Mia update

I’m happy to report that Mia seems a lot better this morning. I was sure I was going to be ringing the vets this morning! She appeared by our bed at 6.40 so I got up and she jumped on my knee for a brush

When she’d had enough she gave me a right hook with her paw, swatting me away and sat on my knee to be stroked. Then I opened a tin of tuna and hid a tablet inside it ☺️ she ate some and then came back wanting to play.

She chased the laser around then sat hypnotised watching it on the wall, she strolled over to it and put her paw on it then was surprised when she took her paw off and it was still there!

Then it was sleep time. I could tell she was relaxed by how she was spread eagled 🙄

After lunch she was after some sport so I opened the cupboard which is a new addition and has yet to have anything put inside it and she had a good look inside.

New cat bed!

She then spotted a ladybird which kept her entertained for ages before she settled on Harold the hippo for a cat nap.

His ears get in the way!

Yes I think she’s on the mend thank goodness. Thank you for all the well wishes. 😻


  1. you sure love this cat of yours …. by the way Elaine …after 5 months the doctors have told me that whatever is wrong with my heart is up to me to fix not them, they prescribed care and compassion as a way of life on my part for the rest of my days…what to do?

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    1. I spoke too soon Bridget, just got her in with the vet tomorrow I’m sure she has kidney stones, first thing on a morning she’s shocking. She’s eating, drinking, playing but still her urine is pink and she goes into the wet room rather than her tray 😔

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