Charlie and Sasha.

Charlie and Sasha talked for hours, Charlie wanted to know about their son Kit Kat , when Sasha had told … More

Charlie and Sasha !

Sasha did give Charlie the kiss of life, but obviously, I’m sure you can understand that I couldn’t paint such … More

Sasha and Charlie

Charlie felt ill, the meadow started swimming around him and he fell to the ground. Was he having a heart … More

Charlie and Sasha

Charlie was watching from afar, he could see Sasha chatting to a ginger cat, it was obvious that the ginger … More


So much had happened since Charlie had left Sasha, the twins from Charlie’s infidelity Susie and Sam had grown up … More

Charlie the cat.

It had been two years since Charlie left Sasha and Kit Kat. When the news of his cheating ways had … More

Charlie’s fate!

Charlie felt like he was flying, in reality he was being carried down the long corridor where cats never came … More


The day of reckoning had come for Charlie and he was not going down that corridor where cats never came … More

Charlie and Sasha

It had been two weeks since Charlie  had run away from his love kittens and Sasha. Sasha had been so … More


To say that Charlie was all-seeing and knowing  it’s surprising that he didn’t see two of his love kittens landing … More


Charlie panicked when he saw how distraught Sasha was after seeing the consequences of his dalliance, he began to run, … More

Boot camp over

It was a very difficult two weeks for Kit-kat he really went through the pain barrier, I could have written … More

Boot camp continued

Kit-Kat knew that if he wanted some food he would have to jog over with the llama to get it … More

Meeting in the meadow

There was a very important meeting in the meadow, so important that Sidney, Cynthia, Lucy, Leon, Leonard, Leona, Charlie, Sasha … More

Charlie and Sasha

Charlie and Sasha were at the end of their tether, Kit was causing them no end of problems. The farmer … More

Sasha goes home.

The vet kept Sasha in for a week and after removing her sutures he had the entire family on his … More

Sasha’s operation.

The vet called Charlie over to talk to him. Now then he said, your good lady needs to have an … More