Still trying!

Still trying to get a clearer image to my painting. 😬

A load of balls 😉

I will master this iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. I’m loving these colours. I’ve exported one via png and one … More


I have to admit to having a bit of a meltdown this morning, actually not a bit of one, more … More

Still trying

I’m still trying to master the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, using the ArtRage program but I can’t understand why … More

A riot of colours

I’ve slept quite a bit today even though I’m sleeping so much better at night. I’ve also done two laps … More

one finger digital painting 😊

Trip to the doctors

Yesterday I had to go to the doctors for blood tests to make sure that my kidneys were functioning okay … More

3 weeks and one day

It has now been three weeks and one day since my heart surgery and now I’m definitely feeling the pain … More

Five little angels 😇

Five little angels skipped with glee they could see an improvement in me Four little angels stood by my bedside … More

Home at last.

Finally they let me go home from hospital on Friday evening.. 😊 It felt so good to see our apartment … More

Five little angels .

Five little angels sat on my bed Tugging at the covers, tapping my head They are enjoying my hospital stay … More