Flood alert 😱

We were woken up this morning with a phone call alerting us of a flood warning. That’s the only downside of living between a river and a canal! It is certainly deeper where the ducks were swimming yesterday And the river is definitely flowing faster! We are not unduly worried although the apartment building is […]

Many Thanks.

I have to say I’ve been feeling a lot better in myself over the last week my appetite has returned and my energy levels have increased. I would like to thank everyone for the many kind wishes which were sent my way, they do actually work. Seriously, good thoughts produce good energy. The Grand Entrance […]

The view outside my bedroom window

It’s a wild and windy day today in England   I was looking outside my bedroom window and could see that the little brook which runs out of the river was higher than usual due to all the rainfall. Then something else caught my eye 👁   Three little ducks were swimming along happily, there […]

Five little angels.

  Five little angels sat by my side Singing a hymn, mouths open wide Four little angels told me to join in Knowing of the joy that it would bring Three little angels clapped along with glee Seeing the peace and contentment in me Two little angels knelt by my feet  Feeling the emotions that […]

I just started reading and the urge came!

I was sat quietly reading and the urge came over me to paint, later I thought to myself because I was actually enjoying my new book . NO a voice in my head said “GO PAINT NOW,” so who am I to argue! 😳 I painted lots of lines going upwards in off white, bright […]

Strange happenings

A strange thing happened on Saturday night after I saw a book which was recommended I looked online to see if I could purchase it. I found the book in question on Amazon and read a sample, it’s looked interesting so I thought I would buy the kindle version. I tried all ways but I […]

On a roll!

When I’m almost finishing a painting another idea pops into my head and I can’t wait to finish what I’m painting to start another 😳😏   I then I edited it to a warm vivid shade.

Early morning painting

I woke up early this morning after being woke up suddenly by John my husband jumping in bed. ” What’s wrong I asked, why are you jumping?” “You would jump too if a fox jumped at you” he replied and promptly went back to sleep. I lay in bed thinking about a fox jumping towards […]