Flames and flowers


Flames and flowers, a strange combination but it seems to work!

I have to admit to feeling a bit down today with even further lockdowns coming imminent in the next few days in the North of England. I saw my youngest daughter yesterday obviously at a safe distance with no touching when all I wanted to do was give her a big hug. I only see my grandchildren online now ☹️.

My social life at the moment is going to the doctors for blood tests and after recent gut inflammation which meant a course of antibiotics which threw my warfarin readings out. 😬 This has resulted in more home visits from the warfarin nurses to stabilise my blood readings, which is quite enjoyable because after all it’s my new social life!

I really miss my eldest daughter and her two sons who live an hour away from me and my sister who can no longer come to my house for a coffee. 🥺

I received a letter from the hospital for a face to face meeting with the surgeon regarding my heart tumour and although it is until the end of November I doubt very much it will happen. The thought of going to a hospital at the moment is worrying never mind the thought of an operation 🤯

I know that I’m in a much better position than a lot of other people who have been affected by this pandemic, I feel for those who have lost loved ones, the people who have lost their jobs and are struggling to keep a roof over their heads, the pressure they must be feeling is horrible.

In comparison to the above I’m very fortunate which maybe why I’ve created this painting this morning, flames for the pain and flowers for the hope of a brighter future soon.

Keep safe and please never underestimate this virus.

Elaine ❤️


  1. It’s Thanksgiving weekend here and because of the second wave, we’ve had to cancel our family dinners. Looks like it’s a virtual party today. Hope your hospital visit goes well, and that you can at least see your family on Zoom or something:-)

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  2. I like this design, Elaine. It looks good on those tops!
    And get you with a social life! Mine’s the shop and work (some of the time, when I’m not working from home)! I am in a bubble with Mum though, so I get to see her a few times a week. The sooner this pesky pandemic is over the better. Here in the North West we’re under armed guard… well, that’s how it seems 😒🙄
    At least we can still laugh… and create! 🙂

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  3. I’m having fun with the flu right now and after four days, seriously thinking of going to the doc.  Cant sleep, nausea+ aching,cramps, headache, the whole thing.  I did have a flu shot the end of August.  We call, text, but not seeing each other is horrid.  But with this, of course I would not take the chance of infecting them anyway.  It is getting old.

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