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Loving these colours 🙌🏼

Can you tell that’s there is nothing worth watching on TV tonight! It’s been a very hot day here in England 🥵 We have just had a downpour of rain which hopefully will cool things down again.

We have been put in another semi lockdown today due to an increase of the coronavirus in and around the areas where I live which means that my grandchildren won’t be able to visit and I won’t be able to visit them until told otherwise. 😫 Thank goodness for FaceTime ☺️

Hopefully it won’t be too long before the virus is back under control or better still something will be created to protect us all.


  1. So captivating! Take care–sorry to hear about the lock-down, but I anticipate we will all be there again soon as numbers are rising here as well.

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    1. Thanks, I know what you mean about grandchildren, although we can still go out into shops, I rarely do but I can’t go into their house or garden it’s madness really.


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