Awake in the night!

It’s been ages since I have been awake in the night, I went to bed feeling tired and was almost asleep when Mia decided to jump off the high chest of drawers and onto the bed landing on my feet which made me jump. She then proceeded to visit her litter tray and after doing what she needed to decided to spend five minutes shuffling the litter around. 😬

I knew it was pointless going back to sleep because I knew she would jump up onto the bed to get back onto the drawers! I asked John if he could make a ramp for her to climb up but he said it would have to be a long ramp to have a gradual rise to such a high place.

I then started thinking about my next MRI scan, wondering when it would be, if the tumour was growing and if so when would I be having another operation. Deep in thought I was taken by surprise when madam Mia jumped on to one of my feet and I felt her wiggle getting ready to launch herself up onto the drawers, which she did with a little thud.

Finally I thought I could go to sleep which I did and then I started dreaming the usual thing about spiders! This time it was a giant one BIGGER than I’ve ever dreamt about before running up my bed. I actually called out and woke myself up. John didn’t wake up so I felt it was only right to wake him up to tell him about my dream. He wasn’t very interested which I thought was a bit inconsiderate but that’s husbands for you!

I lay awake analysing my dream, I think my thoughts about my health create a fear which triggers another fear which is my fear of spiders. I knew I wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep so I got up and walked past Mia fast asleep on top off the drawers and considered giving her a prod to wake her up but then thought about her sharp claws and decided against it. 🙄

I came into the lounge and was seriously thinking about going into the fridge to get some chocolate, for medicinal purposes obviously 🙄 to calm me down but decided to paint something on my iPad instead. It’s ages since I’ve painted some flowers and I found it very relaxing. It took my thoughts away from both spiders yuk and operation 😁 but not the chocolate 🤭

I’ve booked for another Reiki session on the 1 October so I might take her this painting for her treatment room, she already has one I did ages ago which she really appreciated.

I like this one it’s bright and happy so I might put it on my Redbubble and society 6 websites tomorrow. But now I need to try and go back to sleep.

Goodnight all,

Elaine x

P.S. I didn’t eat any chocolate 🥳


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