I been for a walk! with photographic evidence.

I live in a lovely little town that borders on beautiful countryside and I’m guilty of not getting out and about walking enough! After recent blood tests mentioned statins 😬 I’ve decided enough is enough and rather than being sat painting all day I’m going to have a daily walk gradually building up both distance and speed. I figured if I post photos of my walks it will inspire me to do more and build up my fitness. Win, win 😉

My walk started from this bridge.
Walking down to the canal
Looking at the various barges
Beautiful little flower tubs along the way.
It was so peaceful
I could see the bridge where I’m coming off
The view from the other bridge.
I could have carried on walking for miles, one day I will.


  1. I’m sure it was lovely to get out of the four walls safely for a walk. The canal side area looks beautiful and you’re right with how quiet and peaceful it is. Definitely a good walking spot! xx

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  2. Wonderful to see part of your lovely community, Elaine. Sorry to hear about your finger accident. Hope it heals quickly for you.

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