1. Ahhh… bliss! I’ve just read that putting a hand (or both hands) on your chest has a soothing, calming effect (as if you are giving yourself a hug, in fact!) so I tried it whilst listening to this. You’re right, Elaine, it does work on humans! In fact, I thought I heard purring at one point! Once again… ahhhhhhhhh! Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

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    1. Hahaha you may joke but I do reiki healing and I’m convinced that is why the scar on my chest from the heart op is a keloid scar because I’ve put too much healing into it 😊

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      1. Ah, but I’m not joking! 😊
        I did feel relaxed. I never underestimate the power of energy, wherever it may come from. Sorry if you thought I was joking.

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