Awake in the night!

A strange thing happened to me in the night, I couldn’t sleep and after tossing and turning I decided to get up and make myself a cup of tea. I wondered if I was perhaps a little bit hungry because for the last few weeks I’ve been cutting back on what I eat after gaining weight during the lockdown.

I am mindful that I am not calling it dieting because that would be the kiss of death for me. If you tell me I can’t have something I will move heaven and earth to get it so I’ve been having a daily treat of a Cadbury cream egg 😊

Part of my five a day 🤤

I got up and immediately Mia was brushing around my legs so I had to give her some attention until she was satisfied and lay down beside me . So I went to put the kettle on and put a tea bag in my mug. Then I went to get some milk from the fridge. The kettle boiled and I made my tea and when I went to put the milk back something amazing happened!

Now I don’t know if you’re a believer in the supernatural but I swear a cream egg levitated out of the fridge and landed in the palm of my hand! I was speechless 😶 I went and sat down beside Mia and looked at the cream egg in amazement. It rolled in my hand and it’s wrapping was slowly removed 😉

I looked away shocked by its blatant behaviour but the perfume of the chocolate reached my nostrils and I couldn’t resist and I had a little nibble of its outer shell. I have to admit that I was lost in a moment of sheer pleasure and I was probably purring like Mia beside me. I truly was in heaven. How can chocolate give you so much pleasure

The whole experience lasted about 5 minutes but it was so good I felt I had to share it with you all. 😊

I wonder if it will happen again tonight 😉


  1. It’s known as chocolate possession, Elaine. I experience it often in the Mansion. One of the side effects is chocolate mysteriously disappearing. Amongst other things…

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  2. Five minutes?  That’s probably four minutes longer than I would have taken to eat one.  I also indulged in buying some Lindor balls and have one at night as a treat.  Very satisfying and a small dessert as I love sweets in general.  I think lockdown has done us all in with cravings such as salt and sugar.  The mind needs an outlet!  I am lucky that I can’t cook a lot because my stomach doesn’t tolerate comfort food well lately or I’d be in trouble.  

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