I just started reading and the urge came!

I was sat quietly reading and the urge came over me to paint, later I thought to myself because I was actually enjoying my new book .

NO a voice in my head said “GO PAINT NOW,” so who am I to argue! 😳

I painted lots of lines going upwards in off white, bright white, flesh tint and pink and low and behold out of the lines came this little beauty

😇 Now I can read again!

Angel card idea

I think a selection of angel cards may go down well in the local hospice, I appreciate that not everyone who visits the gift shop will be a believer in angels but I’m working on the fact that it may bring someone some comfort.

I’ve converted my original angel painting into a size which should sit on a card nicely, I had to do some resizing to make it look okay.

This is the sort of thing I would have bought when I was visiting my mum in the hospice before Christmas. I’ve just purchased a printer which will be ideal for cards and the ink bottles lasts approximately two years! Happy days.

Hopefully a selection of my cards may raise some money for the hospice, if they do I will continue to print and create more for them 😇

Five little angels. 😇



Five little angels clapped with glee

When they saw the hope in me

Four little angels played in a band

sprinkling joy across the land

Three little angels did cartwheels

pulling me upwards by my heels

Two little began to sing

knowing that great joy would bring

One little angel kissed my face

happy that I was filled with grace.


©Elaine’s blog, 2019, all rights reserved





It’s good to touch someone 😇

I rang the McMillan nurse yesterday who used to come out to visit mum before she found her a place in the hospice. I wanted to thank her for all what she had done for my mum and for my sister and I.

I thought it was Monday morning and she was probably starting another tough week and I wanted her to know just how much she is appreciated. She was touched by my call and said it was very rare that she heard from the relatives after the patient had passed.  Hopefully it gave her a good start to the  week. 😇

Another angel for my book 😉

We should all try!



I try to understand this world that we live in

I try to comprehend what I’m feeling so deeply within

I try to understand why negativity is breeding

I try to understand why greed for the material is feeding.


I try to be positive when the rest of the world is crying

I try to understand why people are ill and why they are dying

I try to bring peace to others in their time of need

I try to not let those dark feelings inside me succeed.


I try to find forgiveness to my fellow human beings

I try to make them feel compassion and be all-seeing

I try to show them the beauty of the world that we live in

I try to point out that they should be dancing and singing.


I try to bring happiness and joy to those of us who need it

I try to dispel their sadness by helping them not to feed it

I try to bring joy and laughter in the small things I do

I try hard to explain things, then it is all down to you


It is down to every individual person in the world to make changes within themselves to make our world a better place to live in. We can’t change everyone else but we can change ourselves.