Mia’s trip to the vets

We had to take Mia to the vets last week due to what we thought was a bad bout of cystitis. I had given her some homeopathic drops and they were really good and calmed her down enough to be able to put her in her carrying box.

John took her into see the vet and he was concerned due to the blood in her urine so he asked if he could do an ultrasound and a blood test. He said he would have to shave some of her hair and John said “ good luck with that “. 30 minutes later he was told that the scan showed that Mia has polycystic kidneys and one was particularly bad with both small and large cysts. The vet said it was probably hereditary. He gave her some inflammatory meds and told us to keep giving her the cyst ease which we buy from Amazon. He said that he would know more when he got the blood tests results back.

Poor Mia has a shaved tummy and a shaved neck on one side where they took the blood sample from. The vet emailed me later to tell me that she has also got hyperthyroidism and we could give her some special liquid morning and night and she would need blood tests every month with the warning that this treatment could be harmful to her heart and kidneys!

Some of you will know that when we got Mia from the animal centre we were told that she had a heart condition and she was around ten years old so it seems silly to give her a treatment that will affect both her kidneys and heart .

Everything makes so much sense now, her vomiting so often and being very sensitive. Don’t get me wrong she is not really ill, she will have good and bad days now. We have changed her over to a special diet which really hydrates her. Both John and I know Mia so well now so we know when she is having any discomfort. So we will carry on doing what we are doing until she shows signs of going really downhill and then she will be put to sleep, peacefully.

Meanwhile she is still dictating and demanding because after all she is the queen in our abode!

Mia today.


  1. She looks thinner in that photo, maybe it’s the shaved hair gone.  I agree with your plan.  I took care of an older dog that had cancer and was dying.  The owners kept her on chemo etc and she was in constant pain.  I think they were wrong in that treatment that lasted weeks.

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  2. Aww poor little sweetheart. It seems so unfair with everything she goes through, and now cysts and hyperthyroidism to boot. She’s one tough, adorable Queen ruler of your house, and she’s in the best place she can possibly be with you & John  ♥

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