow awaiting his arrival.

I do hope the date goes well and Charlie’s not late!

Charlie in the meadow part 2

Charlie decided to join a dating site and after swiping both left and right for 5 days he was left five possible love interests he decided to interview, sorry, have a date with them all.

Rather than have five individual dates Charlie thought he would save time and money and see them all on the same day!

So on one sunny day in the meadow whilst the sheep were grazing in the meadow Charlie lined up his dates. He had chosen a range of different possibilities, all very different from each other.

One thing Charlie was very surprised with was how some of the kitties looked different from their photographs 🙀 He actually thought that some of them had sent their mothers!! Perhaps they had used old photographs!!surely not, cats aren’t that dishonest are they 😳

He was not too keen on some of them that had far too much make up on and even wondered If a couple of them had undergone some sort of surgical procedures, surely cats aren’t born with trout like lips are they 😼

Charlie asked each kitty the same questions, which were….

Are you looking for a long term relationship

Have you got your own place

Have you got good prospects

Will you cater to my every need 😻

Eventually he was left with a short list of two, a cute little ginger puss and a slender grey feline. After a lot of deliberation Charlie decided to ask the cute ginger cat called Ginger 😏 if she would like to meet him for dinner so they could get to know each other more.

But will she yes? ………. to be continued.

The video of the painting…… you can see just how easy it is to digital paint 😉

He’s back, Charlie’s back in the meadow!

Charlie’s back!

It’s been a long time but Charlie’s back home in the meadow, the first person (sheep) he saw was Sidney who looked much older… well he would do it was a long time since he had seen him ! 😬

Charlie immediately burst into tears and told Sidney that Cherish his new wife had tragically passed on after eating a dodgy sardine at their wedding reception. Charlie was bereft, even more so because he had nearly eaten one too. 🙀

Sidney burst into tears, hearing the sad news brought back his sad loss of loosing Cynthia his wife, not through eating a dodgy sardine but to another attack of bloat through eating too many flowers in the meadow. She obviously didn’t learn from her earlier experience. 🙄

What a sad pair they were, thank goodness they had found each other again. Sidney told Charlie that Leon his son ( sheep) was still working in the circus along with Kit Kat ( Charlie’s son) and Sasha Charlie’s ex wife who was now happily married to Samson and they were very happy together.

Charlie felt a pang of guilt remembering his wandering Tom cat ways which caused the break up of his first marriage. What was he to do, he was a cat with needs. He told Sidney that he was home to find a new wife…. after all it had been a week now since Cherish flew up to heaven!

Maybe he should try online dating 🤔🙈

To be continued ………….. For my new followers if you’re interested the first series of my cat and sheep stories can be found in my menu 😏

P.S. Before you say it Cheryl Charlie has lost weight grieving 🙄🤥

This is how I created it ……