Mia’s been to see the vet! 😾

We woke up to the sound of Mia moaning and knew that enough was enough and booked her an appointment at the vets. I was sure she had a kidney stone because this same problem keeps coming and going.

We managed to get her into her carry case which was no easy task 😼 and took her to the vets. Only one person was allowed inside so John went inside.

She gave Mia a good check over and took her temperature .🙀

The vet thinks that Mia has stress related cystitis and that the best thing to do was give Mia an antibiotic injection 🙀🙀🙀 which she took like a pussy cat without a sound.

Back home

John had been giving Mia a cystease capsule a day along with some anti inflammatory meds which she will continue to have. Then the vet wants a urine sample in a couple of weeks to test for crystals , if she has any she will have to have a bladder scan. 😿

Tucking in to some Tuna
Now she’s trying her best to keep her eyes open

I’m really hoping that we will have a peaceful few weeks now, otherwise I’m going to need something for stress too! 😏


  1. Phew. It’s not quite so bad as you feared. Kidney/liver problems are always a big worry. But, oh dear, a stressed Mia. Is it something she can see outside? (I’ve been watching ‘My Cat From Hell).

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    1. It’s strange you should say that, we have floor to ceiling windows in the lounge which I thought would be great for here as something to look at. I’ve just pulled down the blinds so she can’t see out as much and she now spark out asleep.

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      1. That is interesting. Jackson (the MCFH presenter) advised the owner of a cat who was stressed by seeing other cats out of the window suggested that they put up some kind of shading/screen up to the height where the cat could see out and it seemed to work.

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        1. I’ve had the blind down all afternoon and she’s all relaxed and chilled, so am I, it’s been a stressful few days. We changed a lot of furniture last week and apparently that can stress cats out 🙀

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            1. I had a few cats in my lifetime but never a stressed cat lol, she’s spark out this morning, still laid on her blanket. It seems so strange, I even got a sleep in 😳

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              1. I’ve had a few too, all rescues. They’re funny little creatures. Hemingway was my beautiful big ginger cat who was prone to stress. He suffered bladder problems too, also stress.

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  2. Aw, poor Mia. Hopefully this time she’ll feel more settled. Those carry cases are fun, aren’t they, Elaine? I’m sure cats grow extra legs when you try to put them in one!

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  3. I hope Mia gets better soon!! As the owner of a cat with Idiopathic cystitis, I can greatly sympathize! Between the fireworks, and some added rehabilitation equipment from my husband’s recent surgery, I have a stressed out cat! Even the walker stresses him! Stress is what brings his episodes on. Thankfully after putting him on a Dasuquin capsule a day, he hasn’t had anymore problems with it. It supposedly coats the bladder and keeps inflammation down. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. My cat did not have crystals in his urine. With all the blood he passed in his urine, I thought for sure he did but microscopic exam of his urine was negative for crystals. .

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    1. Thanks for this information Gail, we changed a lot of furniture last week and brought some more in our apartment. We have only had Mia 8 months and as a 10 year old rescue cat. I think she came with baggage.. we love her to bits though. We buy our cystease from Amazon which is cheaper than the vets , she’s on James Wellbeloved cat food for a sensitive stomach and we have a felaway plug in.

      Do you get the Dasuquin from your vet?

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      1. My original Dasuquin for cats prescription was from the vet but I now get it on Amazon. It’s non prescription. It was about the same price on Amazon as the vet, but now I believe it’s a actually a little cheaper. Nugget’s original episode was after we had to board him at a kennel. I learned that the stress of leaving your cat (at a vet clinic or boarding) is what usually brings it on. I no longer board Nugget when we must leave him and get a pet sitter to come to the house. Cats are funny creatures and the least little thing stresses them. They don’t like change. The Dasuquin for cats comes in a bottle with 84 capsules. I think it’s one capsule daily per 10 lbs. and under.

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        1. Thanks Gail, I’ve had cats before but never an indoor cat or such a sensitive one 😬 she’s very subdued today, maybe it’s the antibiotic injection she had yesterday. She doesn’t want much to do with my husband either which is unusual ( he took her in the vets ) 😾

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  4. Ooooh no, poor little darling, she really can’t catch a break. The injection sounds like a good idea, far easier than trying to get something into her food. Let’s hope these next few weeks see things turn a corner once and for all. Despite all of that, she looks so comfortable and ‘at home’ with you guys, it’s lovely to see.xx

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