1. Thanks Amy, I am very grateful for this gift I have been given and the fact that people enjoy what I create. My aim is to lift up people’s spirits with beautiful colours, cats, angels, trees, flowers, the sea and moons feature a lot in my paintings . At times I feel like I’m being channeled, ideas of what to paint usually come in the night.

      I too have faced many different illnesses over the last five years of which one is still ongoing. I accept these as a part of my life’s learning and my painting came as a gift in exchange and a welcome release .

      Do I feel proud, no not really, I’m am simply doing what I feel I need to do which is to spread some love and understanding in the world. 😇❤️🤗🙏

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      1. Your goal and mine are the very same, Elaine. Not sure if I have said anything to you but I contend with an ongoing health issues like you. Makes for a very tough way to grow and learn yet this is what I have somehow chosen. I am who I am simply from what my life has been and still is. I am like you, the “messenger”, humbly grateful for the trust I am being given. Yet, I do feel pride and a sense of accomplishment for without me in the equation of having unwavering faith to rise above the challenges and the pain, I wouldn’t be given the grace that is required to write what I do (many times the words flow through me from a Higher Source) and to take the photographs in the way I do. I get it. My dream is to take my Gifts further then my blog but for now my life commitment to “other” is my priority. Both of us are spreading LOVE in this world, a world desperate for LOVE. I honor you for being faithful to your course of action. xo

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