New Hospital 😊

I’ve been transferred to the hospital where I will have my open heart surgery on Tuesday and guess what! IVE … More

Asleep in the day!

I am never having anymore antihistamine tablets again! I was given some because I kept itching and they do take … More

Awake in the night 2

How on earth is anyone expected to get better in hospital when you can’t sleep! Yes I’m in a moaning … More

Awake in the night!

It was my sister’s birthday the other day so I invited her out for afternoon tea at our local garden … More

Awake in the night!.

  Count your blessings one by one! That song is going around my head at the moment, there’s  nothing like … More

Awake in the night !

I was awake in the night for hours due to eating too many fairy cakes that our granddaughter made for … More

Awake in the night.

This is the fourth night in a row where I am wide awake in the night. Yet another night when … More

My new regime. 😊

  I decided after reading the book “The Monk who sold his Ferrari” that I was going to follow his … More

Awake in the night!

It’s been a while since I wrote an awake in the night post, but I can’t sleep.  I woke John … More

Awake in the night.

  It’s 3 o’clock in the morning ( isn’t that a song title) and here I am sat awake thinking … More