5 months today

Five months ago today I had open heart surgery to remove a tumour which I didn’t even know was there, I knew I hadn’t felt well in myself for a couple of years which I put down to liver issues.

I am so grateful to God, The Universe, The Unknown that my life was saved and today just five months on I am feeling amazing.

We never know what is around the next bend in our lives but one thing for sure is that we should treasure every moment, remembering to live in the moment and be grateful for the good and the bad days.

Life is precious, please try to remember and enjoy yours.

Inner Sanctuary.

How many of us realise that our own Sanctuary sits within us, that inner place of peace and contentment that so many of us fail to get in touch with because we are so busy running away from situations and everyday life.

I’ve heard people say “If only we could go back and visit somewhere, it was so peaceful and idyllic”

But what is stopping them from sitting in silence and reliving their experiences. Could it be the TV or radio or other time pressing commitments? There’s not enough hours in a day. My time is not my own. I have to think of everybody else all the time.

Does that make you feel like a special person, do you feel appreciated, important even? Does it make you feel worthwhile.????

REALLY: Is your life that full that you don’t get the time to relax at some point throughout the day to get in touch with your inner sanctuary.

If the answer to that question is yes, then you have my sympathy. I found out from experience that the only person that makes you do that to yourself is you. Find some time just for you. Your memory is a powerful tool. Transport yourself back to a happy time. Feel the emotions, taste, smells and visions it’s all there waiting for you.

Life is too short, enjoy. ❤️

Butterfly visit.

I was sat talking to my husband John who is researching our family tree just how happy it would have made my mum to see a photograph of her grandmother . I have mum’s photograph in the lounge and often talk to her. I said “ you would have loved to see what John is bringing up in our family tree Mum” when a butterfly flew on to our patio door.

It sat there for ages even when I walked up close to take a photograph.❤️

This is the photograph of my great grandmother ❤️

A serious looking digitally painted cat using Studio Pro

I love creating digital paintings but the icing on the cake is when you add the eyes, to me the eyes make the painting come alive. It was only after I finished this painting that I realised how serious this cat looks with his/her mouth, I considered making this cat look more cheerful but then thought that he/she looks quite regal . I’m really pleased with how this painting looks, it took me about three and a half hours to create. Maybe I should start taking longer on each painting……. it’s difficult for me to do that because ideas for new paintings sometimes fly into my head. Ah well , the trials of being an Aquarian subject!

Welcome, a new addition to our family ❤️

I’ve been wanting a pet for a long time now but due to living in a second floor apartment it would be impossible to have a cat because they are only allowed on the ground floor where they can go in and out through their individual apartment windows.

But me being me I’ve broke the rules and bought myself a pet, surely they can’t object!

Meet Pricilla the pig
She’s so cute and she doesn’t seem to mind when I put my feet on her back either ❤️ I might get an elephant next 😉