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Category: Awake in the night

Awake in the night!.

  Count your blessings one by one! That song is going around my head at the moment, there’s  nothing like being sat amongst a room full of sick people dealing with various cancers to give you a kick back into reality. After a positive consultation yesterday where I was described as borderline with a non life threatening blood cancer I can only feel relieved 😅 I’m booked in for a bone marrow biopsy at the beginning of March if my blood tests don’t come back better, hopefully my bloods will… Read more Awake in the night!.

Awake in the night again!

After a wild and windy day yesterday all is calm, the full moon is shining through my window and I’m wide awake. My painting journey is taking me on so many twists and turns as I sit here in the lounge looking at so many different paintings on my wall. Yesterday I prepared a canvas in my new-found marble effect style Now I’m wondering what I am going to add to it 😬  First I will have to add a bit more water and smudge the colours together. I love… Read more Awake in the night again!

Awake in the night.

This is the fourth night in a row where I am wide awake in the night. Yet another night when my memory foam pillow feels like a cement block, no matter how much I turn it around, it is not playing. I threw it on the floor at one stage and got my old feather and down pillow out which at first felt so good but then in a matter of minutes felt like an old goose! After throwing that on the floor I searched around in the dark for… Read more Awake in the night.

My new regime. 😊

  I decided after reading the book “The Monk who sold his Ferrari” that I was going to follow his advice and start a new daily regime ( is that the right word) John my editor is still laid in bed)   So basically I decided to seize the day by rising earlier. I didn’t have a particularly good night sleep 😴 after thinking someone was chasing me I all but leapt out of bed at midnight which shook me up for a while. Then I kept looking at the… Read more My new regime. 😊

Awake in the night!

It’s been a while since I wrote an awake in the night post, but I can’t sleep.  I woke John up to tell him I was restless and that I had seen some children sat on the floor at the side of my bed! He just grunted, patted me like a dog and said, “It’s ok go back to sleep ”  Can you believe that 😲 When I looked at the clock it was 01.01 am. Then I was wide awake 🤔 wondering if that formation of numbers had some… Read more Awake in the night!