Flood update

By 12.30 am the car park had dried up due to the strong winds. This morning the view out of my window looks almost back to normal Unfortunately the allotments/ market gardens which are just to the side of our building took a hit with the overflow. I feel so sorry for the individuals who […]

The river is overflowing into the car park!

Everyone has moved their cars now from outside the apartment block because the river is now overflowing! I wonder if there will be any ducks 🦆 swimming on it tomorrow. Thank goodness we live on the second floor and we have plenty of biscuits and chocolate in the apartment 😉

It’s raining again

Isn’t that a song? It’s raining ☔️ again! Well it flood alert time yet again here. Will we have to move the car this time, time will tell. 🙄

Framed and ready to go!

After my granddaughter expressed her love for my recent angel painting I purchased a little silver coloured A5 frame. She will stand beside my mum’s photograph until she is picked up on Saturday. John has printed a A4 version for the bedroom, which I have placed in a plain wooden frame. There is so much light flooding […]