Another card idea

Every so often I completely change my colour palette, I do this for two reasons, one is so I can take myself out of my comfort zone, using the same colours day in and date out gets predictable. The other reason I change around is so that I can search for colours that I haven’t used a lot of.

Here is the end result. 🙂

I purposely left the top blank on my first template so that I can write a message such as below.

I’m still learning as I go, I’m really enjoying the different effects I can get from using a digital tablet.

Elaine 🌹

Angel card idea

I think a selection of angel cards may go down well in the local hospice, I appreciate that not everyone who visits the gift shop will be a believer in angels but I’m working on the fact that it may bring someone some comfort.

I’ve converted my original angel painting into a size which should sit on a card nicely, I had to do some resizing to make it look okay.

This is the sort of thing I would have bought when I was visiting my mum in the hospice before Christmas. I’ve just purchased a printer which will be ideal for cards and the ink bottles lasts approximately two years! Happy days.

Hopefully a selection of my cards may raise some money for the hospice, if they do I will continue to print and create more for them 😇

Card idea 3 and a Charlie story 😉


I’ve killed two birds with one stone!  A card idea and a painting for Charlie and Sasha’s story.

All was quiet in the meadow the sheep were grazing in the meadow and Charlie was sat on the wall thinking about Sasha. What would be her reaction when she saw him again. Charlie did not mind admitting he was scared.

What if she had found a new Tom cat 🐈 He sat contemplating his next move.


Trying out ideas for greeting cards.

It’s the first day I’ve got the chance to spend some time painting. I bought 250 card and envelopes on offer on Amazon so I decided that I’m not going to buy any more greeting cards ever again! They’re expensive and not really personal so from now on I’m making my own.

I was going to get my acrylic paints out but I find it so much easier using the digital method 🙄

This is the first one and now I’m going to try different styles 😊 Happy days.