What is digital painting .

Digital painting is is a form of art that uses digital technology which basically means is the artwork is computerised, it only exists as a series of binary digits in a computer until you have it printed.

This is what I use to create my digital paintings
The sizes that I set can be enlarged to create large artwork that would have to be printed by a professional printer.
All of my paintings are stored on my iPad Pro and my other computer for safe keeping. I used to paint traditionally on to canvas but after painting over a hundred canvases trying to learn how to paint our apartment was running out of space. It was after I had open heart surgery almost two years ago to remove a tumour and found painting to be difficult using paint and canvas so I changed to digital.
I sell my artwork on RedBubble and Society6 and they use my designs on various products. society 6 has the capacity to print 8ftx8ft.
I display my artwork on instagram @Elaine_M_Rose
I have downloaded an app called Wall picture which allows you to visually see your artwork on a staged setting. I tend to choose the gallery setting because that shows my artwork more.
This is how it happens 🙂


  1. A great intro to digital painting and I love that time-lapse video. As someone who can’t draw (digitally or not) it’s incredible to see it go from an outline to the finished piece!

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