My painting journey.

It will come as no surprise when I say I love digital painting! When I first began painting I painted in the traditional way with mainly acrylic paints on canvas.

My first ever attempt painting was in oils and it was a fish! Impressive NOT! but I persevered .

With practice ( lots of practice ) and lots of encouragement from other bloggers I gradually improved and there was no stopping me. I have put all my acrylic paintings back on this site and can be found in the top menu.

Painting with acrylics and buying canvases is not cheap! and gradually I had over one hundred canvases

I had paintings in every room but the bathroom ! Finally I rang out of wall and apartment space so I was giving my paintings away to family members ( I never thought they were good enough to sell) Then I turned DIGITAL and it was like starting all over again. Practice, practice, practice. Now I love working with digital and would encourage anyone to have a go. It’s relaxing, too relaxing lol, I’m sat here at 12.05 and I’m not even dressed yet 🤭 but then again I am still in recovery 🤕❤️

Digital v traditional art!

I’ve become a little bit disillusioned doing digital art!

Let me rephrase that, I am finding digital art too difficult to master 😏

More difficult would you believe than painting by hand with a canvas, paint and brushes 🙄 I know that with practice I could master digital art, but do I really want to? That’s the question I keep asking myself. Can I actually be bothered? 😒

I sat this morning retouching a couple of paintings that I did previously. My lady in the garden had faded, I still had a photo of her all her glory but on the wall she looked tired, I couldn’t take my eyes off her because she was just above the T.V. Well now she is restored.



I had also painted another painting that I was not one hundred percent happy with so I added to that one too! It was too dark so I added some light green and white into it. Painting by hand felt so easy. 🙂

Then I received a message asking if I had tried multi media art?  After asking the question, what exactly is multi media art? It was explained that I could create something digitally then finish it the traditional way.

What do you think?

Which do you prefer?

Elaine 🙂


Sometimes I wish I had never started painting 😔


Part two ……

After spending eight hours painting yesterday I ended up with this.

Which I tried looking at from all directions

Nope 👎 John said it looked like a dice 🎲 so I decided that surgery would have to be performed to remove one of the planets.  I scrubbed up and put on my gloves

I always wear gloves now because I’m a messy painter 😔 I get paint all over me and my surrounding area, I put it down to my artistic flair, John puts it down to my clumsiness. 😳

I decided rather than cut the planet out I would cover it so I painted around a plastic plate 😉

Erm! Why is my plate not round??? 🤔 Anyway I began painting over the planet with white heavy duty paint.

I couldn’t understand why the previous planet was still showing through 😤 I then had the idea 💡 of painting it yellow. I also painted out the blue planet above as it was very close.

OMG 😮 now it looked like a cross between a pizza and a fried egg. 🍳 I decided to paint it darker, throwing paint on to it some of which missed the canvas 😬

Great 😳 Now it’s an omelette! and the planet I painted out above it previously looks like a tennis ball. 🎾 Now my adrenaline was really starting to  kick in, is it any wonder I’m on BP medication 🤭 I applied water to the omelette and scrubbed it off the canvas! The previous planet underneath was still intact . 😤

I was running around the room like a headless chicken 🐓 why on earth do I put myself through this. 😫 😫😫

Once sanity had resumed I painted my new planet blue and the one above it dirty white ( I had some black paint on my brush) I decided the planet on the top left needed brightening up so I chose a lovely orange shade.

It really was not my day today,  the damn planet turned into a Jaffa orange 🍊 Not to be phased I decided some champagne glitter might make it darker 😊

Then decided to add gold to my blue planet!

I twirled my brush round and round in the blue planet.  This would not beat me!

I added the gold to my Jaffa orange, sorry other planet and got this result 😬

😎 Bright eh! I also added some colours to the last planet.

Then came all the straightening up. I added gold, champagne and white stars, then painted some out again! Then I defined the planets again and showed John who looked baffled 😮. I got 🤬 he got 😬 and we agreed to disagree! John is very factual where as I’m very much fantasy! I don’t even know what planets look like never mind their formations 😳

Anyway this is it, I doubt very much that it will go onto my Etsy site.  Hey, I’ve just had a thought! It still looks like a dice 🎲 😉 Today has definitely been a day of compromise!


For Cheryl

Here’s one especially for my good friend Cheryl who likes wolves! I’m only sorry that I can’t give you the original canvas 😟 I-can however send you it by email and you can get it printed on to canvas locally or a print 😃

Howling at the Moon which I have copied from Pixaby so it won’t be one that I will be selling. When we eventually meet Cheryl I will bring the original!

Elaine x

Awake in the night.

It’s been a while since I’ve been up in the night but this cold bug is keeping me awake so I decided to get up and make a cup of tea along with a biscuit, okay 3 medicinal biscuits to clear my airwaves. 😐

I can hear the owl outside unless it a high pitched cat, John is always saying he sees it flying around. I’ve just had a look, nope can’t see it but then again I think I need to stand and watch for at least 10 minuets and my aching legs and loss of patience will only give it one minute and obviously it’s not showing itself to me 🙄

Raili from the site Souls gift has suggested that I paint to the music of her most recent post which I have reblogged.  There is something  about this photo that pulls at my soul, so much so that I would like to attempt to paint it.  I am fighting the urge to go into our craft room and start it now. But common sense, yes I do have some tells me to wait until I am feeling a bit better. 🤒🤧

I’ve come to see a pattern in my paintings, moons, angels, mermaids, Native American Indians type things oh and fantasy fairies very thought provoking but then as my mother tells me I have always been unique 🤡

I find this picture so inspiring but doubt that I can do the sparkly colour justice, I’m going to give it my best though. Watch this space!


Dizzy portrait.

I follow a young lady called Heather who has a great blog called   Dizzy the donkey features in her blog and as such I thought it was time he had his own portrait and here it is. Keep up the great blog Heather you are a great inspiration to MS community and to everyone else too.


DIZZY, obviously he is more handsome in real life 😉

He was very patient.
Finished result on A4

Painted my own Christmas card this year. 2017

I told my eldest daughter that I was going to paint something this year to print out on to cards for Christmas and she asked me if she could have the original painting. Considering I am seriously running out of space to keep canvases I readily agreed.

I used the layering paint method to try to create some depth. This made me smile because it reminded me of when I made my first Christmas cake at school, putting on the icing and then a robin!

John will add the wording on the computer when he prints them out.

So this is my 2017 Christmas card painting. It’s pure and simple just like me 😉 🦌🎄


Elaine x