The fox 2 🦊

Every so often I feel the pain of giving birth to a painting! Well here he is.   Trust me it was a very difficult labour, he took some pushing and pulling and I even had to behead him a few times 😬 I almost threw the painting tablet out of the window! I won’t […]

The fox

I’ve been working for a while on two fox paintings, I’ve finally finished this one today, the other one will not cooperate at all , hopefully he will give in tomorrow and make my life easier! I can’t help wondering why I didn’t take up knitting instead of painting! Copyright © 2018 Rose paintings, all […]

The head of the herd!

The head of the herd found Florentine the flower girl sat on top of a mountain Please may I have a friendship flower asked the big powerful elephant Of course said Florentine, please will you plant it in rich soil then it will multiply then eventually everyone in the world will be friends The wars […]