First Apartment Residential Meeting.🌹

We have our next apartment meeting next Friday, here is what happened at the last one 😬😉


Picture the scene, John and I walking into the residential lounge in our apartment block for our first ever residential meeting.

There were quite a few people sat in the lounge already.

Good morning I said and everyone said good morning back, I felt so awkward. To break the ice I said it’s like being a hotel and coming down for breakfast. They laughed at that, thank goodness they got my humour…….. This how it went from then!

Large man:   Wait till the fighting starts

Me:  What!

Thin lady with fluffy slippers:  Oh yes, hmm, it was two women last time.

Me: looking at John , I said loudly, perhaps we should sit near the exit then.

That brought another laugh from the crowd.

There late said one resident looking at her watch,

Large man: No they have two minutes, I think that they have just pulled up,  yes it’s them, they have one minute to go.

I looked out of the window to see the two women running up the driveway, obviously knowing that they were cutting it fine and what reception they would get.

Two officers:  Opening the door, Good morning everyone, how are we all today

Large man:  You’re late

Two officers:   No its just half past, shall we get on with the meeting.

I won’t bore you with it all but there were some bits that amused me which I will tell you about.

Large man’s thin wife:   We are aware  that dogs can visit residents here but we have noticed that one whippet is staying over.

Two officers: We would need proof of that happening

Another man:  What do we have to do? Should we go round with a poop a scoop to collect evidence

Another lady:  We could knock on her door and ask if we can take a photo of the dog having a sleepover.

By this time I was giggling so much, I knew it would make a post on here.

A stern looking lady:    it’s not going to be a problem for much longer, the lady has said she is moving out.

A general mumble went round the room of approval.

The poor woman I thought, I really liked seeing that whippet, it was as good as gold.

Two officers: Is there anything else?

Large man’s thin wife:  The lift was out-of-order the other week and I had to ring the help line I know it’s a local call but I felt they made me wait and I was paying for the call. I don’t suppose that could be knocked off the service charge?

Two offices: No sorry.

Loud woman: When the gardeners come to do the gardens they are blowing the leaves over the fence and leaving them there. Why can’t they blow them into a pile and then take them away with them.

Two officers: They are not contracted to take them away, non of our sites offer that facility.

Loud woman:  Well the odd leaf can blow back over and it looks a mess.

Me: thinking to myself let me get out of here!

Eventually the meeting drew to a close I felt for the two officers and when she said is that it for today. I had to speak up and say:

I know we have not been here very long, but can I just say how welcomed we have be made to feel and how beautiful the apartments are, such a beautiful location and everywhere is spotlessly clean .

Large man’s thin wife:  That’s because we have meetings like this, we keep the standards up.

Two officers: Thank you that is lovely to hear and nice to end the meeting on a positive.

Quick I said to John let’s get out of here before we get lynched ! and we hurried out of the lounge saying Bye bye everyone.

To be fair a few people did say Goodbye back to us, the rest are probably plotting our demise !

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I had a dream.🌹




John is full of cold at the moment which I find hard to believe when we are living in this sub tropical apartment, not using the heating because it’s obviously coming up from the apartments below……. anyway we both got up in the night for a cup of tea and as usual we both got into a deep conversation this time about the daily stats on word press.  I have to remind myself sometimes that I created this blog to offload a lot of sad poems and memories and maybe help some people along the way too.  Not to become a numbers freak.

But I wanted to share with you my happiness when yesterday I had 204 views, 120 likes, and 70 comments.  I think that shows a good balance, people are looking and actually reading what I have written, liking the content and in some cases taking the time to comment too. That is important to me, it’s not just a numbers game.

I have connected with some beautiful souls, I have learnt many things, I have sympathised, found and given empathy and felt saddened by people’s unhappiness and hardship.

When we went back to bed my brain was still buzzing so I continued reading my book Enlightenment Through the Path of Kundalini.I feel like I have become a jigsaw and all of the pieces are gradually being put back in their right places. I feel as if I am going back in time to that happy place when I was young without a care in the world.

I like I am finally finding the meaning to my existence. I feel like I should have a dramatic orchestra playing in the background LOL I am feeling dramatic.

Anyway, I finally went back to sleep and I had a dream. I could see clearly a website which looked so amazing it was really bright in colour.  When I looked closer it was a new website that I had written about my life and spiritual awakening.

Now I have split my website in to two sites previously and it did not work for me. I flitted between the two basically putting the same posts on both of them . Not much point doing that and paying for the privilege too, so I cancelled the new site.

I am feeling slightly confused at the moment, I think the time may have come for me to write my life story 😬 from childhood to now. It will be an interesting read for some. It’s excites me, it also scares me too 😳

What do you think, should I do it on this site or should I create another site which would just be about my spiritual journey, or should I resist ?


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Our new rug is really a magic carpet!🌹



My daughter and her family called yesterday and she noticed our new rug which she thought was very nice. I told her about trying to iron the creases out of it. Now bearing in mind that she is a technical engineer at a fabric company, she knows her stuff. After feeling the rug she said well it’s obviously not wool it feels like polypropylene.

“Poly what” I replied

“Basically its a cheap rug” she said

“Gee thanks” I said,” I only got it because it was the right colours”

John jumped in then saying

John:  It certainly likes me, it has started following me round the room, in fact I am thinking about taking it out for a run.

Me: Great idea, I will  enter you both in the next local  marathon. 😉

John: ha ha

Me:   If you picked your feet up when you walked that would not happen, it’s the same in the night when you get up to go to the toilet, I hear your feet dragging across the carpet.

John:  Sorry I will try levitating in future, looking at my daughter, I don’t drag my feet at all. You know what your mother is like for exaggerating!

My daughter sat laughing and said I will ask someone at work if they can suggest what to do to get the last few wrinkles out but I think you may have to live with them.  It does look good though it’s the perfect colour to match everything.

We are still awaiting feedback, I love my cheap rug, the jury is still out with John, he might have to nail it to the floor!


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Royal visit! Apartment Living take 2


After finally calming down after feeling the effect of the full moon,  I am now on a high after resuming my long term habit of  (eating marshmallows) John was watching me stuff them in my mouth so I stopped to tell him that eating marshmallows helps me to be creative.

His responsive was: “Creative my arse” (which was not very nice) So I told him that  I was going to write that in my next post. That way the people who feel sorry for him living with me can see his true colours!

Then he said can you spell the word arse ?

( I think I have spelled it correctly, there is a red line under it but perhaps that is because it’s not a word I  use very often.)

I know let me try derriere, yeah that works

Now how about rear end, yup that works

(have another marshmallow)

Anyway I digress (Bag Lady) your not the only one who has waited to use that word!

Today my Mum and sister called to see the apartment, my mum has actually been twice before but it was the first time for my sister. Now I am sure that quite a lot of people  reading this would understand that when you have someone visiting, you tidy round. YES?  well I am like that x 100.

I got stuck in cleaning what really did not need cleaning and as I walked into the wet room with my mop and bucket John said the following:

John:   Your not mopping the floor again are you, you only did it a couple of day ago

Me:  Yes of course I am, there are splashes under the shower curtain across the floor from our showers this morning.

John:  well I thought you would want to leave it like that. Then they can see just how far the water goes and that it does not completely cover the floor

Me:  are you actually being serious?

John:  Yes, then if ever they want a wet room they can see the floor does not get flooded completely.

I just shook my head and went in to the bathroom to clean around and wash the floor. I put the cheap toilet paper that John had bought at the back of the bathroom cabinet so it would remain unseen  and put my preferred  quality toilet paper on the holder which John got me after I complained, okay moaned about the cheap stuff.

Then John reappeared, why is he always at the back of me!

John:  Why are you changing the toilet roll

Me: Because I am, if you think I am going to let my sister and mother think this see through stuff is what we use everyday you can think again.

John:    Cheap stuff my arse he replied and walked off.

I think I better stop eating these marshmallows now, I am changing out of all recognition .


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My new baby has arrived, part 2 of the great rug debate!



Finally afte waiting for 24 hours my baby has arrived, after lots of puffing and panting (from John)the new baby is here, but omg how wrinkled is this baby, it almost resembles an old man! (Sorry that’s a sexist comment) it resembles an old person.

As soon as I saw it rolled up tightly in the packaging it was instant attraction and I said to John.

Me:   just look at it, it’s so beautiful

John:   it’s rug.

Me:   how can you say it’s a rug, it’s not just any rug !

John:   how can anyone get so excited about a rug

Me:   why is it so wrinkly ?

John:   it’s been wrapped up tightly for I don’t know how long

Me:   could you roll it the other way round to see if it un wrinkles

John:    Have you lost the use of your arms?

Me:     No but you need to move this other one

John:   I am sick and tired of moving rugs around, where shall I put it?

Me:   In the hallway for the time being, you were just going to lie the new one on top of the old one weren’t you, how could we get the true effect then?

John:   It’s a rug.

Me:   can you see the effect I was trying to get? I was trying to draw the outside in, pick up the grey from the settee and the curtains, then the green from the walls, whilst having the pop of orange to spice it up.

John:   hmm.

Me:   Can you just stand up while I take a photograph

John:   what! Sighs and moves out of shot.

Me:   now move away from the rug unless you want to be in the photo.

John:   Oh I’ve had enough of this walking into his office to get away.

Me:   don’t go too far John, the old rug will be going in the dining area, I have a new tablecover coming today, it was a right bargain.

Office door bangs shut.

Me: Someday he will understand what I mean!

I hope these wrinkles go soon, I might have to get my steamer out!  JOHN!

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The great rug debate!



Yesterday morning after a very sleepless night due to high winds like I have never heard before, I got up feeling restless and announced to John that I thought we needed a new rug for the lounge

Nothing strange in that I bet your thinking, but me wanting a new rug is not a rare occurrence. Since we have been together we must have bought erm let me think!   8 rugs. Yes 8. When I suggested this to John he threw his arms up in disbelief.


What another new rug

What do you want another rug for

There is nothing wrong with this one

How many rugs do you need

You buy rugs and they end up going into storage

Why do you want another rug


To which I replied:

But I think another rug will change the whole dynamics of the room

I want a rug that has some green in to match the wall

And some grey in to match the settee

Beige is so boring

Plus I want a thinner one

What size in feet and inches is 2.3m x 1.6

Just look at this rug it looks lovely holding out my Ipad


Johns response

Backing away

It’s the same size as this one

What do we need another rug for

I’m not looking at any rugs

No don’t show me we don’t want or need another rug


I replied

Just look at it , holding out my Ipad


Johns response

Walking backwards again, I’m not looking at it

I want nothing to do with it

We don’t need one

You will please yourself

I am going out for a train ride

He then put his coat on and left to take a train ride.


I sat thinking it’s only a rug I am not wanting to donate my eggs for fertilization (not that they would be any good now as there non-existent), better example, I am not wanting to get a pony or dare I say it MOVE HOUSE!!! its a rug!

I sat looking at the rug on the website and read all of the comments. It’s a beautiful rug, well worth the money.

I SO want this rug, so I made an executive decision and pressed the purchase button.


I texted John during the day and as usual he ended his text with the words Love you

I responded …. The rug is coming tomorrow, do you still love me?

He responded…. Of course xx

I responded… I do love you.

He deserves a medal putting up with me and my rug fetish . Hopefully someday he will understand the importance of a nice rug!


part two with photo to follow :

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The first day of the year, apartment living. 🌹


We had a visit from my daughter and her family this afternoon, they had walked down to our apartment and were all very cold when they arrived.  Very soon they were saying how warm it was , even though we had no heating on ! I told them they should go downstairs and thank the lady below and the one below her. Their heating must be rising up keeping us toasty warm.

I have visions of the couple who live up above us sat in deck chairs with very little clothing on, On second thoughts scrap that thought, not a nice vision, why does my imagination run away with me like this, it is not a gift at all having a good visual imagination

My mum rang to tell me that one of her grandsons had rung her to  wish her Happy New Year and asked her if she went out last night, now bearing in mind she is 85, she replied

“Oh yes, I went out promenading”

To which he replied, “what does that mean”

“I was out till all hours she said chatting up the men”

To which he laughed and said, “What would Granddad have said”

She told him he was a silly beggar asking such stupid questions. Then told him she did not want a visit from him and his tribe today so to keep away!

I asked her if she had heard the fireworks at midnight, to which she replied, “No they must not have had any this year” yeah right I thought, obviously you were asleep.

The fireworks here woke John and I up they were extremely loud after being used to hearing nothing night after night, not that I am complaining its great.

All in all a great start to the new year


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Apartment Living, Christmas Day


Well I must say we are loving this apartment living, after living here 26 days we have got used to the climate change (not outside) but in the apartment, after living in an older house, which for me personally I found cold, we have gone from one extreme to the other. Obviously, my blood must have warmed now because now I am very comfortable.

We still can’t get over just how quiet it is here. On Christmas morning, we woke up about 8.30 am and all as usual everywhere was silent. A few cars were missing from the car park so I assumed that maybe some residents were away visiting family.

I had a lovely surprise looking out of the kitchen window, when on the banking going down to the brook I saw a fox. A festive fox on Christmas morning.  We had arranged to visit my youngest daughter and family to take our presents and see what the children had been lucky enough to receive, so locking our front door we headed along the carpeted corridor to the lift and I said to John “listen” he replied “what I can’t hear anything” “exactly” I whispered. We both laughed.

When we got outside the building on our way around to the car park we passed the communal lounge where quite a few of the residents were gathered, they all started waving at us and we waved back. I cannot believe the friendliness of the people living here. I have lived in many different houses but I have never lived among such a friendly bunch.

I think that they have built up a community here because the apartments are only four years old and therefore everyone was new at the same time and in and among us newbies have arrived and been welcomed into the fold.

Our granddaughter’s face lit up when she opened her Kellogg’s cereal flavoured lip balms, I had to smell each one in turn, YUK! She loves them that’s the main thing. Our grandson was happy with the build together Mario cars too and immediately started building them which was good considering he had received an Xbox from Santa that he was hoping for.

Leaving them we picked up Mum to bring her back to the apartment for Christmas lunch.  Mum was on good spirits telling us that she had been visited the day before by one of her grandsons with his children, but that he did not know when it was time to go, so she had got all the children’s presents and said to him. “well it was nice to see you all, here are your presents” she told me he stood up, said ” thank you “and then sat down again.

Mum said he obviously did not take the hint so I waited five minutes and then stood up and went to the door opened it and said well” I will let you get off now”,” OH mum you didn’t” I said. “I did she said they had been here long enough”

We brought mum back to the apartment and came up in the lift, walking along the corridor she said, it’s just like a hotel in here, it’s very quiet!

We had a lovely lunch, the turkey was perfect, well it would be Mum cooked it! Although she is still saying that her false teeth are not sharp anymore! Hmm only your tongue, I thought but obviously I was not brave enough to say.

After a three course lunch, which she ate like a good un,  we collapsed on the sofa then watched the Queen’s speech, then when mum announced she was ready for home we escorted her home. A good day was had by all. ….

Memories I am sure I will look back on in years to come.

Apartment living continued


I am pleased to report that we had the best nights sleep ever last night after making a few changes in the bedroom.

Our feet now face North, the bed has been turned around

The blackout blind has been fitted to the window, it is now pitch black in the room

I have covered the mirror which was facing our bed ! ( feng shui tip)

I keep the hall door shut so that the mirror in the hall can’t see me either!

We turned off the little guide light in the bathroom, so have to be careful now not to miss the toilet when landing!

We closed the lounge door which shone light through from outside, we don’t close the curtains in the lounge with living on the second floor (only the birds can see in)

The memory foam mattress is now regaining its memory of my body shape

The birds slept better outside the window because our cream window blind was not reflected by the football stadium lights outside making them think it was dawn

See how a few simple steps has enabled us to have a good night’s sleep. Easy really.

It’s strange I thought we lived in the country at our previous house, admittedly a few cars passed on their way to work, there was a big machine plant down the lane, the farmer took his tractor in and out of the fields across from us. Oh and the fire engine came round the tight bend blaring when on a call out but we thought it was peaceful.

Peaceful is living in this apartment, I have lived in flats before where you felt like you were living in the same house as others, but oh my goodness the quietness here is deafening. I love it don’t get me wrong, but it is taking some getting used to. How can a block of 30 apartments be so quiet. Admittedly they are for the over 55 but are most of the residents living in pods, like the film cocoon?

We are going to the Christmas get together this Sunday so I should get to know more then. John is a little bit scared, he tells me that there appears to be a lot of single ladies living here and he thinks that some of them see him as new pray!  He told me he tries not to give eye contact because he does not want to give them the wrong impression!!!  I fell about laughing, but as he rightly pointed out he does not want to offend anyone when he turns down their advances

Apartment living don’t you just love it!


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Apartment Living.


Our memory foam mattress appears to have lost its memory in our recent house move . Either that or its protesting about being moved twice in the last year, maybe the removal men bent it into four when they put it into the lift and it has come over all confused!

The first few nights we slept like babies, probably due to exhaustion through the move! Since then it has been difficult, we are down to the summer quilt now and a few vents open in the window. John says I am lying the wrong way in bed now and the mattress must be thinking who is this strange woman, I know I’ve put seven pounds on, but come on mattress, give me a break. It’s only a couple of years old surely it should not be so set in its ways that I have to lay in the same position all the time

After studying the internet I informed John that we should not be laying with our feet facing in a Southwards direction, so after spinning the bed round it looks like a different room, really cool, I bet you all envy John living with me, go on admit it you’re a little bit jealous.

With us having a running brook outside our bedroom window, along with trees we have found that the birds sing nearly all night! yup. John thinks it may be due to the security lights which are fixed just below our bedroom window and light up outside just like a football stadium. Safety first though, we old people need good lighting! We never know when we are going to go for a wander down to the river during the night for a dip!

It does not help that we chose a lovely cream blind with little cut out squares at the bottom for the bedroom, funny that because we chose light grey black-out blinds for the dining and kitchen windows which we never pull down!

We, that is the royal we, are going to change the blind in the bedroom, perhaps buy a black, blackout blind one that you can’t hear the birds through type. It will probably have to be a bespoke one, but hey ho we are now saving on the heating costs.  Don’t get me wrong I love the sound of birds singing I can hear them now, tweeting but I need some sleep.

My dear old mother also upset me yesterday when I called in to see her to be greeted with the words, “Not you again” I only called in to give her an ornament that I no longer needed. Here was me worrying that she would think I had deserted her moving three miles away.

Secretly I think she was annoyed because I interrupted her online betting she was probably at the crucial part of placing a 10p each way bet on a horse.  I soon galloped out of the paddock and homeward bound after that comment.


Well thats my moaning for the day over with.


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Countdown to moving complete



Well I can’t believe that three weeks tomorrow was the first time we viewed this apartment and now we have moved in. We were not even looking to move, we had put our names down two and a half years ago but had not thought about it for a long while.

When the opportunity arose it appeared as a blessing, here we were being offered permanent housing for as long as we live. The apartments are only four years old so they are well-built, sound proofed and insulated. Close to a small town center, our local shop round the corner is a supermarket !

The train station is a five minutes walk away which is a massive bonus for John who is a real railway enthusiast. Anyway as promised here are a few photographs for you to take a look at.

Moving Day part 1



Moving out day today, the removal men came around 12.15pm two young men both very quiet which I later found out they were from Lithuania and could speak only a little English.  They were so polite and such hard workers too.

I remained here at the house so I could give it a good clean through, I could not believe the cobwebs that were in this mock fireplace 😳 The house looks so different as you would expect with very little left in it.

All that’s I am leaving here are the memories, mainly ill health which now thank goodness have gone. It’s onwards and upwards another page turned and a new chapter about to begin.

All that I can hear now is the echo of an empty house.  Be happy little house. 😀💋

Countdown to moving 5


Finally it is all coming together, after purchasing a curtain pole our dark grey velvet curtains are now hanging in the double door window in the lounge, along with two new light grey blinds in the dining and kitchen area.

The masking tape has been removed from around the ceilings and skirting boards, the carpets vacuumed and the floors washed.  Back at our current home the drawers and wardrobe have been emptied along with the most of the cupboards. We the still have pictures hung around the house they will be taken over tomorrow when the main furniture is in place.

Now I am excited. One more sleep to go then its all change. Yes I admit I feel jaded but I am happy to report that any anxieties or reservations have now faded, I know without doubt that we are doing the right thing 😉


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Countdown to moving 3


If anyone had told me that we would move yet again this year I would have laughed, to move four times in the last two years is unbelievable.

When I met John I lived in my little one bed flat, which although it was very nice we felt that we would like to be in a home that we had chosen together, so we made the decision to move.

We wanted to have a 2/3 bed house,  I suppose I wanted to turn the clock back to pre-divorce, living on my own in a one bedroomed flat did not feel like I was living in the real world, which I know may sound strange. I had always been used to living with family.

I have to admit I enjoyed living on my own. I had control of the TV box (joking) I listened to music most of the time, wearing earphones because of Mr Grumpy in the flat below. It was a proper healing time for me. It was hard, without doubt, but a definite learning curve and one if I am honest I needed. It was then that I realised that material things did not matter, neither did money or rather more money than I needed to live. Both husband 1 and 2 were very money orientated which I have come to realise was to cover their own insecurities.

I can laugh now when my son-in-laws remind me about when they met husband no 2 and he handed them a business card (he had taken early retirement a few years earlier) he was dripping in gold, rings, bracelets, chains. He even had a diamond in his tooth!

His money did not attract me to him, it was his kindness, patience, and listening skills. I was so badly damaged and so naive and trusting I suppose I was lucky I did not get taken in by someone seriously harmful. (I did not know then, that he was a man who often walked away from his debts)!

Anyway I digress, obviously another leakage of my past that had to come out!  So John and I moved to a 3 bed house, I felt free to make a noise and made a lovely bedroom so our grandchildren could stay over….. but it did not feel right, I was not happy, the area held a lot of memories plus the landlord was too slow to do repairs which annoyed the hell out of me when we were paying quite a lot of rent, so we moved.

The next house was a two bedroomed property with a garage and a drive. The garage would not take a car! strange I know but it was okay for storage. It was further away from both my mum and my daughters and when a bridge was brought down by the floods last Christmas it put even a longer time on our journey


So we moved to where we are now and I honestly thought that we would stay here for quite a few years. Yes the stairs are quite steep and now its winter the windows could benefit from better double glazing but I was definitely not looking to move.

When we were contacted to view an apartment which we had actually put our names down for two years plus ago,  John and I said we would go, more out of curiosity than definite interest. When we were blown away by the location, standard and views that this potential apartment gave us we thought that maybe it was a gift being sent our way and snapped it up.

So we have booked the removal company for this Thursday  and it was with vim and vigor that we painted the large lounge/kitchen and the two bedrooms in the last few days and are now in the process of packing yet again into brown boxes. Is it worth unpacking them when we get there?……

Just kidding John honest !


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Countdown to moving 2


Had another fun filled day painting the new apartment, I have to say I am very pleased so far with the apple white paint.  It’s  looking lovely,  very mellow and calming.

Our outlook changes by the day. We can see much more of the stream to the side of the apartment and the river to the front. There are only a few leaves left clinging for dear life now on the branches of the trees outside our windows.

I love the fact that we are on the second floor, I had forgotten the benefits of living above the ground floor. It always seems very quiet in the building although there are quite a few cars in the car park I thinks the apartments must have good soundproofing .. 😊

It amazes me how many people are still walking around their allotments , I thought that allotments were a summer thing!  But there again I am no gardener so I am happy to share theirs 😉

We appear to have acquired a lodger which although I have been tolerant he has got to go! YUK 🕷


I am confident that we will make the apartment a beautiful home, its still new and it has been looked after, although saying that I have never seen so many holes filled in anywhere. So today has been a day for sanding down before beginning to paint.

John and I work well as a team, he does the masking taping and I apply the paint. I find painting therapeutic and like to see the instant results.

The cottage that we are in at the moment is looking emptier by the day, we take a couple of crates of things across every day and its amazing how different anywhere looks when you start taking things down from the walls. A home is only a home when you make it your own, when it has your own stamp on it.

Yes things are a little chaotic at the moment due to me stressing about getting everything done before Christmas, but as each day passes I can see that it will all come together, hopefully 😬😳🙄


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Countdown to moving.


Now back from a few days away visiting family in Cornwall we are back to it getting the apartment ready for our forthcoming move.  I took a few photographs today. Its hard not to stand and look out of the window and do nothing because the views are really good.

We want to paint and freshen up everywhere before we begin to move our furniture over and I have been sat this afternoon using these photographs on the Dulux website using the magic of the vision maker, basically changing the colour on the walls. Great fun but a little frustrating because I want to get it right!

It’s so bright in the room with it being South facing and it is currently  magnolia but personally I think it is so old-fashioned nowadays. We are leaning towards apple white which is a very pale green which, hopefully will bring the outside in especially in Spring.

I cant wait to begin tomorrow, I hope it looks good, the anticipation is so great!

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