This will teach me not to wash up cheese graters when on warfarin 😬🥴 and it would be my left hand which I paint with so I’m typing this post using two thumbs 👍🏻👍🏻

I’ve been absent from the site for a whilst putting paintings on my new gallery which can be found by following this link


I’ve been creating so many paintings over the last few years that have been sat on my iPad that it’s a relief to get some into a gallery. Even if I never sell one I’m happy 😃

Mia is fit and well again thank goodness, she’s stopped moaning unless she’s hungry of course! Currently she’s laid near my feet.

Why are you taking yet another photo of me 😼
Leave me alone 😾

It seems like some normality is coming back to England. Face masks will be the new norm as from Friday 24July luckily I do online supermarket shopping so I won’t be visiting any shops anytime soon. My doctors is like Fort Knox not that I want to go anyway.

I’m so looking forward to next Tuesday evening when I’m having my hair cut, never in my life have I gone so long without a trim. I honestly could have cut it myself last weekend but I didn’t because I don’t want it to be even worse ( if that’s possible). I think I’m going to grow it back into a bob again for ease and also in case of further lockdowns. 🤫

Well that’s my update I hope everyone is keeping well. Until next time keep smiling and wearing the masks 😷😉


  1. OUCH! I hope the bleeding has stopped now, Elaine. Shows the Warfarin is working though.
    Good news with Mia.
    I’m tempted to get my haircut too, but I’ll live with my nest for a while longer! 😄

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          1. I know. The hair, I mean! You should see it in the wind 🙄😳😱 !
            As for your site, go for it… not that it’s boring by any means! I’ve been playing around with my header image, but I’m thinking of changing my theme, I haven’t done that for a while.

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            1. It’s difficult when you have built up over 1500 followers to change your site, I won’t be putting as many paintings on now because I’m on the path of selling them. I would like to post more humour, Mia and poetry

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                  1. It is… but it’s fun as well!
                    What’s really fun is when you make every change you can think of, the site’s looking good, and there’s just one more thing which doesn’t work. So you go back to the beginning.
                    I have all that to go through when I change my theme… I may keep it as it is for now! 🙂

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  2. Ouchy. I have some cool WonderWoman plasters if you’d like one? Might help super boost the healing process 😉
    It’s so good to hear that Mia is doing much better, that must be a relief for you two. I’m sure a hair cut will be nicely refreshing next week too! xx

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  3. Yowsa, glad it didn’t require stitches. Good idea to put paintings in a gallery.  I’m thinking I need one of those new photo sticks advertised to take off pics on my old iPad.  I would hate to lose them.  The headet pic is gorgeous. Love it.

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  4. That looks painful Elaine and hope your finger heals soon. Your gallery looks beautiful and so good to see Mia looking so well. Enjoy your haircut next week! 🤗💖

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