Out walking

After finding out my cholesterol levels have gone up I have started going for a daily walk, I’ve had my head buried in paintings for too long. I didn’t go far just a 25 minute walk . Here is my photographic evidence.

I was fascinated by the cloud formations and the freshness, everything is so green!


  1. I like the photos of the river, Elaine. Everywhere is green, as you say! On one of the photos… am I imagining it, or do I see the tail of a plane? 🤔

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      1. I’ve zoomed in to what looks like the back of the plane… it could be houses now, thinking about it, but it also still looks like a plane. Perhaps a ghostly one as there’s no reflection (although that could be hidden by the willow!) Eyesight and imagination have a lot to answer for!!!

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  2. On the pic of the road, what are those black blocks on the right side of the fence?  Wood or stone?  I would love to take that walk with you!❤️

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