Healing at last.

Well it’s taken 14 months to be able to say that I actually think that my ribs have finally settled down after having my open heart surgery and my scar although now a keloid scar ( over healing in places ) seems to have got a few more white spaces between the red raised bits. Lol sounds lovely doesn’t it.

I keep thinking about the new tumour sitting patiently inside my heart waiting to be removed, I wonder if it’s grown and I wonder when I will be called for my next MRI scan. I hope it doesn’t last for 90 minutes again but if it does it does 🤷‍♀️ there’s not much I can do about it apart from wear waterproof knickers ☺️

What I find difficult now is that when I had the heart surgery before I had been feeling unwell for quite a long time so surgery was quite welcomed to sort out the problem. Now I’m feeling good plus I know how it feels afterwards 😬 and just how long it takes to heal.

I’m hoping it won’t happen until next year the thought of not being able to have visitors due to the coronavirus does not delight me. Who would I moan to ! Who would bring me finger sandwiches with the crusts cut off and chocolate like my daughters and John did. ?

To be honest it’s been the thought of another operation that’s been keeping me awake in the night as well as my internet and food addiction, although seriously I am now eating much healthier and I’ve only had one jelly baby and one marshmallow today , I’ve impressed myself with my willpower. 🙌🏼 I definitely want to lose weight before my operation because I can still remember when I came out looking like Pillsbury Doughboy.

In fact I look a bit like him now 😱 I might print him out and put him on the fridge now! I don’t want to have the fire brigade having to winch me up to fit me through the patio doors when I get home do I 😳

The upside is that they get you home quickly at the moment and we all know that there’s no place like home for getting rest because I got very little sleep in hospital last time. Next time I go in I’m taking an eye mask and ear plugs.

Would you believe I’ve already got a bag almost packed ready to take, trust me it’s easier than John finding things in my drawers 🙄 until then it’s just a waiting game. I was told I would have the next scan in September/October, so in the meantime I will try to eat better, lose weight and keep smiling. 😉


  1. I wishing you a much health and a speedy recovery, you are in my prayers 🙏❤️
    I send you a very big hug full of affection ♥️♥️♥️ xoxoxo

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  2. Here’s hoping you have a better idea of what’s going on very soon, Elaine. At least you’re Feeling Good now, which is always a good thing.

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  3. Hey I think I am probably late to wish you for surgery, but I hope you get well soon and yes I know hospitals suck, yet it’s the only space where we can heal(through surgery) mostly by docs. also I don’t much know about your likes but if you are a series person let me know and will suggest you some good series so to keep you entertain till your recovery 🙂
    Get well soon!!!

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