The enlightened eye!

I remember above a year ago painting this below in acrylic paint. 1   This is a new digital painting … More

Digital v traditional art!

I’ve become a little bit disillusioned doing digital art! Let me rephrase that, I am finding digital art too difficult to … More

Who needs wallpaper!

It’s good that we chose to have plain painted walls although I don’t think either of us thought it would … More

For Cheryl

Here’s one especially for my good friend Cheryl who likes wolves! I’m only sorry that I can’t give you the … More

Seeing stars !

Loving splashing the paint to make stars now, second painting of the galaxy 😉

This made me smile.

Sometimes when I am doing a painting and I’m not sure which direction it will go I take a photo … More

Painting in the night!

I must be feeling better because I’m up painting! It’s 2.12am but when the urge strikes me I just can’t … More

Awake in the night.

It’s been a while since I’ve been up in the night but this cold bug is keeping me awake so … More

And finally.

Finally Finally,  my last painting of the year, may your new year be special and magical in every way… Many … More

The Snow family.

I told you I have been busy with no internet connection! Yet another painting for my homemade Christmas cards. 😉