1. To be honest Elaine as far as your geisha girl goes I still prefer the mystique of your acrylic painting, there is a beautifully hazy softness in the brushstrokes that doesn’t seem to translate quite in the same way to your different digital versions to date – you’ve captured her expression so perfectly in your original, I still love it the best!

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      1. Have you maybe tried painting it with altogether a softer brush effect on your digital stylus thingie, to reduce the hard-lined edges? And maybe alter the opacity a bit to create a subtle transparency in the layers as you build up your image? That might help blend it all a bit better, more like your orignal… or it might look bloody awful, what do I know! 🙂

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  2. You have the skin tone matching perfectly with the original, Elaine. You need to add the cheek colour and blend it in so it’s softer, and then use these pinks and peach colours for the flowers, if you want to make the digital version look more like the acrylic one. But, if you want it to have its own look, then keep the colours as they are, but maybe tone down the black a little.
    I think it’s that contrast between the black and the colours that makes everything brighter.
    I’d love to be able to get my digital colours to look better… I’ve started changing them to black and white!
    It’s all trial and error though, and personal choice as well. But, keep on keeping on! You’ll find your own tricks that way! 🙂⚡They’ll come out of the blue/black/red/yellow/… 😄

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  3. Oh wow!!! They are all so beautiful but I’m VERY drawn to the original in acrylic! There is something very compelling and warm about her that I don’t feel in the other versions and I love the dreamlike quality of the flowers in that one…but cheers all around!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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