Awake in the night!

It’s been a while that I’ve actually written an awake in the night post 😬 it’s not because I have been sleeping it’s because I couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed in case I disturbed the cat who might then start moaning for food 😽

I went to bed early after obviously doing some painting because the TV bores me, yet another James Bond movie. In England Saturday evenings are either James Bond, Harry Potter or Star Wars none of which I’m into. I seem to have lost the ability to watch a movie unless it really grips me because I have the attention span of a knat!

I wanted to read a book that had been recommended called Digital Detox by Damen Zahariades. It’s on special offer on Amazon. It is certainly eye opening, I now know that I’m addicted to the internet and I don’t like it. 😈

Eventually I put my kindle down and went to sleep, shortly after I jumped out of bed shouting at John to switch the light on so I could see the three white spiders that were running around in our bed. He turned the light on ( to shut me up ) and I searched under the duvet to check for white spiders then realised that I wouldn’t have been able to see white spiders on a white sheet in the dark anyway. 🤭🙄

At 4 am I was wide awake again thinking about my addiction to the Internet. I thought about getting up to research it but I would have to use the Internet which obviously would be feeding my addiction 🤔

I then started thinking how nice it would be to get up and make a cup of tea but then I would want a marshmallow to go with it ( another addiction). I then spent half an hour linking the times that I eat junk which is usually when I’m watching Home and away and Neighbours on the TV after lunch. Hmmm food for thought!

At 5 am I was compelled to get out of bed and pick up my iPad to write about my addictions obviously to help all you people reading my post. Therefore I felt justified looking at my iPad at 5am on a Sunday morning when I should be resting my ageing body.

Can you see a pattern here, I can and it is quite scary when I think about it. Thankfully I’m not on Facebook, instagram or Twitter although I have dabbled , the thought of distant relatives reading my everyday activities puts me off. 😬

I think I should write more awake in the night posts to help all you people who can’t sleep in the night HEY 👋 wake up, I’m speaking because I could possibly help you to relax and fall asleep 😴

Well it’s 5.37 am now and I’m feeling better for coming online to declare to you all that I am indeed addicted to the internet and to eating junk when watching TV.

The cat is awake and John is now awake and will no doubt come into the lounge to see what I’m doing and then check his iPad to see if he has any emails 😮

Meanwhile I might be able to sleep again now……. John can you feed Mia, I’m going back to bed now and once I’m sure that there’s no spiders in the bed I might get another hours sleep 😴

Have a great day all ❤️


  1. Its 1250 am right now.  I just finished watching the movie Babel .  Checked to see if my sisters had mailed and found  this.  Best post you’ve ever written….loved it!!  Let’s not talk of the sp word.  They freak me out. Nite! Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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  2. Funny post, Elaine!
    I was awake at 4am this morning, but didn’t bother with the Internet or anything, I just lay and relaxed. It reminded me of late last year when I had Bell’s palsy and the steroids kept me awake at night. I found that relaxing then too… mind you, I was also wearing an eye mask then as I couldn’t shut my eye. How times have changed… although I’m still wearing a mask now but on a different part of my face.
    Those white night spiders are pesky things… they wake you up at all hours and then vanish.
    I don’t use those other sites you mention either… blogging is fine enough for me!
    Hope you’ve caught up with your sleep now. Just thought… didn’t your Angels pop by for a visit last night?

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      1. Actually, I confess that I have a package of marshmallows at home from making Smores while camping and every once in awhile I crave one. They are good!

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