Charlie and Sasha.

Charlie and Sasha talked for hours, Charlie wanted to know about their son Kit Kat , when Sasha had told him that Kit Kat had left the meadow with Leon the sheep to join a travelling circus Charlie was not surprised. Kit Kat had never been the typical Tom kitten he always behaved differently to the norm. He was happy that he had found a good partnership with Leon the sheep and hoped that one day he and Sasha would watch them perform in the circus.😳

Charlie felt very nervous talking about his twins from his adulteress relationship. He apologised again to Sasha for leaving her holding the kittens so to speak. Sasha told Charlie that she had loved them as if they were her own and although they both lived far away with their new partners they still sent messages to her now and again by the pigeon postal service.

Charlie looked at Sasha and could tell that she had lived a hard life and if it took him all of his last cat life he would look after and love her like he had promised to do when they married.

Sasha’s heart was beating so fast that she was sure Charlie would be able to hear it. She noticed that Charlie had some grey hairs in his handsome face which suited him. Was he, she wondered finally ready to settle down now. Had he now sown all his oats 😺

They felt the magnetism draw them closer until they could feel each other’s breath, Sasha noted that Charlie had eaten some garlic 😬 , he must have taken a liking to it whilst being away. Closer and closer they drew together then  their mouths touched and they shared their first kiss together again.

Ah all was well in the meadow 💋

Charlie and Sasha !

Sasha did give Charlie the kiss of life, but obviously, I’m sure you can understand that I couldn’t paint such an ex rated painting 🙄

They sat talking and the love that was always there rekindled into a smouldering flame, but Charlie was too weak after his near death experience to make any further advances on Sasha which was just as well because Sasha wanted answers!

charlie and sasha cont 2

Charlie still had lots more kitty grovelling to do before he was truly forgiven 😉

Sasha and Charlie

Charlie felt ill, the meadow started swimming around him and he fell to the ground. Was he having a heart attack? His lives began flashing before his eyes. He saw himself meeting Sasha, getting married and becoming the proud cat father to Kit Kat, how much he loved Sasha and Kit Kat.

Then came all his infidelities, the cats that meant very little to him, they had stroked his ego.  He thought he was the cats whiskers. How many kittens did he father, he wasn’t sure and now he felt ashamed. why oh why had he not been a good cat husband and cat father. A role model for Kit Kat, no wonder Kit Kat had a difficult kittenhood and over ate biscuits!

He opened his eyes and saw lots of little cat Angels floating above him,  was this the end, had he really reached his ninth life? he had stopped counting when he had reached six lives.

He felt Sasha’s breath leaning over him, he could smell her sweet kitty scent, he looked into her one green eye and one blue eye and his heart started to beat faster.

Charlie, Sasha whispered, Charlie, are you alright, should I go for the vet? Charlie raised his paw, and sighed. He tried to speak and his voice was weak but Sasha heard him whisper, Sasha I think I need the kiss of life.

But would Sasha oblige.? Did Charlie really deserve to be saved 😳🙀


Charlie and Sasha continued


The ginger toy boy cat slunk away crying like the baby he was, Sasha watched him all the time thinking I’m sure his mummy will kiss him better!

Suddenly a familiar smell reached Sasha pussy cat nose, she knew that scent anywhere. It was unmistakable, it was Charlie. Sasha’s heart skipped a beat and she turned around to see if she was right.



Sure enough Charlie was stood there looking a bit sheepish! Perhaps he was trying to blend in with the background. 😳   He was obviously uncomfortable, not knowing how Sasha would react. His heart was almost beating out of his kitty chest. His tongue felt too big for his mouth, was he having a heart attack! Never had Charlie in all his cat lives felt so nervous.

Sasha sat and looked at Charlie she was lost for words too. Who would be able to speak first?

Charlie and Sasha

Charlie was watching from afar, he could see Sasha chatting to a ginger cat, it was obvious that the ginger cat was infatuated with Sasha and Charlie’s heart sunk. He wished he could hear what they were saying to each other so he decided to move closer.


The ginger Tom cat was pleading with Sasha to give him a chance, he said he was in love with Sasha and had been for the last year. Sasha sighed and told him that she was really sorry but she was just not interested in having a toy boy cat. He was young enough to have been her son/kitten and although she was flattered she did not want to hear or see from him again. The ginger Tom boy cat hung his head in despair and slunk away.

Charlie’s heart soared after hearing the conversation! She had no boyfriend, maybe, just maybe there was a chance for him. He sat watching Sasha thinking how beautiful she was, he had been such a fool. It really was a case of not knowing what he had until he lost it.


But would she take him back? 😿

Card idea 3 and a Charlie story 😉


I’ve killed two birds with one stone!  A card idea and a painting for Charlie and Sasha’s story.

All was quiet in the meadow the sheep were grazing in the meadow and Charlie was sat on the wall thinking about Sasha. What would be her reaction when she saw him again. Charlie did not mind admitting he was scared.

What if she had found a new Tom cat 🐈 He sat contemplating his next move.




So much had happened since Charlie had left Sasha, the twins from Charlie’s infidelity Susie and Sam had grown up and moved away after meeting new partners and Sasha now saw very little of them.

Kit Kat still lived in the meadow with Leon who was now a fully grown sheep, an unlikely coupling but it worked for them. Sasha had hoped for grand-kittens , now she wondered if she would have sheep-kittens 😼 but she wasn’t holding her breath.

Hardly a day went by when she didn’t think about Charlie, he had been the love of her life well five of them anyway!

A tear slowly trickled down Sasha’s face. 😿 This was not how her  life should be. She had been pursued by many Tom cats 😻😻😻😻 over the last two years but she simply was not that sort of cat! She was a one cat-cat! Charlie could never be replaced and she knew that she would probably spend the rest of her life alone.

Should she have forgiven Charlie for his wanderings. No, Sasha knew that she had done right putting her paw down but it had cost them both dearly. She wondered if Charlie ever thought about her and if he had settled down and had a new family.

Life felt so unfair to Sasha.

Charlie the cat.

It had been two years since Charlie left Sasha and Kit Kat. When the news of his cheating ways had been discovered by the arrival of twin kittens. He was so ashamed, hardly a day went by when he didn’t think about her.


He knew that he had taken the cowards way out by running away and wanted more than anything to go back, but would she be waiting with open paws 🐾 or would she have found love in the arms of another Tom cat?

Maybe now was the time to return to the meadow.

Charlie returns to the meadow

It was almost 3 weeks since Charlie had seen Sasha, he had run away because he felt so ashamed that his indiscretions had come out. Charlie had cheated on Sasha and as a result two kittens had been left for him to deal with. Overcome with guilt and panic he had fled from the meadow and had almost come to a sticky end. If it wasn’t for the kind vet he would have been in Kitty heaven now floating on a cloud watching his family from above.

He sat on the wall surveying the situation to see how Sasha would react.

To say that Sasha was shocked was an understatement! She had mixed emotions. She told Charlie to come and meet his kittens who she had named Susie and Sam.

Charlie walked across to see the kittens Susie had his eyes and Sam had his mother’s eyes which would be a constant reminder of his infidelity.

Sasha sat like stone not giving him any eye contact, he knew he had hurt her.

Would she ever forgive him, would her heart melt, he obviously had some serious sucking up to do. 🙀

Charlie’s fate!

Charlie felt like he was flying, in reality he was being carried down the long corridor where cats never came back from!

He was thinking of when he met Sasha and fell in love with her, life was so good then.

He remembered when she was in trouble having their son Kit-Kat and how they made the difficult journey to the kind vet who helped them.

That was such a worrying time, they did not realise that Kit-Kat was going to be so large.

He could almost hear the vets soothing tone saying that Sasha would not be able to have anymore kittens. He could hear that soothing voice now saying

” I know this cat, he has been missing from the meadow near my practice ”

It was the kindly vet who just happened to be covering for the usual vet who was on holiday.

” No way am I putting this cat to sleep, I’m taking him back with me. ”

“Let him sleep off the chloroform in the basket in the back of my Land Rover, ” I will take him back to the meadow where he belongs”

Charlie gave a contented sigh and fell asleep, he was saved.

How lucky was that 😉


The day of reckoning had come for Charlie and he was not going down that corridor where cats never came back from. The nurse approached his cage to get him out and Charlie went into full wild cat mode, hissing, spitting and claws exposed ready to fight for his life.


The nurse knew from experience that there was no way that she could handle Charlie and went to see the relief vet who had come to do the deed. 😟 He suggested that she put a little bit of chloroform on a rag and push it through the cage to relax the cat down.

She approached the cage with the rag and Charlie immediately sprang in full attack towards the front of the cage instantly inhaling the chloroform which sent his head spinning. Darkness descended all around him.

Was he dying, had he had all of his 9 lives? Was it was his time to go to kitty heaven!



Charlie and Sasha

It had been two weeks since Charlie  had run away from his love kittens and Sasha. Sasha had been so busy with the kittens who she had now fallen in love with, the kittens were adorable.

They had grown with the sheep milk and they were full of fun. The girl kitten who she had called Susie was always by her side. The boy kitten who she named Sam was full of mischief, he was forever climbing on to things including her!

The sheep had all accepted them in the meadow and Sasha was happy that she could talk to Kit Kat everyday. Kit-Kat was shocked by his father’s behaviour and surprised that he had run away from his responsibilities.

Meanwhile Charlie was beside himself locked in his cage, he had tried to escape many times but the staff were too vigilant and so far he had not been able to escape. His throat was raw with meowing he knew it was only a matter of time for him.

He had scratched one young lady and bit another in his quest to escape. He had heard from the other cats that if they did that then they wouldn’t be rehoused. No they went down a long corridor and were never seen again.

What was going to happen to Charlie would he never see the meadow again?


To say that Charlie was all-seeing and knowing  it’s surprising that he didn’t see two of his love kittens landing on his door step ( or should that be meadow ) He was deeply ashamed, yesterday was bad enough for Sasha when Kit-Kat did not want to go home with them preferring to stay with Leon and the llamas!

Charlie ran away, he ran for miles and miles before becoming exhausted and collapsing by the side of the road in a deep sleep.


When he awoke he did not know where he was! He was in a cage, was he at the vets. A lady had thought he was injured lying by the side of the road and had taken him to the cats rescue centre so he could be checked over. He had no collar or chip notifying who he belonged to so he had been put in a cage to rest and to wait until anyone reported him missing. If nobody came forward after two weeks he would be offered out for adoption…..and if nobody wanted him well! 😬   Oh Charlie what have you done now.

Meanwhile Sasha had gone back to the kittens, it wasn’t their fault that they had been born and left. She wrapped them in the blanket and decided to see if Cynthia the sheep had any idea how to keep them alive.

She found Cynthia and explained what had happened. Cynthia suggested that they ask one of the sheep who had given birth earlier that day to a stillborn lamb if she would let the kittens suckle some milk from her.

The sheep agreed, she was heavy with milk and it would relieve her if they did. The two kittens fed hungrily then fell into a contented sleep.



Charlie panicked when he saw how distraught Sasha was after seeing the consequences of his dalliance, he began to run, he needed time to think.


Sasha lifted her head and saw him running away , was this the cat that she married, the one who promised to be faithful as long as they both shall live. The kittens cries pulled her out of the fog of despair and she pushed back the blanket to look at the kitten .



It was definitely Charlie’s there was no doubt about that. It was all black with gold eyes, not Charlie’s green eyes. It must have it’s  mothers eyes thought Sasha.  Then she noticed that there was another kitten underneath the first one,  Sasha’s eyes opened in shock. There were two kitten in the blanket.

She quickly look at the note that their mother had left and found a blur on the end of love cat. It must have been from their mothers tears. It should have read cats!

This was too much to handle Sasha turned her back and began walking away. These kitten was nothing to do with her. Let Charlie sort out his own mess.


Oh dear, how will the kitten survive on their own, they could die!

The consequences of Charlie’s actions.

Kit and Leon waved Charlie and Sasha off, Kit did not realise that he had broken his mother’s heart 💔 he wasn’t to know that she was barren and would never have another kitten to replace him.

Sasha and Charlie walked home in silence, Charlie had tried his best but Sasha was inconsolable, her boy did not want to come home. Sasha felt like 100 years x 7 she felt like her life was over.

When they were almost home when they both heard a pitiful mewing coming from near the stone wall.

They ran towards the sound and both were astounded to find a kitten wrapped in a blanket with a note nearby. The note read.

To Charlie tomcat,

This is the consequences of our one night together, in which you promised would be the start of the first of many, I should have known that you were a typical tomcat and that you lied your way into my heart and bed!

I can’t manage on my own with another mouth to feed so here is here is your love child…..sorry, love cat 😉 she is all yours.



Charlie felt so ashamed of himself he had been caught and outed, it had only happened the once 🤥

He remembered that night when he went into town, he had drunk too much wine and then got chatting to Susie and one thing led to another and how he had sweet catted her into believing that it was the start of something special

He heard Sasha cry out in pain, oh no, what had Charlie done?

Boot camp over

It was a very difficult two weeks for Kit-kat he really went through the pain barrier, I could have written about it but didn’t for fear of being reported to the cat patrol. But what a change! Just look at the difference, it’s magic and Kit as he now likes to be known now has built up a strong relationship with both Leonard the llama and Leon the lamb.


Charlie and Sasha could not believe their eyes when they saw their son, they were so proud of him and very grateful to Leonard and Leon. There was a presentation and all the sheep cheered.


But then Kit dropped a bombshell, he did not want to leave the meadow and go home with Charlie and Sasha. Sasha was heartbroken by the news how could she survive without her boy?

Boot camp continued

Kit-Kat knew that if he wanted some food he would have to jog over with the llama to get it so taking a deep breath he set off with a determined look in his eyes, he could do this for food.

The sheep cheered him on , Leon ran alongside him, he could see the food getting closer, suddenly he couldn’t see it anymore.

Kit-Kat had fainted from all the effort he had put into running. Leonard the llama was not surprised he checked him over and told Leon that Kit-Kat would be fine. He has enough fat on him not to eat for a few weeks, when he comes round he can have a drink of milk then Leonard proceeded to have a drink of milk himself.

Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind,  Kit-Kat will be like a chocolate finger when we have finished with him.

This was not going to be an easy time for Kit-Kat…… how will he cope?

Day 1 of boot camp for Kit-Kat

Kit-Kat was dreaming that he was surrounded by food, he was smiling in his dream when he heard a shrill whistle! He tried to ignore it and just look at the food but he couldn’t, then he felt something breathing heavily and opened his eyes.

day 1 boot camp

He had such a shock, where was he, was he still dreaming , if it was it was a nightmare because the sun was not even up and Kit-Kat never rose before the sun. Suddenly he remembered yesterday and began mewing for his mother.

It’s no good crying said Leonard get up onto your feet, today is the first day of your fitness training. Kit- Kat started mewing for his mother this was indeed a nightmare.

Come on boy it’s time for your breakfast said Leonard, good thought Kit-Kat food his tummy rumbled in anticipation wondering what he was going to have.

We just need to jog over to your food said Leonard, what’s jog asked Kit-Kat? Run said Leonard, Kit-Kat definitely did not like the sound of that and began mewing again he wanted his mummy.

Poor Kit-Kat how was he going to manage living here! The sheep watched on mesmerised.



Meeting in the meadow

There was a very important meeting in the meadow, so important that Sidney, Cynthia, Lucy, Leon, Leonard, Leona, Charlie, Sasha and  Kit-Kat were in attendance.

Leonard the llama had called the meeting because he believed that he could help Kit-Kat, he had been watching what had been happening over the meadow wall and he realised that Kit-Kat needed some discipline

He proposed that Kit-Kat attended boot camp in the meadow with him. Sasha looked worried about the prospect but she could see the relief in Charlies eyes, surely its worth a go he said!

Sidney and Cynthia knew how they felt, after all Leon prefered to hang around with the llamas and he was extremely fit following their regime chasing around the meadow.

Charlie looked at Sasha then Kit-Kat and agreed they would give it a go. The llamas said to leave him with them and come back in two weeks. They fastened a collar and lead around Kit Kat who was less than impressed but because he was tired from the walk to the meeting place he followed meekly wh


Charlie and Sasha

Charlie and Sasha were at the end of their tether, Kit was causing them no end of problems. The farmer and the vet had come good with their promises and supplied food and milk for Kit but he was so greedy he was still arriving home with stolen KitKats.

He was getting bigger and bigger and to top it all he was not cleaning himself which was a definite no-no for Charlie and Sasha.

Charlie was worried that they would be asked to leave the meadow and then what would they do.

The llamas had heard that the new kitten was causing problems and they had an idea, but would it work?

Trouble for Charlie and Sasha

Charlie and Sasha were having a whispered conversation. Charlie was worried, he had tried to teach his son to hunt for food to no avail. The kitten was growing by the day, forever hungry and too heavy on his paws to catch anything himself.

He ate anything he could get his paws on and the other day he arrived home with a kit Kat biscuit which he had obviously stolen from somebody and had chocolate all around his face and whiskers!

Sasha was feeling desperate, they had been told that the farmer wanted to talk to Charlie! Had the Kit Kat belonged to the farmer? She would not sleep tonight for worrying.

The next day Charlie saw the farmer and the vet waiting to speak to him and quickly ran to meet them.

The farmer and the vet had been speaking about the cats and they quickly saw that the kitten was far bigger than a normal kitten. The farmer told Charlie that somebody was stealing his lunch on a daily basis and he believed it was the kitten.

Charlie didn’t know what to say he felt so ashamed of his son. He explained that whatever he and Sasha caught food wise the kitten was always hungry. It’s because he is growing at such a fast rate explained the vet, it’s not your fault Charlie.

The vet and the farmer then said that they would help by bringing some milk and cat biscuits which would fill the kitten up. “ Has he got a name yet “ asked the vet. Charlie shook his head. “We will call him Kit Kat “said the farmer “since he is partial to them, Kit for short.”

At last the kitten had a name and help was coming to ease Charlie and Sasha hunting. Charlie licked both the vet and the farmer in thanks then ran back to give Sasha and Kit the good news.

Sasha goes home.

The vet kept Sasha in for a week and after removing her sutures he had the entire family on his table to speak to them.

He told them it was important that Sasha still got plenty of rest until she was back to full strength. He told them that he had never seen such a large kitten in his life and he would take a lot of feeding. Charlie would need to teach him how to hunt as soon as possible. Charlie licked the vets hand to say thank you and they all went to a nearby meadow where Sasha could rest.

The vet had taken a photograph of them all before they left which is below.

Charlie, Sasha and kitten ( I can’t think of a name, any ideas ? )

Sasha’s operation.

The vet called Charlie over to talk to him. Now then he said, your good lady needs to have an operation as soon as possible. She is not having kittens she is having just one extremely large kitten and there is not a cat in hell chance that she can have this one normally 😉


I am going to have to give her an anaesthetic and open her up. I am going to have to remove her uterus and womb too, so no more babies for her I’m afraid. Charlie mewed in agreement and sat well back.

The vet put Sasha under anaesthetic and made a large incision on her tummy. He tied, cut and then lifted out her uterus and could make out the shape of the kitten. His daughter came in to helped and whilst he was stitching up Sasha she removed the kitten and started rubbing it in a warm towel. She cleared the kittens airwaves and it suddenly gave a gasp of breath.

To say that Charlie was relieved was an understatement. The vet checked over the kitten and told Charlie that he had a son. He allowed Charlie to visit Sasha in the recovery room.  She was in a cage with a heat lamp to help with the shock of the operation.

Charlie peeped through to let her know that she was safe and that their son was in the cage above and doing well, meanwhile she was to rest.