1. The vet rang me after she had tested her second urine sample two weeks after to tell me all was clear, no crystals. She advised keeping her on Cystease tablets which I buy from Amazon. She also said if it flares up again to give her some inflammatory meds and to let them know so they can keep track of events. She said she didn’t advise antibiotics every time because she believes it’s probably just a stress thing. The day after that call Mia was moaning again so I played the cat harp music on you tube and she calmed down. We are learning to spots the signs now and stop it turning into a full blown attack. 😺

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      1. The things we do for our pets, our family. Toward the end of my dog’s life, I was cooking for him and the whole nine yards. He was such a special little guy, but that last year of his life was a tough one! Not sure I could do that again.

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