Mia 🤫

Last night just after we had gone to bed Mia decided to run around the apartment like her tail was on fire 🔥 I’ve never seen anything like it. The true Mia is definitely coming out now. I got up and went into the lounge and she jumped on the settee and went to sleep 😡

Obviously 🙄 she is not doing enough during the day so …..

It’s yours to keep.

I give you my heart

Please hold it gently

Please keep it safe

Because it’s yours to keep


I give you my heart

May it bring you happiness

May it bring you joy

Because it’s yours to keep


I give you my heart

It’s been damaged in the past

It’s had it’s share of sadness

But in your hands it will be safe

Because it’s yours to keep


Five little angels trip to the moon part 2

Five little angels stood in a ring

Holding hands they began to sing

Four little angels began to pray

Then slowly began to sway

Three little angels went into a trance

Whilst the other two began to dance

Two little angels then took my hands

Then pointed to earth and different lands

One little angel said she feared for the earth

Because without change, would come a rebirth.


© 2019 RoseElaineblog.com

Five little angels trip to the moon part one.

Five little angels stood by my side

Looking angelic, their arms open wide

Four little angels started to sing

Knowing the joy that their singing would bring

Three little angels said the times drawing near

Trust in us, you’ve nothing to fear

Two little angels led me out into the night

Pointing their hands up towards the light.

One little angel said just hold on tight

So I held on to her robes with all of my might.


© 2019Elaine’s blog